I Married a Sick Husband Vol. 2 Chapter 54

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“If anyone had to choose between attending one of the two, I would choose Her Majesty’s tea party without hesitation.”


If they decided not to attend either one of their party in this situation, they would be misunderstood to being impudent.


Therefore, even those who avoid taking a clear stance on these issues made a decision this time.


And it was only natural that the result would be Meredith.


“Of course. Using common sense, who would go to Princess Schwartz’s tea party?”


“Princess Schwartz is also amazing. How did she come up with the idea of holding a tea party at the Empress Dowager Palace?”


“I guess she wanted to let the world know that she was favoured by Her Highness the Empress Dowager.”


“If it were me, I would have stayed in hiding. Isn’t she embarrassed to live in the imperial palace with Her Majesty the Empress?”


“I know, right. How could you do something like that? …But does the Empress Dowager really care about Princess Schwartz?”


“I know, right. The same goes for letting her use the Empress Dowager Palace.”


“What do you mean? The Empress is the one who enjoys Her Highness’s favour. Isn’t this the truth that everyone knows?”


“By the way, did you know that Princess Schwartz was holding her tea party, Your Majesty?”


“No. I didn’t know.”


Meredith shook her head.


“I found out by chance this morning when I went to give my greetings to Her Highness the Empress Dowager.”


“Oh, I see.”


“If I had known that, I wouldn’t have held a tea party today… I’m worried for no reason.”


“Yes? Why should you care?”


“That’s right, you didn’t know. No, even if you knew, there is no reason for Her Majesty to take note. You are the empress of the empire.”


“As expected, Her Majesty the Empress has a very kind heart. If it were me, I would have deliberately tried to set the same date.”


In such a friendly atmosphere, a time when Meredith received compliments and Catarina’s gossip were exchanged quite favourably;


“Uninvited people cannot enter!”


“Why don’t you let go of me? How dare you not know who I am!”


It became noisy outside.


It seemed that an uninvited guest had arrived.










Catarina was confronting Yulia in front of the drawing room.


“Why are you preventing me from going in? I am Her Majesty’s older sister!”


“You cannot enter without an invitation from Her Majesty the Empress.”


This was precisely the fifth time.


The same content was being passed around meaninglessly.


Yulia found this situation very tiring.


But that didn’t mean she could let Catarina in.


Not only was it against the principles, but it was also because the opponent was Catarina.


It was obvious that if she let her in now, the tea party would be a mess.


Yulia once again stated her position firmly.


“I’m sorry, but no.”


“Madam Renedy, are you willing to take this all the way with me?”




Just as the argument was about to intensify, she heard Meredith’s voice.


“What’s going on, so loud?”


“There is nothing to worry about, Your Majesty.”


Yulia answered calmly.


“We have an uninvited guest, so I was trying to politely send her away.”


“Nothing to worry about!? What do I look like in your eyes?”


After hearing Yulia’s words, Catarina went wild.


“Even though I wasn’t invited, I am Her Majesty’s only older sister! Ask Her Majesty now! I’m sure she’ll want me to come in, right?”


Catarina’s voice was much louder than Yulia’s.


Meredith let out a short sigh and then instructed.


“Yulia, please bring Princess Schwartz inside.”


“Your Majesty, but…!”


“I can’t make it any harder for Yulia.”


“Your Majesty, I am fine.”


“Are you sure? Just let her in.”


Eventually, Yulia opened the door.


As Catarina entered, she glared at Yulia.


And finally, she entered the drawing room.


“… Ha, everyone was here.”


She originally tried to be quiet, but she could not.


When she saw the drawing room full of people who should have been her own guests, she couldn’t hold back her anger for a moment.


“No wonder. I thought it was strange that no one came.”


Somehow, it seemed like her initial promise would have to be broken.


“Your Majesty, what do you want me to do now?”


“Princess, what do you want me to do?”


Meredith didn’t hide her bewilderment.


“Is that what you say when you suddenly barge into a party without being invited?”


“So what should I say in this situation?”


Catarina’s voice only grew louder.


