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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 20

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


Chapter 3.1- The blood-soaked wedding


‘I have to ask him to go to his parent’s  graveyard together later.’


Come to think of it, after coming here. I have never visited Asellus’s parent’s cemetery.


Asellus may have been disappointed.


Maybe that’s why I got more nervous.


‘By the way, talking about my parents —–, my thoughts were few.’


I may have hurt him unknowingly because I said I would somehow get recognition.


I whispered, buried in his coat.


“I’m sorry.”




“All of a sudden, I was talking about taking charge of the mansion, but I have not even visited your parent’s grave. You were hurt right!”


At my words, he crumpled his face.


“Have you gone crazy? Is that important at a time like this?”


I wonder if he’s furious.


The golden eyes stared at me without blinking. It was a terrible gaze.


I also stared at him and swallowed my saliva.


I was going to accept whatever he will tell me.


I was determined to do so, but a voice like a frosty voice fell above my head.


“Act like a child-like you used to do.”


“……You are a kid too.”


I replied in bewilderment, but Asellus didn’t listen.


Instead, he spoke.


“If you treat your body carelessly in the future, I will kill you.”




“In this mansion, all workers are disciplined. How dare they hide before you?”


He gritted his teeth in the dark.


The servants who were hiding near surroundings trembled after hearing Asellus’s 

cold voice.


I let out a low sigh.


Our marriage seemed to be such an important occasion to him.


The earthquake quickly subside was due to the relatively large distance between the Royal palace and Austell mansion.


‘If the northern land’s damage were this much, the royal palace would be in chaos.’


Could it be the uproar subside just like that? Or is it calm before the Strom?


But I wasn’t thoughtful enough to worry about those who didn’t even see my face.


What was happening right now was more important.


Fortunately, my reputation has improved significantly after the earthquake.


The word ‘Madam’ finally comes out of the butler’s mouth.


‘At that time, the butler was determined not to call me madam.’


-It sucks to take a risk like this. And I have to hear words like


‘From now on, I will only serve you for the rest of my life.’ 


”There was a saying that there was a group spirit that is responsible for the earthquake.”


Sena said it with excitement.


Asellus called all the servants and knights to scold them endlessly. Still, the servants and Knights made all sorts of compliments, saying that he was a concerned husband and a wife fool.


But for me, who knows the truth, it wasn’t very romantic.


So Asellus was worried because Avril used to be childish, but I’m not.


I fiddled with my notebook and finally covered it.


I tried to write down the new findings, but they seemed to be useless.


In the future, the monster’s attack will continue until Asellus awakens.


There was nothing to be forgotten if I didn’t write down things like ‘the monster appeared.’


Just in time, Senna came with a beautiful bouquet.


It wasn’t real. It was a fake flower.


Her face was filled with disappointment.


“Madam, what should I do.”


“Why? What’s with that bouquet?”


“This bouquet was sent by young master.”




Why does the grumpy dog send me flowers?


When I was puzzled, Sena spoke with a sorrowful expression.


“That’s—— The Earthquake completely isolated the Austell Territory. It would be difficult to carry supplies for a while… So, uh, that.”


Sena kept swallowing her words. She must have hiding something from me.


So I asked.  “How long we have to face this isolation? Is it serious? We’d better get a grip on   

the food situation right away.”


Sena quickly waved her hand.


“Ah, no! How much food is stored in the estate? No, that’s not the issue.”


“Sena, tell me the truth.”


“That’s—— The situation in other estates is more serious, so it would be difficult to hold the wedding… So I-….. Young Master said that he should send only the marriage documents to the royal palace.”


So our wedding won’t be held publicly,  it was just this. I nodded in recognition.


“Yes. It was the right thing to do in this  situation .”


“……are you sure you don’t mind?”


“I can’t act selfishly in a situation where everyone’s life is at stake.”


Sena sighed deeper than me after hearing the hard truth.


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