I Married a Sick Husband Vol. 3 Chapter 64

Author: Ann

Blair hurried to get him inside.


After a while, her son, who had become more manly than she had seen before, appeared.






Blair approached Fabian with an emotional face.


“My son.”


However, Fabian’s face when he saw his mother hugging him tightly did not look so good.


Rather, he seemed to find the situation quite daunting.


It was definitely so when he saw that his mother had allowed to hug her for a short time and had fallen off.


“How have you been?”


“I’ve been fine. You?”


“… I just get along.”


“Is there any pain anywhere?”


“I’m fine.”


“I see, that’s a relief.”


Blair expressed her disappointment.


“I thought you would come visit me last night, but I didn’t hear anything until the end.”


“I was so tired yesterday.”


“You must have been tired. Because you ate a damn peach.”


Blair’s eyes suddenly became harsh.


“Are you crazy? Why did you do such a thing!”


“Thanks to taking the medication in advance, there were no problems.”


“I’m asking why you came forward when you weren’t in a situation where you had to.”


“Mother knew, right?”


Fabian asked calmly.


“What I’m saying is that Princess Schwartz planned what happened yesterday to slander Her Majesty the Empress.”


“But? What’s wrong with that?”


“Are you keeping quiet because you plan to marry me to Princess Schwartz?”


“That’s a big reason, though.”


Blair’s answer was vague.


“That wasn’t the whole reason.”


“… what.”


“Not a big deal. It’s just my personal reasons.”


“I don’t know what my mother is thinking at all.”


“I’m very transparent inside, Fabian. You’ve seen this mother all your life, and you’re like that?”


Blair said in frustration.


“My goal is only to make you emperor.”




“Everything I do is for that purpose only. Don’t you know?”


“I know.”


He knows better than anyone else, so there’s no way he doesn’t know.


“Then tell me why you did that yesterday.”


“… just.”


Fabian avoided answering.


“It was for my own personal reasons.”


Blair didn’t like Fabian’s answer, which seemed like he was trying to hide something.


But instead of asking further, she changed the subject.


“So, when do you plan to go back? You’re graduating soon.”


“Do you want to go back already? When you tell me to come back quickly.”


“I feel relieved now that I’ve seen your face. Then that’s it.”




“Nothing good will happen if you stay here too long.”


Blair said coldly.


“Keep in mind. The emperor regards you as his political enemy. If he makes up his mind right now and wants to punish you as a traitor, how can we stand against him?”


“It sounds like you are telling me to stay away from Valtejain even after graduation.”


“You are a free spirit.”


Blair did not deny it.


“That will serve as a justification. Please at least go on a trip.”




“You just have to come back and wear the crown. In the meantime, this mother will take care of everything.”


“You said that last time, but he is still alive.”


Fabian said, recalling Theodore he saw last night.


“I didn’t mention it on purpose, but I don’t think he was going to die anytime soon.”


“He is going to die soon.”


Blair said such incredible words without blinking.


“Of course. I’m sure he won’t live long. With that kind of health.”




“As long as you wait, the throne is yours. Isn’t it thrilling just to think about it?”


He does not know.


‘As long as I wait, the throne is mine…’


Rather, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to see it as his mother’s?


The throne was always his mother’s wish. Not his wishes.


Because he never once coveted the throne.


‘… No, it only happened once.’


Fabian asked with a strange expression.


“What happened to the Empress?”


“The Duke of Schwartz’s illegitimate daughter.”


Blair answered casually.


“I thought it would be easy to get rid of her at any time, so I made her an empress.”


“For you to say that, I heard you care a lot about her.”


“I plan to spare her. She looks quite like me. But what could be more important to me than you?”




The conversation somehow felt like it was going round and round, and Fabian slowly felt tired.


He opened his mouth to conclude the conversation.


“I confirmed that you are well, so I will leave.”


“So when do you plan on leaving?”


“Probably soon. As you wish.”


He answered obediently, changing his tone at the end.


“But I decide when I come back, Mother.”








And, Meredith was the third guest.


“Mother, did you have a good night?”


Even though she had a question for Blair, she was never one to be cocky.


She greeted Blair with her usual cordiality.


“I don’t know if you enjoyed last night’s banquet well.”


“There was a surprise, but I had a good time, dear.”


Blair treated her calmly, as if she had nothing to worry about.


“I don’t know if you had a good time.”


“I was surprised too, but I had a good time. I also met His Royal Highness the Prince for the first time.”


Meredith looked at Blair and got to the point.


“But I didn’t know he was allergic to peaches.”


“Yes. You must have been surprised.”


In an instant, Blair’s situation became comical.


She knew this, and Blair felt a rare sense of shame.


Anyway, who knew that things would turn out like this?


“I’m sorry I lied to you. In fact, there were circumstances.”




“Princess Schwartz.”


Blair put all the blame on Catarina.


“I knew she had a rash personality. I couldn’t bear to answer the truth when the princess was listening. Just in case she doesn’t know.”


“… ah.”


“As you know, the prince’s health is confidential, right? Not as much as His Majesty the Emperor.”


Those words seemed to be a direct snipe at Meredith, who had spoken carelessly in front of Catarina.


“Anyway, I forgot to tell you the truth. Sorry.”


“No, mother. It’s all right.”


Meredith generously accepted Blair’s apology.


‘… You’re giving ridiculous excuses.’


Although she was embarrassed on the inside.


In any case, until the Schwartz family was completely put to an end, Blair should never reveal her true colors.


“In the end, we got through safely without any major incidents. However, the prince almost got into big trouble.”


“It was a mess because there were no peaches in that cake.”


Blair frowned and waved her hand as if thinking about it again was terrifying.


“I don’t know why Princess Schwartz is like that.”


“I don’t think I can ever understand my sister anymore. She keeps embarrassing me…”


At that time, her maid came to where the two were with her tea.


It wasn’t Catarina.


‘People have changed.’


Seeing Meredith’s surprised face, Blair calmly answered the question.


“Princess Schwartz is no longer my maid.”


“What do you mean?”


“She won’t come here anymore. So, accidents like yesterday won’t happen.”




“Isn’t it obvious? If I keep her around any longer, my reputation will suffer as well.”


It was an overly honest answer.


Blair muttered with an uneasy expression.


“Although Duke Schwartz did ask for one more chance.”


Diligent. When did he drop by here?


Meredith clicked her tongue inside her.


“What happened at the last tea party, it won’t work either.”


“If you’re reluctant to manage, you can no longer keep them around. I fully understand mother’s feelings.”


“Yes, I kept her by my side to soothe my loneliness, but I didn’t know it would cause me worry.”


“I will visit you more often.”


“You’re kind too.”


Blair asked with a happy smile.


“So, when is my dear’s birthday?”


“Oh, I…”


Meredith was about to answer unconsciously, but was startled for a moment.



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