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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 25

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

Avril’s Pov


“I’m good at cooking.”


At my speech, the whole kitchen crew of ten or so solidified their expressions. Yet, I was really confident about myself.


‘Because I’m actually good at cooking.’


I passed the bewildered chef and stepped inside.


I smothered the skirt and wore the apron.


‘The kitchen is similar like in my world.’


However, there are no home appliances.


I asked, looking back at the chef with a commanding smile after lightly grasping the kitchen’s layout.


“What ingredients do we have?”


“What? Oh, I just got chicken, so I was cooking.” -chef.


As he said, piled-up raw chicken was on one side.


I nodded as I looked at the glossy chicken.


‘When it comes to chicken,  Samgyetang is best.’

T/N: Pic of Chicken Samgyetang


That’s great. Cooking the chicken with herbs is beneficial for good health.


But the chef still couldn’t believe me, and he kept rubbing his hands.


He was worried that I would get hurt.


I said to him hesitantly.


“Would you go to the storage? I want you to look for medicinal herbs that go well with chicken and are ideal for replenishing your energy.”


The chef opened his mouth and seemed to be asking if I would cook medicinal herbs and chicken together.


Before he said anything, I said first.


“It will enhance the flavor of the chicken.”




I took my time preparing the meal carefully.


It was all about cutting the well-washed medicinal materials in boiling water and putting the trimmed chicken in it.


The chef was anxious at first, but he relaxed when he saw me the way I was preparing the chicken.


Leaving people’s foreign expressions behind, I moved smoothly.


The salad to be served as an appetizer was served with spicy seasoning. It was instead of 

Kimchi. (fermented and salted Napa cabbage and radish)

‘Since kimchi doesn’t exist in this world, I can’t serve it with 

Samgyetang.’ (T/N: lol our fl can’t make kimchi like other transmigrated fls )


In addition, salt and pepper were put in a caddy. (T/N: We can’t measure salt in the caddy.)


Then, the chef who was watching next to me said in a crying voice.


“Is there anything we can do for you?”


“No, it’s almost over.”


“Please let me know if there is. We’ll be in serious trouble if Young Master or the butler find out.”


When he begged, I shook my head, saying there was no need.


‘The cooking is almost finished anyway.’


It was no different from the original appearance except for the sweat formed on the forehead.


The chef seemed scared of what else I was going to do.


I said in a low voice toward him, who was terrified.


“Keep it a secret that I cooked it.”




“If I get caught, I’ll be scolded too. Oh, when the meat is finished, you can serve it with the broth.”


I lifted my index finger and sealed my mouth.


As I looked around with a smiling face, all the kitchen members nodded in a hurry.


The only thing left now was the chef. I asked him again.


” Please keep your promise. Okay?”


“Yes, of course.”


The chef shook my head slowly, and I moved a little towards him.


“I’ll often come to play like this. I like cooking.”


This way, as a noblewoman, I will preserve my dignity and feed him healthy dishes.


This was for me as well as for, Asellus.


Avril, who grew up in a warm estate in the south, would find the environment in the north unsuitable in several respects.


‘Kill two birds with one stone.’


I left the kitchen with pride.



Asellus’s POV


Asellus and Avril were having a meal, and when a knight visited him, he left in a hurry.


These days Staying in a mansion became difficult.


Throughout the meal, he kept sneaking glances over at Avril.


Yet Avril didn’t appear to be thinking much.


With his wavy hair dangling, Asellus smeared his rosy lips.


‘Why are not you looking at me?’


In the past, she would stare at me so intensely that I couldn’t eat comfortably.


He was upset by Avril’s behavior, which seemed to have lost interest in me.


To sing a serenade to me every night, to play with a doll that was identically the same as me, to be 

anxious for not being able to enter my room.


Avril hasn’t done any of those things lately.


Don’t tell me you don’t like me anymore.


No, she even gave me a handcrafted wedding ring.


Perhaps she has calmed down since maturing.


‘Is she upset that our wedding was canceled?’


Asellus, who had been agonizing over and over again, was surprised and dropped the sword 

he was holding.




The heavy iron sword in his hand fell to the floor with a loud noise.


The Austell family’s Knight, who was training with Asellus, came to a halt, his face morphed with confusion.


“Lord? Why are you doing that all of a sudden.”




Asellus raised one hand to stop his speech.


Other knights who were watching him at his signal also shut their mouths.


The training hall became quiet all of a sudden.


Asellus concentrated and looked for a place where Avril’s voice could be heard.


A high-pitched vibrant voice echoed in the training hall since the kitchen was nearby.

(T/N: Asher, with his monstrous hearing, caught Avril :v)




What is she doing in the kitchen?


Acellus walks straight with a firm complexion.


He forgot the fact he was in a training session.


The noble family’s ladies only got water on their hands when they took a bath.


Most of them didn’t even set foot in the area where the servants came and went, let alone the kitchen.


“What happened?”


Asellus seldomly asked, and he thought Avril might have been doing something wrong in the kitchen.


When he was going stepped into the kitchen, the aroma of savory chicken with herbs filled his nostrils.


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