I Married a Sick Husband Vol. 2 Chapter 44

Author: Ann





“Do you see well now?”


From the moment she heard that question, her heart was pounding non-stop.


‘…… Why is my heart beating like this?’


Maybe I’ll die like this.


Her heart beat so fast that she started to think like that.


‘…. They say that a beating heart like this is an unhealthy sign.’


Meredith was seriously worried, recalling a section she had once seen in a medical book.


She didn’t know why her heart was beating so fast all of a sudden.


‘Where am I sick?’


But she soon found the answer.


‘… I’m surprised.’


It was a very simple answer.


‘Because His Majesty is suddenly approaching..… That’s why. I’m just surprised.’


In a word, it could be said that the reason is similar to hiccups!


‘Perhaps anyone would have been as surprised as me.’


Because His Majesty is both very large and tall.


“… Empress?”


Then, Theodore called her.


It seemed that Meredith, silent and frozen, looked strange.


Then she realised that she hadn’t moved too much, and she hurriedly opened her mouth.


“… Ah yes, Your Majesty.”


“Are there any problems?”




Meredith hurriedly took a step back with her answer.


“The problem.. It’s nothing.”


“Suddenly, you didn’t say anything.”


“That… … I was just surprised by the sudden approach.”


Meredith spoke frankly, then evaded it.


“As your Majesty had said, I may have misunderstood……”


“Is that true?”


Theodore laughed.


“But if you keep getting healthy like this, your dark circles under your eyes will definitely get lighter.”


“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Because there is such a thing as makeup in preparation for such times.”


“Makeup? Are you going to make me do makeup?”


“If necessary, you should apply powder for a pale complexion.”




He seemed reluctant.


“Isn’t that excessive?”


“Maybe not now.”


After Meredith quickly regained her composure, she replied.


“If you get better in the future, you should definitely do it to avoid suspicion.”


In fact, she has already improved his complexion a lot.


Compared to the beginning, he certainly had.


“That way, we can hide His Majesty’s condition until the end.”


“… Yes. That should be it.”


“Anyway, I’m really glad that the results of the checkup were good.”


Meredith smiled and said.


“Actually, I was very worried.”


“Do you think I might kill you if things go worse?”


“Please. There is something of the past, and I know you won’t.”




Theodore suddenly became quiet.


Anxious Meredith asked sneakily.


“Right ….?”




Theodore laughed lightly.


“Nothing like that.”


There was a certain confidence in his voice.


“Did you forget? The person who said he would protect you is me.”




“But I can’t kill you.”


… Weird.


For some reason, it felt like her heart was beating fast.


‘… Is it an illusion?’


As she inadvertently placed her hand on her chest, she felt her heart beat faster than she had thought.


It was embarrassingly fast.


‘There was nothing surprising this time.’


Of course, I heard quite touching words, but is that what makes my heart race this much…?


She was completely unaware.


‘…… It won’t be a big deal.’


Maybe once or twice.


‘If this situation continues, it will be a problem.’


It probably won’t happen.


Meredith stopped thinking too much.






A few days later.


It was the morning when Meredith visited the Empress Dowager Palace to give her greetings as usual.


“Mother, did you sleep well last night?”


“It was not the same as usual. Did my dear sleep well?”


“Yes, mother.”


“I told them to prepare your favourite scones today. I saw last time that you ate raspberry scones well.”


“Thank you, mother. This is too exquisite. You care so much.”


“Thank you, this is between us. If you eat it with black tea, it will be very delicious.”


“Yes. Apparently so….”


Then, she heard someone come inside.


Meredith thought it was her maid who brought her refreshments, so she inconsiderately turned her head that way.


‘…. Oh my gosh.’


And when she saw the unexpected presence, she panicked.


‘I’ve been surprised since morning.’


As Meredith expected, the maid came inside with scones and tea.


But if there’s a problem, it was that the person was Catarina.


“You look very surprised.”


At the sound of Blair’s voice, Meredith looked at her as she came to her senses.


“… Yes, I guess.”


What is this person up to?


“No need to be surprised. She’s been living as my lady-in-waiting since a few days ago.”


