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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 13


It’s like falling into a trap that was for others.


I was utterly in trouble. The soul was on the verge of leaving the body.


But I got into the mind of the track right away.


‘You can do it step by step.’


The butler wouldn’t expect anything significant from me anyway.


Considering Avril’s usual personality, it was evident that he was trying to make fun of it.


‘I don’t think it’s for the first time they are doing this.’


It was the same when I entered university.


My seniors gave me a bowl and forced me to drink with a bowl of liquor.


I heard that they would hold a similar ceremony when they join a company.


Whenever I heard such a story, I shouted Hell-Joseon(Korean term), but there seems to be a new style in the novel.


‘All people’s lives are the same.’


If you are recognized here, the highway will unfold in your future life.


Thinking about it, I felt somewhat comfortable inside.


I nodded and answered with confidence.


“Yes! Of course.”


It was easier than I thought.


Unlike the highly complex modern society, the world in fiction was slow and simple.


When it comes to preparing for a wedding, how much money to spend and where to place the flowers,


It was about deciding what to do with the order of the ceremony and the gift.


‘Let’s follow the family tradition, and the guests have come a long way. So why don’t we give them homemade chocolate?’


The mansion’s administration consisted mostly of renovations and staff management.


The butler and maids managed it so well that I had no place to fix it.


“I think you can do what you’ve done so far. If you have any problems, let’s discuss them together.”


The problem was the socialite.


Even when I was a college student, I was far from luxury and entertainment.


‘Dress, fashion, jewelry, etc.’


For better understanding, I looked at the papers.


But no matter how much I looked at it, I didn’t understand.


You have to look at the designer’s catalog to figure out the prices and decide which party to attend.


In some cases, after consideration of the importance and priorities of the family, positions were allocated.


‘How am I supposed to know this?’


It was a complicated decision whether to have the family’s cousin sitting in front of him or serving the duke’s guest first.


When I drank only jasmine tea, the butler, who observed me silently, slowly opened his mouth.


“It’s surprising.”




“I thought Avril was good at socializing.”


I smiled awkwardly.


It seems like Avril was a sociable character.


But I was different from her.


As a student, I can only study and work hard. 


And It passed by like a panorama.


‘Oh, how do I excuse this?’


Fortunately, the butler didn’t say anything more.


He didn’t talk for a long time, as if he was in distress.


I was reading the documents from the beginning.


From the time I sat calmly, grabbed a pen, and wrote down his words.


The butler’s eyes became more serious.


He even answered me kindly even though he doesn’t know much.


Even though I was inexperienced, he gave me useful advice and encouraged me to work hard.


‘As expected, Oden is a very knowledgeable person.’


Still, I was fortunate to have received additional points for sincerity.


I tried to look at the documents again, but the butler shook his head.


” For now, that’s enough.”


” But it’s not over yet?”


“You can take your time. You must be fatigued after a long  journey.”


In the blink of an eye, his mood changed drastically.


I was proud of the thought that I had satisfies the old man who was displeased with me.


In the mansion, the butler occupied a significant position.


He’s got a good eye on me, so I hope that the ceremony will end smoothly without any disruption.


“Can you do it?”


I nodded politely. Now it’s time to get up.


Suddenly, the butler spoke to me.


“By the way, are you two planning to use separate bedrooms?”


I nodded to confirm.


Then the butler asked again with an expression that he couldn’t understand.


“Excuse me, but why?”


I was silent for the first time when asked by the butler.


There were many reasons for not sharing a bedroom with Asellus.


First, the longer I stay with Asellus, my health will take a worse turn.


Asellus hasn’t been aware of it yet, but a lot of magic is flowing in his body.


He was poison to me, and that I was maladjusted to mana.


Second, we were going to break up anyway.


There was no point in sticking with Asellus.


‘Acellus hates me anyway.’


But I couldn’t tell the butler right away.


He is a strict old man. What older people said was usually similar.


‘Get married!’ ‘Give birth to a child and make a home!’


Love, marriage, and children become the most significant part of your life.


It would be the same in this world too.


So, rather than encouraging union by saying useless words, it was better to make plausible excuses.


I agonized for a moment and then spoke with a thoughtful voice.


“Because I’m still young. I don’t want to rush.”


It was the only excuse I can think of.


As for Avril’s usual behavior, she also complained about wanting to share a bed with Asselus as soon as possible.


It’s a contractual marriage anyway, so there is no need to act like a loving couple.


At my words, the butler fixed his monocle.


After being silent for a while, he said to me.


“I feel like I’m seeing someone else.”


I only laughed without saying anything.


After avoiding the butler’s skeptical gaze, I returned to the bedroom.

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