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I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

Chapter 16

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


The gown on the catalog was adorned with lace and jewels all over.


They also drew a tiara and veil to match the gown, a bolero to be worn on top, and other accessories.


It will be a dream wedding for the bride if she wears this gown, that’s what the catalog says.


‘It must have been made hoping that the bride who will wear this dress will live happily.’


But I had no intention of living happily with Asellus.


I was going to announce the divorce proceedings with him later officially.


But if I have to wear a wedding gown, I’d better wear something that suits me.


I got up and went to the dressing room.


It’s been a while I possessed the body and have been stuck since then.


Looking at myself in the full-length mirror in the dressing room, I inadvertently opened my mouth.


“Oh my god—— it’s  gorgeous!”


I never thought I would possess Avril’s body. At first, I thought she is an extra.


Of course, I knew Avril’s looks were above average when I saw the glimmering reflection in the carriage window and when I arrived and changed clothes.


But at that time, I couldn’t look at this face properly because I was making plans.


However, Avril was a lively and refreshing beauty.


The wavy hair was full of waves like a hairstyle done with a curling iron, and the pink hair that sparkles under dark lighting was fresher than the springtime flowers, and the soft green color made Avril look like a flower. 


I turned on the switch and grabbed my hair high, and tied it up.


Avril was a woman who has everything.


It felt like a colorful flower blooming in the dark and desolate Austel estate.


‘Avril was like a beautiful living doll.’


I slowly blinked my eyes. The long eyelashes were fluttering.


When I tried to smile looking at the mirror, my heart fluttered.


“……I’m Crazy.”


How come there is such a beautiful person?


Even when I was Jeong Yeo-ul, I wasn’t ugly, but Avril’s dimension was different.


After staring at the mirror for a while, I clenched my fists and returned to the bedroom.


Then I went through the catalog furiously. It’s the first time that I’ve been so enthusiastic ever since I possessed Avril’s body.


“I’m going to dress you (Avril) in the most charming way.”


It was wasteful to neglect this face.


On the day of the wedding, I was thinking of decorating Avril more beautifully than anyone else.


Asellus’s Pov

Asellus was sitting in his room.


He was sitting on the couch looking at the documents the butler gave him.


The butler whispered.


‘Avril has made a drastic decision. All you have to do is approve the rest.’


Asellus was puzzled by the butler’s words.


Oden wasn’t the one who would entrust the family affairs to Avril, and he started working as a butler when Asellus’s father was still alive. He is a quick-witted person with a sharp eye.


There were very few cases where the butler said, 


‘You only have to approve the rest.’


That means I have to take care of Avril’s decision.


If it were Avril, she would want me to do such ridiculous things as asking to decorate Mount Yachtria with diamonds or paint the entire mansion with platinum clour and so on.


Avril, who grew up in a rich and flourished LobTree estate, had no concept of reality.


And LobTree estate’s budget swept away day by day because of exuberant luxury.


Avril is a tomboy and simple-minded girl.


It’s unbelievable Avril, who had no interest in dresses, jewelry, and social circles, finished all this cumbersome process with her own hands, even so efficiently?


‘Maybe the butler helped her.’


Even if it wasn’t, Asellus was sure the butler gave her some advice.


When the butler reprimand him 


‘Not to behave rudely Infront of Avril because she came alone all the way and will feel lonely.’


He snorted after hearing this.


Asellus knew Avril’s personality better than others, was not suitable to take Austel estate’s affair.


But the butler’s words also made sense.


After marrying him, she manages the Austel estate like any other noble ladies do after their marriage.


The sweetest person Asellus knew was his deceased mother. She used to stroke Asellus’ hair and pat his head.


He stroked Avril’s head and hugged her, just like his mother did this to him.


It was too late for regret. Avril’s face was flushed red.


‘She is so small that I can cover her half face with one hand.’


Compared to him, she has a petite figure.


Suddenly, Asellus felt strange. He stared at the closed middle door out of curiosity.


Over the wall, he heard a faint sound like Avril was scribbling something. 


Again, this wasn’t what Avril used to do. [t/n: Asellus was legit stalker here]


Moreover, Asellus wasn’t aware of the fact that he was infatuated with Avril.


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