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Meredith thought this would be a pretty attractive offer for him.


However, the Emperor’s expression upon hearing Meredith’s words was not as bright as she had expected.


Meredith was momentarily perplexed when the expected result did not come out, but then calmly continued.


“As part of that, I will be by your side and help you both physically and mentally so that your Majesty can consolidate the imperial power.”




“If the Schwartz family goes down, the empress dowager will be weakened. Naturally.”




After a long silence, he finally opened his mouth.


“You seem convinced that the dowager has a very close relationship with the Schwartz family.”




Meredith nodded with an expressionless face.


“The two forces have a plan to oust Your Majesty and appoint Prince Fabien as the new emperor of Valtejain.”


“Is there any evidence that the Schwartz family feels the same way? So far, it’s just speculation.”


“I heard.”


The emperor stared at Meredith.


“The fact that the Schwartz family joined hands with the Empress Dowager to make my sister the next empress.”




“In the process, I became your Majesty’s Empress because it was simply a hand that they gave to throw away.”


A consumable that won’t hurt them no matter what happens.


Empress Dowager Blair and the Schwartz family most likely felt that way.


“It must also be because they did not want a third force to intervene in this fight. The Empress Dowager is of the Schwartz family.”


“…… ”


“Until we drive them out.”


Meredith swore reverently with one hand on her chest.


“I will live only for Your Majesty’s sake.”


“…… ” 


“Will you accept my deal?”


It’s not a deal.


The Emperor thought this was not a deal.


When it comes to gains and losses, it was a deal that was detrimental only to her.


The emperor had nothing to lose either way.


The fact that the Schwartz family had a close relationship with Empress Dowager was also something he found in his information network.


Of course, it was also in his plan to oust the Schwartz family.


In a situation where she was treating him, if she divorced him on her own and helped him both physically and mentally for his victory, this would really be a deal that was made only for him.


The emperor was about to mention it but realized that there was no need for it and stopped.


“Okay, good.”


But was it a matter of conscience? Or was it a matter of justice that had accumulated for a month?


Or maybe it was because he thought it was a courtesy to his partner who would be with him for several months even if he couldn’t.


“I promise you one more thing.”


He wanted to give her one more thing.


“Do you have anything else to ask of me?”




The emperor shook his head and made eye contact with Meredith.


“I promise you.”


“What ……”


“While you are my empress, I will protect you. No matter what.”




“Let’s include this in our deal.”


Meredith couldn’t understand why he wanted to add such unnecessary conditions.


She was not a fool, so she knew.


This deal was purely in the Emperor’s interest.


But she had no choice.


With no power or wealth, the only way she could get revenge on the Schwartz family was to help the emperor win.


Although the fact was quite bitter, it was inevitable when she was born as an illegitimate child and had no power.


‘Your Majesty knows that, so is this some kind of sympathy?’


Or was it compassion? Or mercy?


But either way, it wasn’t bad for Meredith.


She nodded and opened her mouth.


“Sure, but who would hurt me?”


“That’s a complacent thought.”


The emperor calmly shook his head and responded.


“If they know we’re on the same side, they can see you as a thorn in the eye and get rid of you.”


“Oh… “


“Remember that Marionette, who will serve the Empress, can be taken anywhere.”


“…… is that so.”


“Okay. So, I want you to be more aware of the current situation.”


The emperor spoke to Meredith in a solemn voice.


“Because from now on, you have decided to officially act with my political opponents.”


With that being said, the office became quiet for a while.


It was because both of them kept silent with a thoughtful face.


A long time later, the emperor opened his mouth first.


“Let’s have the deal written.”


He still spoke without taking his eyes off Meredith.


“Because I like to be precise.”


“I agree.”


Meredith nodded and sat on the chair in front of the desk.


“I’ll write the contract now.”




So a specific divorce agreement was drawn up.


The contents were as follows.


One, the empress does her best to strengthen the emperor’s authority and oust his political opponents.


