Author: Ann

Chapter 4 : I Married a Sick Husband

Translated by Tam

Edited by Trevor

Meredith’s suspicion that the Emperor was ill was later confirmed at the Wedding Reception. 


“Your Majesty seemed to be in bad shape earlier, too…”


“As expected. I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.”


“You all knew anyway.”


“I feel sorry for the new Bride.”


“Did her parents fool her into marrying him?”


“No way. Did he really not tell his daughter about that?”


“Of course she knew and decided to get married. She’d still be the empress.”


“It turns out that the empress was sick when she was young.”


“That’s why she has never been seen in public.”


“I guess the sick people got married together, seems fitting.”


“Ssh, don’t say that. Someone could hear it.”


“Hey, who’s listening here?”


“Okay, this is between us. It’s okay. I’ll only talk to you here.”


Although the origin of the story was in the powder room, they would never lie on this topic. 


‘Why didn’t I hear anything like this from the social gatherings I’ve been attending?’


Meredith’s expression became serious.


Of course, the emperor’s health was basically top secret. 


It was also taboo to talk casually about his health. 


Everyone would have to refrain from commenting because they could be taken to an underground prison for insulting the emperor.


‘That’s why they’re talking secretly in places like this.’


However, there was still something unconvincing. 


‘But I must have heard about it at least once, right?’


Like now. 


But Meredith soon realized that it was an overly naive idea.


It wasn’t long after she entered society, so she couldn’t have heard such a story about him.


Even if there was someone who got close at a social gathering, who would say such a thing to her who would marry the emperor soon?


It was the result of unavoidable circumstances.


‘And the Schwartz people would have tried to cover my ears thoroughly.’


They would never have given her an excuse to run away.


‘And even if I had known, nothing would have changed.’


She couldn’t have avoided this marriage.


How can a dirty illegitimate child avoid her father’s marriage order?


After all, it was useless reasoning now.


Anyway, she married the emperor today.


Now irrevocably, she has become the empress of the Empire.


‘I can’t break my solemn marriage vows.’


Whether the Emperor was ill or dead tomorrow, she couldn’t help it.


Meredith was able to return to the wedding reception only after the ladies who had been making noise in the powder room left.


Meredith was very upset, hearing all kinds of stories that she could not help but listen to.


However, she greeted the ladies and their loved ones again without any problems.


“Congratulations on your marriage, Your Majesty.”


“Thank you, ma’am.”


“I hope you have a good family with Your Majesty.”


A happy family.


‘ …I don’t know.’


It seemed like she had already doubted something like that from the beginning.


The emperor wasn’t showing up at the wedding reception at all.


He didn’t give a detailed reason, but it was obvious.


Health problem. 


Meredith’s expression became serious.


‘Are you so sick that you can’t attend the wedding reception?’


From what she heard in the powder room earlier, it was said that the emperor was clearly healthy until given the throne.


But after he ascended the throne, he began to look sick, and now he is completely ill.


It is amazing how he is good and do well when he is struggling to keep his position at a political meeting.


“Your Majesty the Empress, congratulations on your marriage.”


Then she heard a heavy voice.


When she turned her head, three familiar people standing in front of her. 


The Duke and Duchess of Schwartz along with Catarina Schwartz.


Meredith’s expression hardened at the moment. 


However, she managed to keep her facial expression calm without any problems.


“Thank you, Duke Schwartz.”


Duke Schwartz was also briefly embarrassed the way she spoke to her father.


However, he also managed his facial expressions like Meredith. 


“I hope you can take good care of Your Majesty the Emperor and create a rich royal family.”


In a sense, this was a joke mocking Meredith.


The emperor’s condition, which she saw and heard earlier, was so terrible she questioned if he would be able to have her first night tonight. 


But what’s with the ‘rich royal family’? 


Meredith’s eyebrow naturally narrowed.


Duke Schwartz’s expression was still flat. 


“…Thank you, Duke Schwartz. But you must have known one thing.”


“What do you mean?”


“About Your Majesty’s health.”


Meredith looked at the Duke of Schwartz with a saddened expression.


“You knew, but you didn’t tell me on purpose, did you?”


“As you know, Your Majesty’s health is strictly top secret.”


“But no matter how top secret it is—!”


“Your Majesty the Empress.”


The Duke of Schwartz asked with a face that he didn’t understand.


“Is that important?”




“You’ve become the Empress. Isn’t it something to be happy about?”


“You should be glad, Your Majesty.”


Then the Duchess of Schwartz stepped in.


“Think with your brain. Has there ever been a single nobleman who would take a vulgar illegitimate daughter as his wife?”


“….Duchess Schwartz.”


“My mother is right. How glorious of you to be empress with such an origin?”


Now even Catarina stepped in. 


“The empress will have to thank my family and my father all her life. Oh, well, if you’re a decent human being, you should.”


“If it’s such a glorious position, why didn’t the princess take it?”


Meredith stared straight at Catarina with a dazzling look. 


“You’re older than me, so it’s natural to get married first.”


“I’m not ready to leave my parents’ arms yet.”


Catarina added with a laugh. 


“Oh, come to think of it, you have no mother. You wouldn’t understand.”




“Now that you’re married, I’m looking for someone to marry. Thank you for your concern.”


“Don’t worry too much. I’ll take care of my daughter’s wedding.”


Duchess Schwartz nudged in.


“Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry, you only need to care about His Majesty.”


“Anyway, I believe you will behave well since we don’t become a family member anymore.”


If she could, she wanted to do all kinds of bad things to her family.




‘That’s would cost me, too.’


If she did something that would hurt her family, she herself would not be safe.


“Well, I hope you have a wonderful first night of your honeymoon, Your Majesty.


They must have come here to tease people.


The new bride, who had just been married, was upset and the Schwartz family left the place leisurely.


Meredith watched the back of those who could not be called family members with a look of dejection.


‘As expected, my father was blinded by power and sold me as a sacrifice.’


It was not yet clear what kind of deals there were after that.


‘But at least one thing is certain.’


This marriage was never in her favor.


Otherwise, Duchess Schwartz and Catarina would never allow this  marriage.


‘It doesn’t feel right….’


The problem was that even if this marriage was disadvantageous to her, she had no choice but to live as the wife of the sick emperor.




The wedding reception ended around evening.


As soon as the reception came to an end, Meredith returned to her palace.


She simply finished dinner and then took a bath.


Now she had nothing to do as the Empress today.


Except for one thing.


“Now I need to prepare to enter His Majesty’s bedroom.”


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  1. i hope mc can stand up for herself soon … like she’s literally the empress now ..

  2. if I were Meredith, I would take down whoever cheated on me. 🙂