“If Your Majesty were in my position, wouldn’t this situation be considered absurd?”


“It’s absurd for me as well. And so it is for everyone here.”


“No! Everyone here, including Your Majesty, is not qualified to say that.”


“What do you mean?”


“I can’t believe you ask that after ignoring me! Do you have a conscience?”


“Princess, I think you are misunderstanding something.”


The voice answering wasn’t Meredith’s.


A young lady looked at Catarina with a fresh look on her face.


“Even though we are all gathered here, we did not plan it in advance.”


“What do you mean?”


“It’s not like we worked together to ostracise the princess.”


A calm voice continued.


“We just came here of our own will. Still, I thought some people would go to the princess’s tea party, but I’m surprised I was wrong.”


Those words did not contain any sarcasm or ridicule.


The lady who spoke on behalf of Meredith simply told the simple truth.


“Also, Her Majesty the Empress only found out this morning that the princess and her tea party time overlapped.”


“Why do you say that?”


“Don’t blame Her Majesty the Empress.”


A stinging voice advised.


“Otherwise, the princess’ reputation will fall even further.”


But those words sounded more like a threat than advice to Catarina.


‘Now even dogs and crows are making fun of me right in my face!’


Catarina found it unbearable to hear such words from a low-ranking noble.


In the wake of those emotions, Catarina’s face distorted.


“Are you asking me to believe that? It doesn’t make sense! How could you not know!”


Catarina cried out.


“How could it be possible, out of so many days and so many hours! Could it be now?”


“Because I didn’t know.”


Meredith, who had been silent, also opened her mouth.


“The princess didn’t tell me. How could I have known?”




“If you had informed me, I would have avoided this time.”


“No way. I know all about Your Majesty’s wicked tricks.”


Catarina responded sarcastically.


“Don’t try to hide it from me.”


“I can’t help it if you don’t believe me even though I told you the truth. The princess already sees me as a wicked person.”


Meredith sighed briefly.


“I think it would be best for you to just leave. Even if you stayed here, I don’t think we would have anything more to say.”


“No! I deserve an apology*.”


“An apple*? What apple?”

(T/n: This is a play on words that doesn’t translate well in English. Both apology and apple use the word 사과)


“I apologise for making fun of you today.”


She lived quite long to be able to hear those words.


Meredith laughed to herself.


“I can’t believe you humiliate a powerless princess like this! Is it okay for the empress of the empire to do that? Aren’t you embarrassed?”


“Do you think it is appropriate for the Princess of the Great Schwartz family to be called ‘powerless’?”


Meredith asked back, shrugging her shoulders as if it were absurd.


“No one would agree with that. Also, since the Schwartz family is my biological family, this could easily be taken as an insult.”


When Meredith once again mentioned her crime of insulting the Empress, Catarina flinched reflexively.


But today her anger was quite great, so Catarina did not stop here.


“Stop pretending! Since when did the Empress think so highly of the Schwartz family?”


“Princess, there is no conspiracy in this situation. Even if you don’t want to admit it, you have to admit it.”


Meredith delivered her sentence coldly.


“It is simply a result of the princess’s usual behaviour. I feel very sad that you couldn’t accept it.”


“Your Majesty the Empress!”


“More than anything, even if I did plan it, don’t you know what it means for everyone to come here?”


At those words, Catarina was at a loss.


Meredith was right.


Regardless of whether or not there was Meredith’s manipulation at play, in the end, it was the socialite’s choice.


But Catarina didn’t want to admit it.


No, she couldn’t admit it.


If she admits it, she will really lose.


So she will never admit it. No matter what!


“You trample on a person with your power! You are truly cruel.”


“It doesn’t make sense. Just leave.”


“No, I can’t leave now!”




Meredith called Yulia as if it didn’t matter.


Yulia came in as if she had been waiting for the call.


“Just give me your orders, Your Majesty.”


“Lead Princess Schwartz out.”


“I understand, Your Majesty.”


The maids who had received orders from Meredith held both sides of Catarina.


“Aaaah, where are you touching now!”


Catarina, who was being held on both sides, screamed as if she had been burned by fire.



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