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I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

Chapter -17

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue and the Bold texts indicating that Asellus was thinking about his past.


Asellus set aside the papers he was attempting to review and listened to what was going on in Avril’s room.


As if I had finished writing, this time there was a sound of a (crunch)-paper throwing.


It was indeed an impatient and dull gesture.


Asellus recalled his past.


“Why are you staring at me?” -Asellus.


Then there was an admirable voice from Avril’s mouth.




Asellus’s face hardened after hearing Avril’s reply.


The term he despises the most was “pretty.”


 Because Avril used to call him such as ‘pretty’ and ‘Asellus is prettier than a doll’ since childhood, that makes him annoyed.


Asellus wanted to be strong and sturdy like a northern man.


So Avril’s saying ‘pretty’ to him hurt his ego quite a bit.


It was the same even now when he was at a certain age.


Arcelus snorted, “Maybe Avril is drawing my face on a piece of paper.”


“Hah, so  this is your true self.”


Asellus nervously picked up the documents that were placed next to him.


However, all of Asellus’s attention swept across the wall. He couldn’t read any documents properly.


He tried to concentrate somehow.


-Rustling [sfx]


Asellus raised himself and heard Avril going inside in dressing room.


“……Dressing room? Why aren’t you calling a maid?……”


Asellus rose from his seat casually and stiffened at Avril’s voice.


“Oh my god—— it’s so pretty!”


Avril was alone in her room.


It was absurd that she was saying this to herself.


There was a  bewildered voice that flowed from Asellus’s mouth.


“…….You didn’t say anything to me, did you?”


Aseellus frowned in silence.


You didn’t say I was pretty when you saw me.


My face is something you should admire, but I don’t know why I feel sad.

[T/N- he is sulking because Avril only likes his face.]


Meanwhile, Avril’s admiration continued.


“……I am Crazy.”


Asellus thought she had changed. Asellus always wished that Avril will change her behavior.


‘Asher, look at me.’

‘Try to laugh. That way, you’re so prettier.’

‘Asher, Asher!’


I was disappointed with myself every time, thinking Avril might change herself.


But when Avril changed, a corner of my heart felt empty.


Asellus was perplexed by his own heart.


He spoke with a monotonous voice.


“That’s great.”


Instead, it was a good thing.


If Avril tries to become a great madam, then it will reduce his workload.


Asellus sat back and grabbed the papers, but his mind was elsewhere.


He stopped working and leaned back his head.


In his sight, he saw a portrait of his deceased parents.


He couldn’t look at them.


”Asher, how about playing with Brill?”


”Are you saying that again? I have no intention of playing with an immature girl.”


”Oh, so you have grown up now.”


 Mother smiled and stroked my hair.


Then he used to make the impression of being annoyed.


He couldn’t understand his mother’s words. He was Austell’s successor.


Asellus couldn’t be the same as Avril, who grew up as the youngest child of the LobTree family.


“It’s all a long time ago. I’m an adult now, and mum, your little pup has become a big dog now.”


Asellus stopped thinking and picked up the papers again.



Avril’s POV

I fell asleep lately looking at the catalog all night.


Still, my fatigue was quickly relieved thanks to sleeping in the fluffy bed.


“It’s already morning.”


I felt very refreshed.


As I stretched and pulled the string, Sena came with a towel and water.


“Are you awake? You have to eat.”


After washing my face, I went down to the breakfast area.


Today the butler didn’t stand in my way.


As I passed him proudly, I saw Asellus sitting alone.


However, his mood seemed very low.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


I sat down, pretending to be unaware.


It didn’t bother me because we were in a contractual relationship.


But Asellus spoke first.




“……never mind.”


He hasn’t spoken for a long time since.


I had a delicious breakfast in a comfortable atmosphere.


My body felt energized after taking a rest.


At the end of the meal, the butler quietly asked me who was silent.


“You are in a good mood today.”


“Yes. Oh, well, I chose a gown too.”


“I’ve selected the gown right away because the wedding ceremony is near.”


“Thank you. And I thought about the venue, but it’s winter, so it’s going to be too cold outside. It’s better to do it in the banquet hall of the mansion.” – Butler.




In the midst of a smooth conversation, Asellus got up first.


The butler made a stern voice towards him.


“Young Master, the meal is not over yet.”


Then Asellus replied with a slightly nervous voice.


“Sorry to intervened during the meal……. But I have something to share with the knight commander regarding the succession. I have to maintain the condition of Yachtria mountain.”


“I see.” 


The butler quietly shut his mouth.


I didn’t pay much attention to Asellus either.


Asellus glanced at me and went away with a loud footstep.


Watching what he was doing, he seemed to be complaining.


“What’s wrong with him?”


“Only God knows.” replied the butler and caressed his beard.


Knowing something happened, I looked at him and asked.


“Oden, do you have any idea regarding Asellus’s behavior today?”


“Ah, it’s nothing. Do you have anything more to ask ?”


He asked in a softened voice.


As I tried to shake my head, I remembered what Asellus said.


‘I have to maintain the condition of Yachtria mountain.’


A great sage lived on Mount Yachtria, who would become Asellus’ mentor.


But it was after Original Avril died that Asellus met the great sage, Islet.


Heartbroken by Original Avril’s death, he wanders around Mount Yachtria and meets Islet to learn magic and awaken himself as a great sage.


As a result, he was able to defeat the sea monsters that have plagued the kingdom for a long time.


However, it was unclear whether the Aselleus would meet Islet safely.


The incident called ‘Avril’s death,’ the opportunity for Asellus to awaken, will not happen.


‘I’m confident that I will survive.’


If I survive then Asellus can’t meet the great Sage——


If so, I had to bring the great sage myself to help him.


‘Can I find him?’


I don’t know and asked the butler.


“Will I be able to go to Yachtria mountain?”


The butler refused my request. “No.”


Rell, who remained silent all the time, also screamed after the butler.


“Absolutely, not. What do you mean?  You are a vulnerable lady. Why will you go on the mountain where the cannibal god lives?”


I guess I can’t go. In the original novel, Mount Yachtria was also described as very rugged.


‘What Should I do?’


There is still time left, so if I think hard and make a plan, trick them?


I’m anxious about what’s going to happen in the future.


“It’s an emergency!”


An urgent voice came from outside.


A knight wearing a new black ‘knight’s uniform’ came into the breakfast room in a hurry.


“An emergency telegram came  from the royal palace !”

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