I Married a Sick Husband Vol. 2 Chapter 55

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Catarina turned out to be so loud that everyone frowned at her as they covered their ears.


Meredith also frowned and gave additional instructions.


“I can’t handle this noise. Put a gag in her mouth.”


“I understand, Your Majesty.”


“Aaack, don’t touch me! Don’t you dare gag me!”


However, Catarina’s resistance was not very meaningful.


Yulia put a gag in her mouth as if she had been waiting to do so.


Immediately everything around her became quiet.


Catarina was the only one who cried out in silence.


Only then did everyone look satisfied.


“It’s much better.”


“You are wise, Your Majesty.”


“Now then, should we continue our discussion on what we were speaking about earlier?”


The atmosphere quickly returned to normal, only, Catarina was kicked out of the drawing room.


Yulia warned her before removing the gag from her mouth, “If you make a fuss one more time, I will call the guards.”




“I’m sure the princess knows that things will get blown out of proportion if the guards are involved. Of course, what happened today will surely spread widely in the social circles.”


Yulia quietly threatened Catarina.


“Apart from the loss of reputation, you will be reduced to nothing but a laughing stock.”


After hearing her words, Catarina glared at Yulia with a force that could kill people.


However, Yulia released Catarina without even flinching.




A strange sound flowed from Catarina’s mouth as she was set free.


But she couldn’t think of making a fuss anymore.


It was only a loss to her.


“Just wait and see. I will definitely pay you back for today’s humiliation!”


In the end, Catarina left, leaving behind a few words.


Yulia, who was staring at her back, soon snorted.


“Princess Schwartz has left.”


Yulia whispered in Meredith’s ear as she poured tea into her empty teacup.


Meredith also responded briefly.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


Yulia bowed her head slightly, as if she had done her job, and then walked away.


Meredith apologised to her guests for what happened earlier.


“There was a brief commotion. I’m sorry if it disturbed you.”


“No. It’s not Her Majesty’s fault.”


“Has Princess Schwartz left?”


“Yes, she has been sent back by Marchioness Renedy. Do not worry anymore.”


After hearing Meredith’s words, they continued chattering as if everyone was relieved.


“Thank goodness. Really, how could Princess Schwartz do that?”


“That’s right. People should have a conscience!”


“If it were me, she would have been silenced, even if it meant being seen as unruly infront of Her Majesty the Empress.” 


“But didn’t she enter the palace as Her Highness the Empress Dowager’s maid? I don’t know if she’s confident or shameless.”


Still, for a while, the conversation consisted of slandering Catarina.


Meredith didn’t bother to stop the flow of conversation.


The more Catarina’s reputation fell, the better it was for her.


“There is less than a month left until His Majesty’s birthday, isn’t it?”


Thus, by chance, a new subject for discussion appeared.


“Has the Empress prepared a gift for His Majesty?”


“I still haven’t decided on what present to give him.”


Meredith confessed honestly.


“It’s His Majesty’s first birthday party since we got married, so I’d like to give him something special…But, I have a lot of concerns.”


“You are really kind. It is a great fortune for the imperial family and the empire to have such an empress.”


“I think you’ll have a hard time on deciding the present. His Majesty the Emperor lacks almost nothing.”


“That’s why I’m so worried about it. I don’t think that something reasonably expensive will please His Majesty.”


“Then how about a thoughtful gift?”


“A thoughtful gift?”


“Yes. You could prepare a gift that cannot be bought with money. Something that only Her Majesty the Empress can give.”


“Oh, not you too, my lady. The Empress is a busy person. Would she even have time for that?”


“Is that so? Then, maybe I thought wrong…”


“No, my lady.”


Meredith, who had been listening quietly, opened her mouth quickly.


“That’s a good idea. Thank you.”


“Um, are you sure, Your Highness ? I’m worried that I may have said something unnecessary…”


“No, not at all. It was a great help.”


Meredith smiled and comforted the young lady who had been scolded just now by the other ladies.


Only then did she notice a relieved smile on the lady’s lips.


“I would be honoured if my humble thoughts were of help to Your Majesty.”


“I think I should think of a gift that can be prepared with sincerity. Thank you again.”


This wasn’t an empty remark; Meredith has been thinking quite seriously about this issue recently.


But today she felt like she got a clue to solving the problem.


“What do you think are some gifts that can express sincerity?”


“How about some handmade chocolate? Wouldn’t that be sweet and romantic?”


“That’s good too! It would be very romantic to engrave a letter on the chocolate.”


“Or how about giving an embroidery as a gift?”


“If Her Majesty did that, then His Majesty’s eyes are bound to fall out.”


“Hmm, is that so? Embroidery does seem like a very thoughtful gift.”


