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The emperor was startled and quickly took his hands off Meredith.


And Meredith, who just woke up, didn’t seem to notice that he had just tidied up her hair.


She just blinked her eyes blankly with a face that hadn’t come to her senses yet.




It was not long before she realized that she had fallen asleep leaning on the emperor’s shoulder, and she got up in shock.


“Yo-Your Majesty…!”


“Are you awake?”


“I’m sorry. Such discourtesy….”


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Meredith bowed her head in front of the emperor with a visibly embarrassed face.


Somehow the emperor didn’t feel very happy about it.


But without saying it out loud, he just indirectly expressed his feelings.


“It’s all right.”


“Why didn’t you wake me up? Have I been like this for a long time?”


“No. Brief.”


The dictionary definition for brief is ‘for a very short duration’.


Therefore, 20 minutes was definitely not a ‘brief’ time.


The emperor wondered why he didn’t tell the truth.


Nevertheless, the situation was overlooked.


It’s just, like, kindness or compassion.


A very ‘normal’ feeling.


“It was for a brief moment. Are you still tired?”


“Thanks. Thank you and I’m sorry.”


Meredith was in a daze and cleared herself of her disordered appearance.


The emperor, who was staring at her, opened his mouth again.


“If you’re still sleepy, let’s return now.”


“No, Your Majesty. I’m completely fine now, thanks to the quick nap.”


She slept soundly, but the fact that she fell asleep leaning on the emperor’s shoulder made Meredith feel awake.


If she was sober, she would never be able to do it.


……it’s obvious she’s crazy because she’s sleepy.


So Meredith felt very embarrassed at the moment.


She coughed heavily and then opened her mouth.


“Now I have to read it again, the book.”




The emperor, who was looking at Meredith quietly, also picked up the book again.


It was then that Meredith’s curiosity came to her, albeit belated.


How come the emperor was right next to her when she woke up, not across her.


If he had just lent his shoulder with a compassionate heart to her poor self who was nodding off, why didn’t he return to his seat even after she woke up?


Why, is he still next to me?


But it was an overly trivial and insignificant question to ask.


‘Does it matter where he sits?’


Meredith turned to the book thinking, it’s better to not be picky.


After a while, only the sound of pages turning could be heard in the library.


Meredith began to read the book enthusiastically as if she had not dozed off.




And how long has it been?


An unknown sound burst out of Meredith’s mouth.


The emperor turned his head and looked at Meredith.


“What’s wrong?”




“Did you find it?”




Meredith opened her mouth in a small voice.


“I think I found it.”


But Meredith’s expression, unlike what she said, did not seem too happy.


When he saw Meredith’s expression, the emperor frowned and said.


“But you don’t look too happy.”




“Am I incurable? Is there no way?”


“That’s not true.”


Meredith breathed out a short sigh and replied.


“Fortunately, there is a way. Your Majesty.”


The problem is…


Meredith’s expression turned awkward.


“But I don’t think Your Majesty will like it very much.”
(t/n: is it what I think it is?)


“What are you talking about?”


“It’s… the treatment’s a little…”


Meredith spoke cautiously.


“You may not like it, Your Majesty.”


“What is it?”


The emperor said as he narrowed his brows.


“I don’t care what it is, just tell me. Come on.”


“I mean…”


The listener seemed fine, but not the speaker.


Meredith continued to hesitate.


As his patience was slowly running low on the sluggish disclosure of the answer, Meredith finally opened her mouth.


“Every night with me.”




“You have to hold hands and sleep.”


When he first heard it, the emperor doubted his ears.




“You have to hold my hand and sleep with me. Still.”


Meredith said it as if it was quite a ton of hard work.


“It is precisely the way I share my life force with Your Majesty through physical contact. Holding hands, kissing, or…”




“Or… if I sleep with you…”




“The stronger the physical contact, the greater the vitality I can give you. But just holding hands will be enough for you to see the effect.”


