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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 26

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

T/N²: Thank you ‘someone’ for providing me KO-FI.


Asellus’s Pov


Contrary to my expectations, the kitchen was quiet.


On the other hand, several dishes were lined up as if the lunch was almost ready.


Asellus stood in the corner and stared at the kitchen.


The person who should not have been here with was standing there and shone brilliantly.


Avril knelt and whispered into the chef’s ear while the other staff watched from behind.


“Please keep your promises. Okay?”


“Yes, of course.”


Avril and the chef were intimately talking together.


Asellus couldn’t think of anything at the moment.


I can’t even hear what she said to the head chef.


‘Even lately, you didn’t even make eye contact with me, with the chef….’ [T/N- something burning I can smell it]


Asellus bit his lower lip and walked backward.


His fists were clenched with strength.




It was time for lunch. But Asellus didn’t eat the food that was prepared for him.


Asellus and Avril had to eat lunch and dinner separately. It was because he is busy nowadays.


The chicken dish in front of him was cooling down.


He frowned the whole time as if he didn’t want to even touch this weird food.


‘Does the medicinal herbs smell bad?’


I prepared as much as possible, but I was a little disappointed because the other person didn’t eat it.


As I looked at the well-coated chicken, I asked Asellus.


“Why aren’t you eating?”


Asellus muttered nervously at my question.


“Do you have anything to say to me?”




Does Asellus know that I cooked it?


‘That’s why he is gloomy.’


As I watched Senna, who was so restless that I regretted going to the kitchen and cooking.


Is it taboo for the noblewoman to enter the kitchen, especially in a noble family?


‘I have caused a massive blunder.’


I swallowed my saliva.


Then, Asellus, who had been looking elsewhere all the time, stared at me with a piercing gaze.


His expression became more enraged. It was like an active volcano just before the eruption.


As he looked at his face, which seemed to be dripping with anger, I apologized.




“Sorry? Did you just say sorry?”


There was nothing to say to the sharp reply.


And I had nothing to say if he brought up the fact that I disgraced his family’s reputation.






The silence subsided. I also put down the tableware I was holding.


The butler sighed among the servants who noticed.


He stepped carefully, approached Asellus, and muttered something into his ear.


‘Are you explaining the situation to Asellus instead of me?’


I got depressed for nothing. Cooking was my only hobby.


I wish I could continue to do it—-


If they get upset, I’ll try to persuade them later.


While making that promise, I surprised to see Asellus’s facial expression change.


When The butler said something to Asellus, only then he opened his eyes wide but bit his lips.


Abruptly, he lifted the fork and began to place the chicken on the plate quickly.


‘What’s wrong with him all of a sudden?’


Without hesitation, he even took a sip at the chicken broth, which was boiled thickly like a stew.


Then he jumped up from his seat.


Somehow, his sturdy golden eyes shook back and forth.

I looked up at him.


Asellus felt my gaze, or deliberately avoided my gaze, then slowly murmured.


“Thank you, Brill.”




“What you made is delicious.”


He said so and hurried out.


‘Wait, what did I just hear?’


He said it was delicious.


It’s been a long time since someone ate my food and said that.


The depression, which was filled like a cloud, cleared up in an instant.


I raised my throat and asked him who was behind me.


“Then, can I continue?”


“…whatever you want.”


Whatever the butler said, he seemed to have experience handling the mad dog.


I looked up at the plate in front of me and smiled softly.


“I’m glad.”


I picked up the meat and put it in my mouth.


It had a more tangy scent than ordinary samgyetang, but it was delicious.


“It’s been a while since I had samgyetang.”


I didn’t expect to eat this here.


I looked down at the steaming bowl for a while.




As soon as I returned to the bedroom after eating, Senna looked up at me with an overwhelming expression.


“Madam! I think I’ll fall in love with you.”


“Why are you saying that again?”


“There’s nothing you can’t accomplish. The food we ate today was delicious. Other maids are going crazy, too. “


The corners of my mouth raised in response to her praises.


‘My Mom didn’t even put it in her mouth.’ [T/N- Avril’s cooking]


Leaving behind my gloomy thoughts, I asked impudently.


“Am I good at cooking?”




While saying this, Sena jumped in excitement.


Although she was older than Avril, she was pure and clear, like a child.


I looked at Sena and laughed, then looked at the large box on top of the self and tilted my head.


“But what is that?”


“Oh, this is from Master Asher. Here is the letter.”




I took the gift and set it aside.


On top of the box, there was an envelope with no pattern.


First of all, I opened the letter. On the paper, Asellus had written it with cursive style.


[Dear Avril, I’m sorry to be angry with you today. I like the ring you gave me.

I enjoyed the food, too. Thank you, and I bought this dress for you.]


Although it was a short letter, I felt the trace of painstaking effort to writing it down.


I folded the letter and untied the knot.


The box is pink, and the string is gold.


I could feel the signs of agonizing over the packaging.


As I opened the box, admiration flowed from Sena’s mouth.


“Wow! How did young master  get this for you?”


What was in the box was the pre-wedding gown I picked from the Catalogue.


I was aware that I would not be able to get the gown because the road was blocked, but how did he get it?


‘It’s surprising.’


I thought Asellud hate Avril, but he seems to be trying to maintain a business relationship like me.


Sena shouted with excitement next to me.


“So romantic——, it’s clear that Young Master love you!”


I shook my head at her cry.


“It doesn’t gonna happen, Sena.”


Because we are just in a contractual relationship.

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