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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 27

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


As time passed, blood-soaked wedding documents arrived at the mansion.


The knight coming from the royal place under the king’s seal was killed by an earthquake that suddenly broke out.


We took the knight’s body along with the pledge.


Now Asellus has officially taken the title of Marquis of Austell, and I have become his wife.


After the knight’s funeral, we made an oath to God.


“I, Asellus de Austell, pledge to the God of Heaven, Earth, and Wind to be with Avril Le Lobtree forever.”


“I, Avril Le Lobtree, pledge to the God of Heaven, Earth, and Wind to be with Asselus De Austell forever.”


It was a simple ceremony held under the patronage of the mansion.


 Only the workers of the mansion attended. Asellus joined his hands and made a vow.


The dress Asellus bought suited my body perfectly, which I couldn’t believe was a quick fix.


Whether Asellus felt that way, he stared at me for a long time and then slowly opened his mouth.




A line was drawn on the corner of the mouth, firmly shutting the lips during the ceremony.


I looked like I was possessed, then turned my head away.




I had to be careful. Avril’s body was attracted to Asellus.


Without knowing it, if my body touched him, I might have said something strange like the last time.


Fortunately, Asellus didn’t say anything after that.


After the ceremony, the next place I visited was the Austell family’s cemetery.


Asellus’s parents were buried there, and I had no idea what their faces looked like.


Asellus silently looked down at the cemetery and placed a pure white chrysanthemum in front of it.


The chrysanthemum, which was difficult to obtain due to the road blockage to prevent withering, was frozen.


Asellus stood in front of his parent’s cemetery and remained silent for a while, then opened his mouth.


“I will live happily. I will accomplish all the work and remove the curse of the Austell estate.”


It was a heavy burden for a 15-year-old boy.


Even the situation wasn’t good. Due to the raging of sea monsters, The empire was in shambles.


It became impossible to ship materials, and even the supplies stopped arriving at the Austell mansion.


In Austell, not a single plant can grow properly. It will be difficult to supply food if food supplies are cut off now.


We’ve currently alleviated the pressure by lowering taxes on the inhabitants of the land. Yet, I had no idea when this turmoil would be over.


‘I have to find the great sage as soon as possible.’


In front of Asellus’ parents’ cemetery, I made up my own will.


Chapter 4—Islit the Great Sage


Outside the Austell, Mansion was a wasteland. It was easy to get lost because it was full of snow.


If I secretly left the mansion to find the great sage, it was clear that I would suffer.


‘Although you can’t get out of the mansion in the first place.’


Surveillance of the mansion was heightened.


It was Asellus, now the Marquis, who was in charge of them.


‘There is no choice but to persuade Asellus.’


The first night I visited Asellus after my wedding oath.


In the deep darkness, I decided to speak with Asellus.


I grabbed sweet cookies and tea to cheer him up and knocked on a tightly closed door of Asellus’s room.


“Asher, are you sleeping?”


The door opened slowly.


He lowered his eyes, looked at what I had brought, and blinked.


“Why, all of a sudden–“


In a suspicious look, he spoke urgently.


“Don’t think it’s weird. We’re friends. I just came because I wanted to say something.”


“……come in.”


Thank God. The first gate had passed.

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