I Married a Sick Husband Vol. 3 Chapter 63

Author: Ann

Theodore’s face quickly hardened as he checked the contents of the box without any expectations.


Meredith, who had not yet seen the expression hidden on his bowed face, smiled brightly and said.


“Congratulations on your birthday, Your Majesty.”


“… you.”


Theodore opened his mouth with a trembling voice.


“What is this?”


“It’s a teddy bear.”


After answering, Meredith asked just in case.


“Doesn’t it look like a teddy bear?”


That can’t be possible. Diane said it was a pretty teddy bear no matter who looked at it.


At Theodore’s question, Meredith suddenly became anxious.


“Now this… It’s my gift?”


“I asked Sir Felix, and he said that the first thing Your Majesty said he liked was a teddy bear.”




“So I prepared this. I’ve been thinking about other things, but it seems like Your Majesty already has everything of value.”


“… Did you make it yourself?”


“Yes, I did it myself.”


Meredith grinned.


“So it may be a bit sloppy, but it’s full of my sincerity.”


She added, stroking the chin of the brown furry teddy bear.


“It’s not an excuse, but that’s why I went downtown. Here, I was looking for the red ribbon on the bear’s chin.”




Theodore said nothing and just stared at it.


It was a small teddy bear that was perfect for holding and sleeping.


Its eyes and nose were decorated with black glass buttons, and a ribbon was tied around its neck.


It was a doll that had everything from the fabric to the buttons and ribbons selected and sewn by Meredith herself.


“Of course, you are older, but there is no rule that says only children should have dolls. It’s good for your Majesty’s insomnia….”


But Meredith couldn’t finish her sentence.


At that moment, Theodore hugged Meredith tightly.


Meredith’s body became as hard as stone at the unexpected hug.


She looked at Theodore with a puzzled look on her face.


“Your majesty…”


“… thank you.”


After a while, she heard a small voice coming from him.


“Thank you, Empress.”






Although it was short, it was enough for her to feel his sincerity.


Because he was crying.


It was easy to guess from Theodore’s trembling voice.


Meredith was taken aback by his unexpected reaction.


‘What I expected was a smile…’


But tears.


For Meredith, this situation was just embarrassing.


So she couldn’t push him away and asked cautiously.


“… Are you okay?”


“… Yes. I’m okay.”


He answered, his voice still quiet.


“It’s all right. It’s just… I never thought of this kind of situation.”




“I’m so surprised. And my heart… … I feel so gloomy today. I guess it’s because it’s my birthday.”


It was really just a dull thing.


It’s been a while since he met Fabian, and it’s been even longer since he received a gift for himself.


It was all so long ago that it was emotionally difficult for him.




Meredith thought his reaction was unusual, but instead of asking him questions, she gave him a gentle pat.


For a long time like that, he was in her arms.


“Are you okay now?”


It was after she judged that he had calmed down to some degree that Meredith asked that question.


After regaining his senses as usual, Theodore nodded with a slightly red face, perhaps feeling a little embarrassed.


In fact, he didn’t know if his red face was due to embarrassment or tears.


“I don’t know if you liked the gift.”


“I liked it very much. Really.”


Theodore answered quickly.


“It’s the best gift. Has anyone ever given me such a thoughtful gift? … There was almost no one.”


What kind of life has he lived?


Even though she wanted to ask, the thought that it wasn’t the right time kept holding her back.


‘But even if you don’t ask, you can vaguely guess.’


It seemed like it must have been a lonely life just as much as her own.


Meredith smiled faintly and said to Theodore.


“From now on, please sleep holding the doll I gave you. It will help with insomnia a little bit.”


“… Okay. I will do so.”


He answered in a voice that sounded like a quiet sigh.


“I will.”






Chapter 12. Discordance






When the next day dawned, two guests came to Blair before Meredith.


The first was the Duke of Schwartz.


“Greetings to Her Highness, the Empress Dowager.”


Blair may have been reading a book, as she was wearing glasses.


“What’s going on so early in the morning, Duke Schwartz?”


Blair, seeing Duke Schwartz, asked in a sharp voice.


Duke Schwartz seemed to know why she was in a bad mood. No, he knew very well.


Blair was a person who cared for her son more than anyone else.


That son almost got into big trouble yesterday.


… Because of his own daughter.


‘I should have stopped Catarina from doing that yesterday!’


He had no idea that she had planned such a thing without consulting him.


It happened so suddenly that there was no time to stop it.


“Did you ever come to visit me this early?”


“Your Highness the Empress Dowager, I have come to apologise for what happened at the birthday banquet.”


“An apology? It just so happened to be good.”


Blair said in a cold voice.


“Princess Schwartz does not have to come to work at the Empress Dowager Palace starting tomorrow. Take her with you when you go back.”


“Your Highness the Empress Dowager, what do y…!”


“It is as I said. I can no longer have Princess Schwartz as my maid.”


Blair said firmly.


“If I do that, my image will also be tarnished. I wonder how much Princess Schwartz’s reputation has fallen in social circles now.”


Blair asked, slightly raising the rim of the glasses she was wearing.


“You know this without me having to say it, right, Duke?”


“Your Majesty the Queen Mother, are you saying you will abandon Schwartz?”


“I never said that.”


Blair drew a line.


“Did you forget? The reason we joined hands was because we thought we could help each other.”




“But Princess Schwartz is of no help to me now.”


That was true.


The Duke of Schwartz would have done the same if he had been in Blair’s position.


As such, the current position of the Schwartz family was very precarious in the social world.


“And it wouldn’t be good for Princess Schwartz to be my maid now, either.”


“I understand what you mean. But Your Highness, please give my daughter one more chance….”


“I think I’ve already given you one more chance.”


Blair pointed out sharply.


“I heard that Princess Schwartz burst into the Empress’s tea party last time and caused a scene on her own.”


“Well, that’s….”


“I should have been careful back then. There is no need to act rashly like this again.”


Blair sighed.


“I’m disappointed in many ways. To the child who will become my daughter-in-law.”


“Your Highness the Empress Dowager, please show mercy just this once more….”


“My intentions remain unchanged, Duke. Tell the princess to remain quiet. Please don’t act recklessly anymore.”


Blair said firmly in a displeased voice.


“Unless you really want to see my partner change.”


The last words were a clear threat.


“… I understand what Your Highness the Empress Dowager means.”


In the end, Duke Schwartz had to quietly step down.


“I will take my daughter home and watch her very carefully. There will be absolutely nothing to worry about from now on.”


“Yes. The duke is a clever man, and I believe you understand what I mean.”


Blair finally smiled.


But Duke Schwartz couldn’t laugh.


He decided that there was no benefit to staying here for too long and quickly retreated.




And as soon as he disappeared from sight, Blair’s expression became cold again.


‘Do I really need to change partners?’


From Blair’s point of view, it would have been better if it wasn’t Duke Schwartz.


Now, any power that is dissatisfied with the emperor can be elected.


There were also many families that wanted to become contributors to the rebellion by electing the new emperor.


To Blair, the Schwartz family was becoming less and less attractive.


‘I have to find out soon.’


It was when Blair closed the book she was reading and was about to fall into contemplation.


“Your Highness the Empress Dowager, Prince Fabian has arrived.”


The second guest had arrived.


It was her own son, whom she had been so anxious to see.



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