Author: Ann

Chapter 5 : I Married a Sick Husband

Translated by Tam

Edited by Kio

Meredith raised the corner of her lips and opened her mouth awkwardly. 




“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“His Majesty seems to be very ill now so…”




“He didn’t even attend the reception.”


“Yulia, did you know that? No, there’s no way you don’t know.”


Meredith asked Yulia, who had been unable to make eye contact with her since earlier.




“Why didn’t you tell me?” 


“Forgive me Your Majesty. I—”, Yulia made an excuse, looking away with an ashamed expression.  


“I thought the Duke of Schwartz had already said—”




“I thought Your Majesty knew everything.”


At that moment, the words she heard in the powder room passed through Meredith’s head.


‘Did her parents fool her into this marriage?’


‘No way. Did she not tell her own daughter about this important fact?’


‘Of course she knew and still married. It’s still the seat of the Empress.’


That’s what everyone thinks.


She knew everything and accepted this marriage.


Anyway, the Duchess of Schwartz must have been told such important information as her parents. They just chose to withhold the information from her. 


‘Yulia can’t be any different.’ 


She must’ve assumed she didn’t have to bring up the uncomfortable story, since she believed Meredith knew already. 


‘It’s hard to fault her, for making that assumption.’ 


If there was no ill will, then Yulia had no need to be apologetic.


But neither did Meredith.


If there was no ill will, Yulia 


“I feel like I’m being deceived,” Meredith mumbled bitterly, “I didn’t know.”


Yulia’s eyes grew bigger at her words.


 “Your Majesty, I swear to God that—! I didn’t have such an intention.”


Yulia was surprised and apologized after kneeling in front of Meredith.


“Sorry, Your Majesty. I really didn’t know. I’m really—”


“I thought you knew. I mean it.”


“Yes, I know. You didn’t do it out of ill will,” Meredith answered calmly.


“That’s what everyone would think. I knew everything and I married him.”




“…..But I wasn’t. I—”


Meredith paused and then calmed down.


“I didn’t know. Really.”




“I didn’t hear anything.”


“How come?—”


“…..I know, you don’t understand.”


Meredith laughed bitterly. 


“I’m the only one who doesn’t know what the whole Baltic community knows.”




She felt like a fool. 


Of course, she has been living in a single room completely isolated for almost 20 years.


She felt even more foolish today.


“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to solve all your questions today.”




“Now… seems like a bad time for that.”


Right now she had an assignment called early night.


“I’ll tell you when it’s the right time.”


“Yes, Your Majesty, I understand.”


Yulia seemed to have guessed that there was a secret she couldn’t say.


‘I won’t be able to hide the truth from Yulia.’


She doesn’t really want to, and even if she wants to, it will be impossible to hide it until the end.


They’ll find out soon enough.


 “…in Your Majesty’s bedroom,” Meredith said with a short sigh. 


“I think it’s better to not come in, “ said Yulia, “His Majesty is not in a good condition, so he’s not in a position to spend the night together.” 




“…Then I will tell the Central Palace.”


“From now on…”, Yulia opened her mouth with a hesitant voice.


“I’ll tell you everything thoroughly,” Yulia finished resolutely. 




“There will be no such mistake as today again. I apologize again, Your Majesty,” Yulia bowed deeply and stepped out of Meredith’s room.


Meredith watched Yulia disappear with tired eyes.


“—Wake up, Meredith.”


She shouldn’t be stupid because she entered the Palace without knowing the truth.


At least until she knows now what’s going on in this marriage.




“….I don’t think this is it.”


Meredith, lying on the bed, muttered while tossing and turning several times.


Diane, who was guarding, asked.


“What’s wrong, Empress?”


“I’m not going into His Majesty’s bedroom today.”


Meredith jumped out of bed, “But it’s my first night of marriage, and I can’t say I won’t go. It’s against Imperial Law.”


“Actually, I was a little worried about it, too.”


“Yes, it’s not too late, is it? What time is it, Diane?”


“It’s not midnight yet. Wouldn’t it be okay if you go now? Shall we send a message to the Palace?”


“No, you don’t have to. If you’re sleepy, you can come back.”


“I’m afraid you’ll walk in vain—”


“Then it’s like we’re taking a walk. Can I have a brush?”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Meredith simply brushed her hair and then stepped out of the Imperial Palace.


It was very dark that night because there was no moon in the sky.


Meredith had to walk very carefully not to fall.


When they finally arrived at the main Palace, the Knights of course let Meredith, the Empress, in without any special inspection.


Taking a few more steps, Meredith reached the front of the Emperor’s room.


Perhaps because it was their first night of marriage, there were no servants in front of the door.


It was a consideration for newlyweds. 


Meredith looked back at Diane and said, “You go back to the Imperial Palace first, Diane.”


“Is it okay if you’re alone?”


“This is the Main Palace, and I even brought a lamp. What are you worried about?”


“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow, Your Majesty.”


“Okay, get back safely.”


After a short greeting, Meredith parted away with Diane.


It was only after she was left completely alone that she slowly took a deep breath, opened the door herself and went inside.


And finally, the Emperor’s bedroom became closer—.




The scene in front of Meredith and her current situation were in stark contrast to what she had thought.


Black men in masks, bleeding everywhere.


The smell of thick and fishy blood coming out of them.


The room that was originally neat, but now in a mess.


But more than anything else, there was a separate scene that shocked her the most.


“……Oh, my God.”


A man who is pointing a knife at her neck, covered in blood.


“I’ve been caught.”




“I thought you weren’t coming.”


He was definitely her husband, who had a hard time even standing properly until this afternoon.


‘….What am I looking at right now?’


Meredith couldn’t believe her eyes.


Obviously, the man in front of her was the Emperor.


However, his condition was completely different from during the day.


In the face of a man staring at her expressionlessly in front of her eyes, she could not find a disease that caused intermittent dry coughs.


Meredith felt like she was in a dream-like situation. 


‘…but it’s not a dream.’


The sensibility of a sharp blade touching the side of her neck told her that the situation was real.


Meredith swallowed her dry saliva.


“Why are you here?”


 Then came a question.


“Are you here to make sure I’m dead?”


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