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A few hours later.




Meredith woke up with a small sound.


After a long yawn, she blinked slowly, her eyes not fully awake.


Then, staring into space for a moment, soon realized how she fell asleep last night.




Meredith, who mumbled unconsciously, turned her head to the side.


The emperor was still sleeping.


Meredith shifted her gaze to her and the Emperor’s hands, still connected in the middle of the bed.


No matter how many hours you slept, once you fell asleep, either of you could have unconsciously pulled out.


Whether it’s troublesome or annoying.


But it was still connected safely.


“I’m a little out of energy, but…”


Fortunately, it was not to a serious degree.


‘And that means I’ve passed my vitality to his majesty.’


Meredith got up slowly, leaning forward, and approached the Emperor.


He was still sleeping soundly. Meredith sighed and looked at the sleeping emperor.


‘Your breathing is regular, but are you feeling better?’


There was a fact that I learned while sharing a bed for about a week.


It was that by the time the sun came up, he would sometimes even have trouble breathing.


But now he was breathing smoothly without any problems.


Meredith wanted him to wake up soon.


I wanted to inquire about the results in a hurry.


But I couldn’t wake someone who was sleeping, so I just waited for him to wake himself up.


For such a long time, Meredith stared at the emperor as if she were watching the prognosis.
(t/n: prognosis: The likely outcome or course of a disease; the chance of recovery or recurrence.)

“…How long are you going to stay like that?”


The emperor moved his lips.


When the person she thought was sleeping suddenly spoke, Meredith leaned back in surprise.


She asked in a bewildered voice.


“…You were awake?”


Instead of answering, the emperor slowly turned his head and looked at Meredith.


Meredith asked him again with a half-mixed look of bewilderment and embarrassment.


“Since when?”


“From a while ago.”


He added in a quiet voice.


“Since you’ve been staring at my face.”




“Of course, I know I’m handsome enough just by looking at my face.”




“But don’t you think it’s a little rude?”


Meredith let out a gasp.


“You’re all better now that you’re talking nonsense.”


Then, she secretly released the hand that was connected to the emperor.


His hand fell helplessly onto the bed.


Meredith avoided the emperor’s gaze with a slightly red face filled with embarrassment.


“Why didn’t you tell me when you were awake?”


“I was wondering how long you would be watching.”


“…You have a nasty hobby.”


“Is it any better than a person looking at someone’s face secretly?”


“Don’t get me wrong. I admit that your Majesty’s features are beautiful.”


Meredith cleared her throat at this time.


“I didn’t do that for that reason.”




“I was trying to figure out how you’re doing.”


“You said you weren’t a doctor.”


“You don’t have to be a doctor to figure that out. Anyone can.”


“So what?”


The Emperor asked, staring at Meredith as if curious.


“How is it? My condition.”


“Your Majesty knows better than I do.”


Meredith answered the question, a little bewildered but properly.


“Your breathing is better than it was yesterday.”


“…you know my usual breathing.”


“How can I not know when you breathe so irregularly?”


Meredith added quickly as if not to misunderstand, and the emperor grinned.


“Just kidding. It’s funny how you react to every one of them.”


“Surprisingly good type to tease.”


“I’m sure you’re feeling better now that you’re joking.”


Meredith sighed briefly and asked.


“So, are you sure you’re okay?”


This was the most important thing.


“Yes, I don’t feel much better, but I’m sure I’m in better shape than I was yesterday.”


The emperor stared at his hand that was holding Meredith last night with a curious face.


“It’s amazing.”


“That’s a relief. I was worried if I was wrong… but I’m relieved.”


Meredith breathed a short sigh and then opened her mouth again.


“But even if you’re feeling better, I think you’d better keep pretending to be sick.


The emperor stared at Meredith at her words.


“If the Dowager Empress finds out about this, she can cast a black spell again.”


“Can I call you again?”


“The first sorcerer who cast the magic on His Majesty may cast again, but in that case, he would die no matter how strong his mana is.”


Meredith said firmly.


“Then they will have to find a new sorcerer, but finding a black sorcerer is not easy, so even if they find out about His Majesty’s condition, it will not be easy.”


“I see.”


“But wouldn’t it be better for you to let your enemy lower off their guard?”


Meredith’s expression became serious.


“If you get cursed again, then I will have to sacrifice my life to heal Your Majesty.”


“I know what you mean. That’s what I was going to do.”


Only then did Meredith quietly shut up, wondering if she was too presumptuous.
(t/n: Presumptuous: failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.)


“Your Majesty is more intelligent than I am, and I shouldn’t have said it.”


“No, thanks to you, I know things I didn’t know.”




“That you’ll die if you get caught.”


“Oh, yes, even if you are a descendant of the Baltic god, you can’t do it twice. Even if you don’t die, you may have a permanent disability.”




“I will also tell the Empress Dowager that your Majesty’s condition has remained unchanged.”




Then, the emperor, who was just listening to Meredith, slowly opened his lips.


“I think you’re doing your best for me.”


“I have to. My life’s at stake.”


“Do you really think we’re on the same side?”


“I’m sorry. Am I not?”


Meredith asked, looking directly into the eyes of the emperor.


He still had a face that she couldn’t tell what was on his mind. 


Meredith got a little nervous at the sight.


But she asked without showing any signs.


“Do you still not believe me?”


At the end of the question, there was a deep silence between the two.


Meredith patiently waited for him to end the silence.


The emperor seemed to think of something.


But that didn’t seem to be the idea that Meredith’s question raised.


“Although I still don’t trust anyone.”


It was not long before the Emperor opened his lips again.


“And yet I can see that you don’t have a scheming heart.”


“Isn’t that the same as believing?”


“No. It’s different.”


He murmured with a strange look on his face.


“It’s different.”




“Anyway, you worked very hard today. I’m worried if you’re okay.”


“As I said yesterday, this much is fine.”


However, Meredith was thinking that she should sleep more when she returns to the Empress’ Palace.


It’s been a long time since I’ve used therapy magic – it was the first time since I treated an injured bird I found when I was very young – I guess it was too much.


“Anyway, you must be much more comfortable today than yesterday.”


“I mean.”


“I’ll be on my way. It’s time to greet the Empress Dowager.”




“Have a good day, Your Majesty.”


After the short greeting, Meredith got out of bed and walked toward the door.


Then, the emperor’s voice was heard from the back and he caught Meredith.




Meredith turned back.


The emperor was seen staring at her.


Meredith looked at the emperor with a look on her face asking if there was anything more to say.


But what followed was totally unexpected.


“Have a good day.”


Meredith looked embarrassed at the unexpected greeting.


But after a moment, she smiled and returned the same words of greeting. 


“Your Majesty, too.” 


Somehow it was the start of a pleasant morning.

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