Two, later the Schwartz family’s disposition follows the Empress’s decision entirely.

The Emperor does not raise any objections and respects the Empress’s will.


Three, the emperor protects the empress thoroughly until their divorce.


Finally, the two will be divorced without delay after the collapse of the Schwartz family.


It was a neat contract with no superfluousness.


“Please sign it.”


Meredith presented two contracts to the emperor to be signed at the bottom right.


After a while, the emperor also handed out the signed contract to Meredith.




Meredith accepted it and then carefully raised her gaze over his signature.


A name was written in elegant and neat cursive writing.


Theodore Valtejain


It had been a long time since she had seen his name again.


The first time at Empress class, and now 4 months have passed.


The real name of the emperor was rarely mentioned directly in Valtejain.


Because it was thought to be a great disrespect and disloyalty.


In the case of the prince or empress dowager, it was quite common.


Therefore, the name of her husband, who should be closest to her, was very strange to Meredith.




Meredith, who saw the glamorous name, muttered it unconsciously.


Immediately, she realized that she had committed a great deal of profanity and trembled like a bird.


“Oh, I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


Meredith sneaked a glance at the Emperor.


However, there was no way to know if he was in a bad mood because his face was expressionless.


As Meredith waited anxiously for Theodore to respond, she heard his voice.


“……Come to think of it.”




“Did you know my name?”


“I learned it in empress class.”




“However, it is a name that is unfamiliar to me because I rarely come across it.”


Meredith confessed frankly.


“Who dares to speak of His Majesty’s dignity in vain?”




At the unexpected word, Meredith blinked blankly.


“There are very few living and dead in this empire who have called my name directly.”




“Two? Three? One more person added today.”


At those words, Meredith was in a state of limbo.


In the end, she apologized again.


“……I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


“I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”


Looking at her rapidly burning face, she seemed to have taken the joke seriously.


Thinking that it’s like her, Theodore muttered under his breath.


“You don’t have to apologize. It’s a meaningless name anyway.”




“A name is meaningful when someone calls me, but I haven’t been called in 20 years. ……not once.”




“Come to think of it, you broke the 20-year record a while ago.”




“I last heard it 20 years ago.”


Recalling the last moment, Theodore’s eyes narrowed.


“My name.”


“I’m sorry. I was so disrespectful ….”


“It wasn’t bad.”


With those words, Theodore looked at Meredith.


The sudden gaze was different from anything she had ever received, so Meredith felt nervous for nothing.


“……what do you mean?”


“To hear my name.”


A gentle smile appeared on his lips.


Meredith knew it was the truth.


“I didn’t feel bad because it’s been a while.”




“So you don’t have to apologize too much.”


Meredith looked at Theodore, who was staring at her.


Still, the tension was still there, and she unconsciously swallowed saliva despite it being dry. 


It wasn’t long before she opened her mouth slowly.




She felt like she had to change the topic.


She didn’t know why, but that’s what she thought at the moment.


“Please take good care of me.”


“All of a sudden?”


Theodore laughed silently as if it were out of the blue.


Meredith responded with a rather complicated look.


“Now that I’ve written the contract, I feel like I need to do something new. I don’t know when I’ll get divorced, but…”




“As long as we are married, I will do my best for your Majesty.”


“……Me too.”


Theodore moved his lips slowly with a strange look in his eyes.


“I will do my best for you.”




“As your husband.”


Theodore then asked Meredith for a handshake.


Meredith stared at the hand and soon held Theodore’s hand with a smile.


It was the beginning of the second act of marriage.

Note: From this chapter on, 발트제인 will be translated as Valtejain and not as Baltic Jane. This change will be seen in chapter 12 onwards. In case, I did miss any change, please feel free to mention so in this chapter’s comments. The reason for this change was simple, no way in hell am I typing Mr. emperor’s name as Theodore Baltic Jane. over my dead body y’all (x3)

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