Author: Ann

Chapter 11 : I Married a Sick Husband 

Translated by Tam

Edited by Kat-9

“I’ve heard a lot about you from your father.”


Meredith flinched hearing Blaire’s words.


“I mean the Duke of Schwartz.”


“…Yes, of course.”


Meredith’s heart began to pound.


Perhaps this could lead to a clue.


“What did my… father say about me?” 


“That you’re smart and lovely. I also heard that you’re a beautiful child.”




“Which I agree with.”


Blaire concluded with a smile.


“…My father.”


Meredith murmured quietly.


“So that’s what he said about me.”


“Yes, the Duke of Schwartz’s eyes are not wrong.”


“…Your Majesty the Empress Dowager.”


Meredith began with a clear voice.


“Did you listen to only my father’s words to recommend me as His Majesty’s empress?”


“Why do you ask? The Duke is a good man.”


Blaire replied with a light voice.


“Since you inherited the blood of a good man, I thought you must also be a good child.”




Meredith continued carefully.


“I was very surprised when I first heard about the marriage arrangement.”


“Why is that?”


“As you may know, I have a sister.”


Meredith’s eyes were focused on her.


“So I didn’t expect to be married first.”


“…Ah. You mean Catarina?”


Blaire slowly articulated the name – as if she were just remembering it.


“Your father said the empress’ seat would be too much for her.”


“It’s an honor that my father looked so highly upon me, rather than my sister.”


“You know how important the position is. The order of birth truly does not matter.”




Blaire looked at Meredith with the polite smile.


“I want to ask of you a few favors.”




“Yes. Firstly, I want you to treat me as if I were your own mother.”


“My own mother?”


“Should we live together in the same palace? I think officially titled relationships are a good enough reason for a real mother-daughter relationship.”


Of course it was possible, but the relationship between Meredith and the Empress Dowager could not be like that. 


There was also the matter that she knew her biological mother was not the Duchess. 


So far, there had been nothing to suggest that the Empress Dowager knew she was the Duke’s illegitimate daughter. However, if the Duke of Schwartz was willing to sacrifice his own daughter, she could be suspicious.


‘It’s too much of a risk to reveal anything.’


“It’s an honor for you to say so.”


Despite her true feelings, Meredith smiled brightly at Blaire. 


“I’ll do my best, Your Majesty.”


“You may call me ‘mother’, child.”


“…Your Majesty, I have not yet familiarised myself with the laws of the royal court.”


Meredith quickly evaded the favor.


“I’m afraid it would be disrespectful to you while I’m still ignorant.”




“However, I’ll try the title you mentioned once I get used to palace life.”




“Do you have a second favor?”


“Ah, right. The second one.”


Blaire spoke hurriedly, as if she had almost forgotten.


“Now that you are empress, you will undoubtedly spend more time with the Emperor than I.”


The following words almost made Meredith laugh.


“Would you watch over His Majesty and tell me of his condition?”


A casual favor to act as a spy.


Meredith paused for a moment, then asked just as casually.


“The meaning of watching His Majesty…”


“It’s literal. All you have to do is look at the state of the Emperor and tell me every morning as you greet me. It’s easy, is it not?”


Blaire spoke as if the request was trivial.


“Of course, I could ask His Majesty myself, but it must be very bothersome when you’re sick.”


“…Ah, that’s true.”


“And as you know, it’s been a while since His Majesty stopped his morning greetings due to his health.”


Blaire appeared to be heartbroken as she talked about it.


“So it’s not convenient to hear from him. But now that you’re here, wouldn’t it be much easier for me to understand my son’s condition if you did this for me?”


Meredith almost laughed again at the choice of the word ‘son’.


‘A mother who would even cast a black spell to kill her son.’


This shameless behavior left her dumbfounded.


However, she showed no signs of her thoughts, and instead nodded.


“You’re right, Empress Dowager.”


“Then my favors, can I be sure that you will do them for me?


Meredith quickly assured that she would, and her face became noticeably brighter.


‘It would be in my best interest to build trust with this rather than reject her.’


Blaire was unaware of the Emperor’s recovered condition at night, as she, along with everyone else, believed that the Emperor was truly unwell.


At least for now, it was wiser for Meredith to listen carefully, be obedient, and build a naive image.


It was necessary to give the Empress Dowager faith that she could not harm her.


“Of course, Your Majesty. How could I refuse?”


“Thank you for saying so, my child!”


Blaire exclaimed with delight.


“I’m pleased to have one more person to rely on in this lonely palace. Won’t you come visit me often from now on? You needn’t wait for the morning greeting.”


“Yes. I’m beginning to also feel like you’re my mother as you treat me so kindly.”


Blaire spoke kindly to Meredith. 


“I’m so glad to have you as my daughter-in-law. Have a good day, Meredith.”






As soon as she got out of the palace, Meredith took a deep breath, causing Yulia to ask worriedly.


“Your Majesty, are you alright?”


“…I’m finally out.”


“What happened inside?”


Meredith glanced at the anxious Yulia. She could almost see what she was thinking.


“Even if the Empress Dowager doesn’t know Your Majesty…” 


“…No, it wasn’t like that.” 


She quickly refuted her words.


“I guess I was too nervous. She is the senior matriarch of the royal family.”


It wasn’t the real reason, but she couldn’t tell the truth to Yulia, who did not have her complete trust


‘If she has been planted by the Empress Dowager, things will get very difficult.’


“Would you like to return to the Empress Palace?”


“Not quite yet.” 


She shook her head while Yulia glanced at her curiously.


“I should stop by the Central Palace. I need to check on the Emperor.”




“I didn’t expect you to come again so soon.” 


Felix stated, but Meredith wasn’t sure if he said it sarcastically or with surprise.


“It hasn’t been long since you left the Central Palace.”


“Well, I was worried about His Majesty’s condition. Is he inside? Is he asleep?” 


“He’s resting. If you’d like to see him in the reception room…”


“—It would be quite difficult for His Majesty to get up.”


Meredith said, interrupting him.


“I’ll see him myself. I hope you don’t mind.”


“…I understand.” 


Felix appeared reluctant, but begrudgingly opened the door anyway.


Meredith slowly entered the room.



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