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I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

Chapter 22

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


Asellus walked with firm steps, the knights who were assisting him asked with puzzled faces.


“My Lord, is there any problem?”




“The soil is brittle. So pay attention all the time.”


“Yes, My Lord”


Asellus was scouting the vicinity of Mount Yachtria to find out how to maintain the estates that were affected by the earthquake.


They also had to take countermeasures against earthquakes that might continue in the future.


With his eyes closed, Asellus was wondering.


He stayed outside the mansion for more than ten days.


The impact of this earthquake was so strong that the only heir of the Austel family was away from the estate for a long time.


Nevertheless, Asellus was worried about a wedding that has already been canceled.


“Brill will be furious after hearing this.”


Avril will blame him.


Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my precious time thinking about it.


‘I’m sure she’ll bother me when I get back to the mansion.’


It will be a pain in the arse.


In that case, it would be better to hold anything more hand.


‘I am not satisfied to give only a paper bouquet to Brill. I’d rather buy a dress and give it to her.’


Even our wedding was canceled. Still, we have to invite our mansion workers and hold a simple ceremony.


Even if it wasn’t, there were endless ways to use the dress.


Because Avril is a type of woman, wears a banquet dress to show off her mood when drinking tea alone.


‘Which dress I should choose.’


If I knew it would be like this, I would listen more carefully. (The butler’s words)


Asellus approached A Knight after confirming that he could do the task flawlessly.


” I will give you a task!”


Then Asellus gave the order.


“Go to the mansion and get Avril’s catalog.”




“I need to buy a new dress for Avril.”


If I don’t, I’ll probably have a headache. 


Asellus thought so without any doubt.




Asellus arrived at the mansion two days later than the original schedule.


It took two days to say, but it was very quick considering that he went to the town of Ette, which was blocked by earthquake damage, to go to the boutique in the catalog.


Avril chose three dresses, for the start of the ceremony, the main one and the banquet one.


Among them, the designer made a dress for Avril to wear when the ceremony was in the Austell Estate.


Even if they were in the same territory, the Austel Territory was vast.


To get to the village of Ette, where the road was blocked, he had to run a horse day and night and break through the blocked road.


However, Asellus visited Ette by himself to get a dress.


He recalled his memory, gave Avril’s body measurements, asked for a new custom dress, and returned to the mansion. [T/N: Pervert]


And he gave an order to the knights.


Therefore, no one in the mansion knew of his deviance.


Asellus thought to surprise Avril with a dress as a gift.


That way, Her anger must be subdued.


‘You’ll like it.’


Asellus kept looking at the gift box next to him with an impatient expression.


A bright pink box resembling Avril was tied with an elegant gold satin ribbon.


There was a light pink dress for the ceremony, chosen by him.


Because it was a pre-ceremony dress, there wasn’t a lot of trouble to wear it while doing everyday life.


It was designed to be a square-cut neckline with a light waist tightening and a flowing hem.


Asellus woke up while imagining Avril in this dress.


Somehow, anxiety came in.


“I thought I would choose something more colorful.”


Avril was a woman who was strict in decorating herself.


I heard that the social circles in the south are peculiar in this aspect.


So Avril wore a dress differently from others.


She used to take care of herself by wearing countless laces on dresses and jewelry and analyzing the latest trends.


However, there wasn’t anything secret written in the catalog that Asellus secretly got from the butler.


It was rare. Initially, Avril always added modifications to the original design.


Asellus bite his lips well, thinking that he might have done some useless work, and then turned his head around.


‘I don’t care. Whether she likes it or not.’ 


“I don’t know why I should care about this.”


Asellus clicked his lips and soon glanced at the gift box.


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