“Is that Princess Schwartz?”


“Yes. Catarina, what are you doing without greeting the empress?”


“It’s been a while, Your Majesty.”


Catarina curled the corners of her eyes excessively and greeted her.


“Isn’t this the first time I’ve seen you since the courtroom last time?”


“… Yes.”


“You can leave now, Catarina.”


“Yes. Have a good time, you two.”


Catarina quietly withdrew from the spot without making a fuss.


Meredith could unequivocally say that it was the most peaceful moment she had, facing her in her entire life.


Maybe it’s because she’s in front of Empress Dowager.


“I guess I should have given you a word in advance. I’m sorry.”


Meredith heard that and unconsciously stroked her cup.


“… It looks like a lot of tea.”


“Quite? Are you uncomfortable with Princess Schwarz being here?”


“Even so, I have no intention of getting involved in the personnel affairs of the Empress Dowager.”


Meredith replied calmly.


“Mother also has a will, so she must have taken Princess Schwartz in.”


“Well, I’m a bit lonely these days. I thought it would be nice to have her by my side.”


Blair shrugged her shoulders and added.


“I’m afraid to create any misunderstanding with you, but I’m a little less lonely these days thanks to you.”


“What a misunderstanding. If Princess Schwartz makes mother happier, then I have nothing more to ask for.”


“You’re too kind, too, dear.”


As if Blair knew that, she raised the teacup with a rather moved face.




Meredith, on the other hand, hid her complex-looking face behind the raised teacup.






Afterwards, it was the moment when Meredith was about to return to the empress’ palace after finishing her greetings without anything special said.


“You’re very keen on greeting people.”


Catarina’s voice caught Meredith.


As Meredith turned her head, Catarina was approaching her, smiling.


“Do you know Her Highness Empress Dowager? How cruel the empress is.”


“You’re quite stern, Princess Schwartz.”


Meredith pointed with her expressionless face.


“How dare you not show courtesy when you see me, the empress.”


Catarina’s face contorted at Meredith’s words.


“Does the princess want to go to Elta Island too?”




Catarina almost lost her temper at the sudden threat.


‘That’s a trap in that mouth. Where are you going to talk like that?’


But soon, she remembered why she had come here and struggled to calm herself down.


‘… Be patient, be patient, Catarina.’


The sinking family must be resurrected.


‘I’m sure she’ll go through all sorts of things in the future.’


If she gets angry here like last time, she might really follow her mother to Elta Island.


Catarina took a deep breath and opened her mouth.


“I apologise, Her Majesty. I’m happy to stop.”


“You’re happy?”


“Of course. You are my one and only sister.”


Meredith was very surprised by Catarina’s answer.


‘… I must have made a great decision.’


The day came when Catarina correctly referred to herself as ‘my sister’.


Even the word ‘my family’ had been heard before this meeting.


But ‘my sister’ seemed to be the first.


“You thought of me as your ‘little sister’.”


Meredith replied with a slight laugh.


“But you always say ‘a vulgar bastard bitch’ from your mouth.”




“I thought you saw me as someone who could be abandoned.”


‘Of course, it’s worse than a bug.’


Catarina replied, gnashing her teeth, inwardly.


‘Are you going to regard me as my little sister? You need to know your place!’


Even if the sky fell, it would never happen.


‘I’d rather take a passing mutt as my younger sister.’


However, while hiding her true feelings, Catarina replied in a friendly manner.


“Please forget about the past, Your Majesty. Isn’t the important thing now?”


“Well, yes. The princess is changing her attitude, so I’m glad too.”


Of course, Meredith didn’t believe Catarina’s appearance at all.


‘She’s trying to hit her in the back of the head with her smile.’


It was so obvious that she couldn’t even laugh.


“Anyway, I hope your life in the imperial palace will be enjoyable and comfortable, Princess Schwartz. Please take good care of mother.”


Meredith ended the conversation with something like a greeting and was about to leave.


“Wait a minute, Your Majesty.”


Until Catarina stopped Meredith herself.


“It’s a little strange.”




“Why do you call Her Highness Empress Dowager ‘Mother’?”


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