Meredith added, raising the corners of her mouth awkwardly.


“You don’t have to go to a more serious level…”


Indeed, the emperor’s eyes narrowed as he confirmed the contents of Meredith’s book.


Meredith spoke in a voice that had no choice but to accept it.


“As you can see, this is the most effective way. I’m giving you my vitality directly.”


“Unless we find the person who put the curse on it, it’s not a fundamental solution, but in the long run, it’s definitely close to a cure.”


“And you?”




“Is there any problem with your health?”


“Oh, it’s okay to treat one person, Your Majesty. I eat well day by day, sleep well, and I’ll recover safely.”


“So you don’t have to worry about it.”


After answering, Meredith smiled a little unexpectedly.


“I didn’t expect you to worry.”


“What do you mean?”


“A week ago, you said you would take my life.”


“I didn’t know you’d even worry about my vitality.”


“If there is any problem with your life due to this incident.”


He replied with a thoughtful look on his face for a moment.


“I’ll be in trouble when I need you again.”




Meredith said with an awkward look on her face.


“Therapy is important, but the most important thing is the life of the healer. You don’t have to worry.”


After speaking, Meredith asked the emperor with a slightly worried look.


“Anyway… is that alright with you?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Sleeping hand in hand with me every day.”


Meredith added, looking into the Emperor’s eyes.


“Just in case you’re uncomfortable…”


“I don’t have a choice.”


The emperor replied indifferently.


“It’s not a kiss, it’s not a situation where I can be sensitive with just holding hands.”


It was.


Because things weren’t so good.


‘This is the only way to neutralize the black spell right now.’


Meredith nodded with a look of understanding.


“Well, I’ve found a solution, so let’s go back to the palace.”


It was fortunate that the dream I had last night didn’t go away in vain, and that it was worthwhile not to rest today.


Meredith smiled with a proud look on her face.




It was about 3 a.m. when I returned to the central palace.


We have less than 3 hours left before dawn.


Meredith sat on the bed with a look of excitement and said to the emperor.


“Go ahead and lie down, Your Majesty.”


“Uncharacteristically excited.”


“It’s almost dawn. I think it would be really good if you can see the effect even if it was for three hours.”




“So please lie down. I have to give you a little more.”


“…I will.”


Somehow the emperor laid on the bed with a complex-looking face.


Meredith also lay beside the emperor.


She took a long deep breath, then looked aside and asked the emperor.


“Your Majesty, are you ready?”




“Then give me your hand.”


The emperor slowly reached out his hand to the middle.


Meredith held the hand carefully.




As soon as she held his hand, Meredith felt that her vitality was being taken away by the emperor.


She opened her mouth in a trembling voice.


“It seems to be the right way to find it.”


“Do you feel anything?”


“Yes. Now my life force is going to Your Majesty.”


“I don’t know………”


“I’m sure you will. Your Majesty has no magic power.”


Meredith smiled and said in a confident voice.


“You’ll probably realize the effect when you wake up.”


“I hope so.”


“Yes, so please go to bed.”


Meredith said in a serious voice.


“If you are in good physical condition, the vitality that I give you will be meaningful.”




There was a pause at the end of the conversation.


Meredith slowly closed her eyes, thinking he was already asleep.


And before long, a voice came from the side.


“You did a great job today, Empress.”


Upon hearing that, Meredith turned her head reflexively and looked at the emperor lying next to her.


He had his eyes closed.


Meredith smiled at the sight without realizing it.


“Your Majesty too.”


It’s been a lot, of course.


If I had to go through the vast secret library alone, I would have been exhausted.


Meredith murmured, still smiling.


“Good night.”


With that, the conversation between the two seemed to have been completely cut off.


“You, too.”


But after a while, a small response came from the side.


“Good night.”


It was strangely reminiscent of the first night of the wedding.


Meredith smiled and closed her eyes again.


It seemed like she could sleep for a very long time today.


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