For the rest of the tea time, the young ladies continued to talk about what Meredith could gift the Emperor.


Although she got some pretty good ideas from the conversation, she still couldn’t make the final decision.


Anyway, the tea party ended successfully in a cordial atmosphere.


“Your Majesty, thank you for inviting me today.”


“It was such a fun time! Will you please invite me again next time too?”


“Of course. I hope everyone returns safely.”


Meredith personally saw the departing ladies off.


After everyone left, the bustling living room became quiet.


“Thank you for your hard work today, Your Majesty.”


Yulia came up to Meredith, who was taking a breather while sitting in an empty seat, and said: “About Princess Schwartz’s affair… I’m sorry for not being able to have prevented it in advance.”


“No. Yulia, you did your best. You really worked hard today.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


“I’m sure you’re very angry about what happened today.”


Meredith muttered with a thoughtful expression on her face.


“She’s going to try to harm me, right?”


“I guess so. Just like when the Partille envoys came, she is probably planning to embarrass Her Majesty this time as well.”




After finishing her thoughts, Meredith opened her mouth.


“In that case, we should dig a trap first and wait.”




“It won’t be easy to embarrass me. She’s probably struggling with that problem right now.”


Meredith responded by pulling the corners of her mouth upward.


“I should kindly tell them how. Let them move according to my will.”


“What should I do, Your Majesty?”


“There is no need to rush. If you make a move too early, you might arouse suspicion.”


A venomous animal will not carelessly touch food that has fallen on the road.


It will think of it as a trap and be on guard again and again.


One needs to give it some time to relieve the tension.


“It’s not a difficult task. So there’s no need to of your help.”


And in fact, there were more important problems to solve than just that.




A few hours later, Meredith visited the central palace.


“Welcome to the Imperial Moon.”


Meredith extended her greetings to Felix, who welcomed her as always.


“Hello, Sir Felix.”


“You’ve come so far, what must I do, Your Masjesty? His Majesty is currently taking a nap.”


“I know. I came here at this time on purpose.”


“Why is it that….”


“I have something to ask of Sir Felix.”




The two of them weren’t that close.


Felix questioned with a puzzled expression.


“What’s going on…?”


“Relax yourself. It’s nothing serious.”


Upon hearing Meredith’s words, Felix cleared his throat loudly with an embarrassed expression.


“Please ask away, Your Masjesty.”


“Actually, His Majesty’s birthday is a month away.”


Of course, everyone knew this, thus Felix nodded his head.


“I’m aware, Your Majesty.”


“It’s just that I haven’t decided on a gift for His Majesty.”


“You don’t have to put yourself through such difficulty. Usually at the emperor’s birthday banquet, the Empress customarily presents a commemorative cake. You can discuss with the head of the Emperor’s Kitchen about how you would like it to be made.”


Felix answered it as if it were really that simple.


“Of course there are other gifts too, but this is the most common one.”


“I know that because I learned it during the Empress’s class.”


Felix looked at Meredith with an expression that seemed to ask, ‘So what’s the problem?’


“Instead of giving such an official gift, I wanted to give him a personal gift.”


“… Personal”


This time, it was as if he was asking, ‘Do you two get along that well?’


Meredith, who was momentarily intimidated by Felix’s expression, asked cautiously:

“Isn’t it too cold to only give formal gifts…? Anyways, I am married to His Majesty.”


“I didn’t say anything.”


“That’s exactly what your expression looks like right now.”


Meredith pointed out. For some reason, it sounded funny.


“Since when did you two get so close?”


“… What?”


“Seeing as you aren’t denying it, I guess you agree.”


“Rather, in fact, His Majesty has rarely received any gifts of that kind.”


“What do you mean?”


“It is just as I said.”


Felix replied with a short answer.


But Meredith still couldn’t understand.


So she wanted to ask in more detail…


‘For some reason, Sir Felix feels like he wouldn’t support that.’


Meredith decided to just ignore it.


‘It could have been because the royal family’s laws are strict.’


“Anyway, may I know why you came to see me?”


“I wanted to ask you about His Majesty’s likes and dislikes. I am yet to decid on what to gift him.”


“His Majesty likes… hmm.”


“It looks like you don’t know either.”


Felix’s face turned red at Meredith’s point.


“His Majesty is not the type of person who expresses his likes and dislikes very well.”


“Isn’t it just an excuse? Hasn’t it been 10 years since you started serving His Majesty?”


“It’s been 11 years.”


“That’s right. And yet you don’t know what His Majesty likes?”


“Like I said, he really doesn’t express his likes or dislikes…”


Then, Felix looked like he remembered something.


“It only happened once.”


“Oh, really? What was it?”


“However… It was a while ago.”


“It’s okay. Tell me, what is it?”


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