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Author: Ann

Chapter 1 : I Married a Sick Husband 

Translated by Tam

Edited by Kio

Before opening the door, Meredith took a deep breath. 


‘Don’t be nervous, Meredith’


There’s no need to worry. Nothing will happen tonight anyway.


To add to the nerve of her thoughts, Meredith recalled the image of the Emperor she had seen at the wedding this afternoon.


“He looked very weak. As if he’s going to die soon.’


A trembling hand and an intermittent cough.


With all those signs showed that the man she married today was very ill.


‘How could a man who is so sick perform their first night properly?’


So, she thought tonight was going to pass by peacefully.


All she has to do is lie down on the same bed and sleep well.


Meredith had a look on her face that she had finally made up her mind.


Then she opened the door by herself and went inside.


From now on, no one could enter beyond the door.




Meredith slowly walked into the room, killing her footsteps.


The Emperor’s bedroom finally came into view, but…




The scene before Meredith’s eyes and the situation she is in now were in big contrast to what she thought.


Black masked men are lying and bleeding everywhere.


With a thick, fishy smell of blood flowing from them.


A room that was originally neat, but now was a mess.


But more than anything else, there was something else that shocked her the most now.


“Oh, dear.”


A man, covered in blood, pointed a sword at her neck.


“You’ve been caught. “




“I thought you wouldn’t come.”



It was definitely her husband, who had a hard time even standing up until this day.



Three months ago.


“You will get married.”


When she first heard that, Meredith thought she had misheard.




“It’s a marriage with His Majesty the Emperor. The wedding will take place in three months.”


“Your Grace, hold on…”


Meredith mumbled and opened her mouth.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


At those words, Duke Schwartz looked at Meredith with eyes that she couldn’t understand.’


“How come you don’t understand that?” he seemed to ask.


Meredith felt a lump and soon she calmly opened her mouth.


“Sudden marriage to the Royal Family. It’s so sudden.”




“And Lady Catarina isn’t married yet, so how can I first…”


“You mean you can’t do that?”



“….I’m just trying to ask if it’s too sudden.”



“I hate to say it twice, Meredith. You know that.”




“Marry the Emperor in three months. And be the Empress.”


It was a decisive order.


“I didn’t call you to ask you as a Doctor.”


It seemed so.


“I’m just calling you to tell you what happened.”


“Do you know when you stand with the Duchess and Lady Catarina?


“Yes. Does that matter?”


“…it means both of you, of course it’s important. You know what you ask.”


Meredith accepted her father’s ridiculous notice as if in resignation.


‘What I have to do to marry His Majesty…’


“A teacher will be hired from the palace to teach etiquette .”


The Duke of Schwartz spoke to Meredith in a dry voice.


“Until then, get yourself in good shape and wait for the wedding.




Meredith answered briefly and then left Duke of Schwartz.


But within a few steps, she stopped there again.


She couldn’t believe this situation now.


‘You want me to marry His Majesty?’


It was also embarrassing to marry suddenly, but the fact that the other person was the Emperor was more embarrassing.




That wasn’t the only thing that was embarrassing.


‘The Duchess Schwartz and Catarina are aware of this fact, but they’re staying still?’



For now, that didn’t make the most sense.


‘It’s too fishy.’


Those two were people who considered themselves finding a good partner and getting married, but something of a disaster that should be prevented at all costs.


‘And yet, when I’m offered to the Emperor, they’re silent…”


As expected, it is a suspicious marriage.


‘No, I don’t have to think about Duchess Schwartz and Catarina.’


It didn’t make sense that Duke Schwartz recommended such a good marriage for her.


‘But is there something suspicious about it?’


It’s not anyone else, it’s a marriage to the Emperor. He’s not very old since the new Emperor was not long on the throne.


It was a marriage that she couldn’t find a flaw in her mind.


Meredith became confused.


“What is it?”


Then, a sharp voice rang out from behind.


As she turned her head, there was a woman of Meredith’s age, with her blonde hair hanging down.



As she glared at Meredith with her sharp red eyes, the woman opened her mouth.


“Why are you standing in the way?”


This woman was Catarina.


Catarina Schwartz.


The oldest daughter of Duke Schwartz.


A half-blood sibling relationship with Meredith Schwartz.


But Meredith dare not say “half-sister” in front of Catarina.


“I’m sorry, young lady.”


Meredith quickly clung to the wall and stepped out of the way.


In fact, the expression when she said ‘Move’ was also funny because the path was wide enough.


‘You just don’t want to see me in front of you.’


For Catarina, Meredith wasn’t like a half-sister.


It was just a mythical reproduction like a cockroach.


The only but fatal stain for herself is that both of her parents are noble blood.


That’s what Catarina thinks of Meredith.


But Catarina wasn’t the only one who hated Meredith terribly.


The Duchess of Schwartz, the biological Mother of Catarina, and even Duke Schwartz, her biological Father regarded Meredith as such a thing.


Meredith also gave up expecting family affection from someone after her biological Mother died.


And they were keeping her from going against their will and using honorifics.


As if she was a servant.


In fact, it was not so strange that Meredith’s situation in the mansion was no different.


It certainly was the fact that no one has ever heard her say anything.


“..Ah, really.”


The moment she was about to pass Meredith, Catarina stopped walking and looked back at her.


Meredith quickly turned her head to avoid eye contact with Catarina.


It was because Catarina was angry because she once made eye contact with her and said she was arrogant.


“Did you hear it from Father?”




“Great. Pretending not to know.”


Catarina’s voice became more anxious.”


“To marry His Majesty.”




“You must feel honored. A vulgar illegitimate child becomes the Empress of the empire.”


“I know right, that’s what I’m saying.”




“I have a question too. I mean, instead of Young Lady, I will be the one who becomes His Majesty’s Empress.”


Meredith raised her head and looked straight at Catarina.


There was a clear expression of embarrassment.


Meredith continued to speak with Catarina.


“Why would I go to that glorious position instead of the noble Lady?”


“…how do I know what the adults mean?”


Catarina answered in a strangely embarrassed voice.


“My father must have an idea.”


“It’s the will of the adults…”


“You just have to be happy and marry His Majesty.”


Catarina said warningly.


With a sharper voice than before.


“Don’t ask useless questions.”




“I mean, behave well. Don’t hurt our family’s reputation for no reason.”


After shooting her words like a bullet, Catarina went back on her way.


With a confused look in her eyes, Meredith narrowed her brows and gazed at Catarina’s image.




Long after, it was not until the time that the image of Catarina disappeared from view that Meredith muttered to herself.


“As expected, It’s suspicious, too.”




But a few days later, something more suspicious happened.


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  1. the sentences are a little awkward but the premise seems cool !