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I Dislike the Male lead’s child

Chapter- 18

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue. And the Bold texts indicating that Asellus was thinking about his past.


The Knight bent on his knees.


 He was a little embarrassed when he saw Asellus was not sitting there, and then he lowered his head towards me.


“It is said they have discovered an unknown creature on the eastern coast. Whenever it moved, the boat turned over, and a week ago, a big wave hit the beach, causing significant damage to people’s life.”


I confirmed the day in the report of the article.


‘the monster has already appeared?’


In the novel, Asellus defeated the sea monster that had plagued the kingdom all the time.


Thanks to him, he became famous, and the Austell family, which was forgotten in the memory of the 

Kingdom regains its honor.


‘I didn’t know that the monster would come out this soon.’


With a serious look, the Knight quickly added.


“It is said that earthquakes occur in a row near the East Sea. It’s because of the monster.  Avoid!”


The ground began to shake before he even finished speaking.


It was such a strong earthquake that the mosaic tiles hung high above the ceiling fell and the 

Chandelier shook like a swing.


“AAAAH!” (screaming sound)


“Madam, you have to run. Come on!”


“First of all! I think it would be better to evacuate everyone!”


For the first time mansion’s servants, including knights, were astounded by the earthquake and had no idea what to do.


I bit my lips as I looked at the precariously swaying decorations.


‘the situation is grave. What should I do?’


There was a large garden outside the castle.


If we evacuate to the garden far away from the mansion, we will be safe.


However, there was a risk of injury from falling objects while moving there.


Fortunately, the mansion was very sturdy, and it was made of stone walls, 

so there was little chance of a fire outbreak.


-‘ if so’


I quickly reached out and pointed at the large table.


“Everyone protects their heads and hide under the table, come on!”


At my words, the servants hurriedly went under the table.


I shouted, stoping the butler and Rell from approaching me.


“Oden hide under a side table and instruct the north and south personnel to hide under 

a large object.”


“Ah, yes, My Lady!”


The butler yelled 


” My Lady’s order those outside that do not enter the castle and stay in the garden and don’t 

come near to falling objects!”


The servants replied in unison, “yes.”


At my words, each of them moved quickly.


As I led the rest of the servants in the breakfast room, I found Asellus rushing in from afar.


“Asher! Don’t come this way-“


“Are you crazy, you idiot? Get out of here!”


At his words, I inadvertently lifted my head and fixed my gaze at the chandelier swaying like 

a clockwork.




A huge chandelier was falling over my head. 


An octahedral diamond that was sharpened to reflect the light was striking.


There seemed to be no room for escape. I covered my head with both hands.


I could see Asellus coming in my way from a distance with blurred vision.


He jumped up at once, climbed onto the table, grabbed my body faster than the falling 

chandelier, and rolled it to the side.


-crash (sfx)


Glittering jewels crumbled, and one side of the table was smashed by the heavyweight of 



Fortunately, the servants who hid nearby seemed to evacuate from the table hurriedly.


I am glad there were no injuries.


A tranquil silence fell.


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