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I Dislike the Male lead’s child

Chapter- 19

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


After passing through the calamity, I felt relieved.


Asellus firmly supported my body when the chandelier fell.


“thank God…….”


I heard a mocking voice.


“Did you became insane after coming in Austell ?”


When I didn’t answer, he raised his voice and shouted.


“Why are you leading the servants? Who should take care of your body first? Say, Brill. Look 

in my eyes and talk!”


At the roaring voice, I turned around to saw Asellus.


His golden eyes were filled with anger.


The problem was that even his angry appearance was ecstatically beautiful.


Anger rose on the face that had been expressionless all the time.


Even his eyebrows, which were frowned upon, were like sculptures.


Of course, I wasn’t the one who said nonsense in this situation.


But Avril’s body was different.


‘Oops, our bodies touched each other.’


It’s already late. The body betrayed me and spouted bullshit.


“Even you are angry. You looked handsome.”


My words cut the incontinence of Assellus’s face.


Asellus opened his mouth to scold me but then sighed deeply.


It was the same for the servants who hid everywhere.


They were admiring whether I was great to praise Asellus’s appearance even in this situation.


Of course, I felt embarrassed to death, but I pretended to be calm.


‘Well, I did not say anything wrong.’


Still, somehow we overcome the urgent situation.


I comforted myself, saying that I had exchanged safety with being shameless.


Asellus looked at me with a glib look on his face and pushed me into a corner.


It was under a huge staircase made of stone.


I was curious about why he pushed me here, so I opened my mouth, but my feet shook slightly again.


‘Another earthquake?’


 In the end, I have to stay here for a while.


Fortunately, the strength is weaker than the first time.


We were all sitting there holding our breath.






There was a crackling sound from everywhere. Every time there was a noise, I trembled a little.


In particular, the sound of cracking a bowl sounded similar to the sound of cracking a liquor bottle, and each time I heard the crackling sound, my body jerked up.


I inadvertently grabbed the hem of the skirt.


Then Asellus grabbed my hand, grasped it with his long, straight fingers.


“You are hurting your palm.”


Then he gently hugged me.


The cabinet in the breakfast room made a loud noise.







I inadvertently bit my lower lip with my teeth.


As my body shrank gradually, I leaned on Ascellus as we squeezed all together.


The body, which I felt like a teenager, was tougher than I thought.


Even though the body was still growing, I felt relieved for some reason.


Asellus hugged my back with one arm and muttered.


“What are you worried about? I’ll protect you.”


Asellus didn’t like Avril very much, but he spoke very sweetly.


“…thank you.”


I was grateful for the word and the warmth that touched my flesh.


It was a warmth that I had never felt in my life.


Asellus took off his coat and covered me.


The large and thick coat was warm and rough as it was suitable for Austell’s weather.


Have you been wearing something like this all the time?


‘I have to buy him a new coat.’


Before I knew it, I was buried in his coat from head to toe.


The thick coat blocked both light and noise.


The coat was filled with Asellus’s warmth.


Chrysanthemum scent flowed from the coat.


“Did he go to his parents’ grave?”


I really don’t know, but Asellus’ parents seem to have been good people.


Seeing him visit the cemetery so often.


How did he feel about losing such good parents?


Maybe his heart is sinking.



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