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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 14

Avril’s POV

I went back to my room.


I was so exhausted and dizzy that I would pass out at any moment.


“Oh, I’ve worked for too long.”


Senna approached me, who was worn out.


She prepared a warm wet towel, covered my eyes, and rubbed my shoulders.


“Madam, are you very tired?”


“Well, no. It’s okay.”


“Take a break. I’ll wake you up when it’s dinner time.”


“Thank you.”


Still, I was fortunate that the attending maid was kind.


I could avoid unnecessary consumption of emotions.


I thought of my daily life In my subconscious mind.


At that time, I wandered around the street because I didn’t want to go home after a hard day.


I just wandered around the playground, sat on the stairs, and touched my cell phone, and drunk people would appear one by one and went back home singing loudly.


And my mom would sit in the living room like a stone statue.


I hid in the room, always cautious about not disturbing my mother.


‘……It was just like that.’


But now, lying in a fluffy bed and getting a massage, it’s a good deal.


I fell asleep, leaving my thoughts behind.


“……Madam! Madam! Hurry and get up.”


Sena hastily woke me up, and I got out of bed in surprise.


“What’s wrong?”


“Well, you know, the young master came to see you.”


Why in the world did Asellus come to me?


I stood up and rubbed my sleepy eyes.


My hair is disheveled, but since I’m his childhood friend, this would be okay.


I roughly arranged my hair with my hands and answered.


“Tell him to come.”


” yes? To the bedroom?”


“Oh, I’ll go outside and meet him.”


I almost made a mistake again. I got up straight away and opened the door wide open.


Asellus stood at the door and looked at me with a confused face.


There was a bunch of papers in his hand.


I glanced at him and asked.


“What brings you here?”


“I have something to discuss about the wedding. More than that…..”


[Avril] “What?”


“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”


Arcelus asked with a very cautious look.


His eyes as cold as ever, but he was a little worried.


He seemed to be looking into whether I was sick or not.


What’s wrong with him? Or is there something wrong with me?


I turned around to Sena.


Then she ran in haste and touched my eyes lightly.


Sena whispered in a small voice to my ear.


“No, you’ve got eye boogers.”


Her complexion became white because of fear.


I was worried and had no idea what was going on.


‘It happened because lack of sleep.’


I don’t have to show the perfect figure in my marriage anyway.


However, Asellus and Senna had different ideas.


After looking at me, their expression changed, and they started to get frightened.


“…….Where are you feeling sick?”


“No wonder!, you were different from before. Why didn’t I know that?”


“Sena, go get a doctor.”


“Yes, young master!”


Two people made a fuss and went wild.


It was like watching a sitcom.


‘You’re making all this fuss when I’m still alive here?’


I will become insane.


Even Senna was distraught and hurried to get out of the bedroom.


It looked like she was going out to call a doctor, and I immediately grabbed her hand to stop her.


“Calm down. Everybody calm down.”


Then, Arcelus hastily said.


“What are you talking about, Brill, you must be sick now.”


“That’s right. Madam, just wait a minute. I’ll call the best doctor of the Austel Territory!”


“Well, it’s okay.I am fine.”


I tried to calm them down, but they didn’t believe in my words.


Inevitably, I raised Asellus’s hand and brought it to my forehead.


Unlike my small hands, his hand covered half of my face.


“What do you think? Do you really think I’m sick?”


“…….You don’t have a fever, but there must be a mental problem.”


Senna closed her mouth at Asellus’ murmurs. She muttered with a look of despair in the world.


“You’re mentally ill…”


She was about to shed tears.


In the meantime, I was stiff because I touched Asellus.


Probably my expression is also weird.




In the meantime, their facial expressions also changed increasingly seriously.


‘It’s like their heart was surcharged with grief.’


My mouth dropped after all the efforts.


I sighed and pointed at the couch.


“Would you like to sit down for now?”


“You want me to sit in your room?”


“Why, did you do something weird?”


Asellus stared at me with wary eyes, then slowly shook his head.


Then he stepped into my bedroom with a helpless expression.


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