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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 28

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

Avril’s POV


I looked around Asellus’ bedroom. His bedroom was generally neat and uncluttered.


It appeared to be just essential, but only the furniture was placed in the right place.


Besides, the structure was precisely the same as my room.


The dressing room and bedroom were connected around the spacious living room.


I looked around and sat across from the couch where Asellus was seated.


Then I placed the cookies and tea which I had brought on the coffee table.


Sena poured chamomile tea into the pink teacup, which she had prepared ahead of time.


As I held the teacup, Asellus, who had been silent all the time,  didn’t bit around the bush and asked me directly.


“What happened?”


I smiled awkwardly.


After seeing how Asellus was staring at his parents’ cemetery, it will become difficult to talk about the Austell mansion’s curse.


He looked sad.’


Golden eyes filled with longing. But he didn’t even complain, let alone cry.


It’s probably because of the position that he can’t show any weakness.


Asellus was young, but in a world where people tried to test him, he had to grow up early.


Like… just like me.


‘It’s a shame to think of it like this.’


I hesitated for an answer. Meanwhile, Asellus was drinking tea.


As if waiting for my answer, suddenly his eyes turned to me.


The candlelight was imitating a red hue on Asellus’s blonde hair.


After silence, I opened my mouth.


“Asher, I have something to say.”


“What is it?”


” Now I’m the madam of Austell estate. So… I want to go to mount Yachtria.”


Asellus shut up. As if unexpected, he raised his eyebrows.


I observed his face carefully, and fortunately, there was no sign of displeasure anywhere on his pretty face.


I was encouraged and said immediately.


“I haven’t been to Yachtria Mountain while living in the Austell estate. I like to scout around the estate.”


“Brill. Are you here to say this?”


Asellus raised the body, leaning on the couch all the time.


He leaned forward, where he was sitting upright, and handed over my messy bangs.


The hand that shook my hair slowly was strange. In addition, Avril’s body became stiff.


I used it as a warning signal and slid back.


‘I’m talking about something important wake-up!’


Deliberately, I came to Asellus at a time when the butler and Rell couldn’t disturb me.


If Asellus allows it, the butler and Rell will not be able to stop me from going out.


I couldn’t say anything nonsense against him at such a crucial time.


Besides, today was, strictly speaking, the first night after the wedding ceremony.


Late at night, when candles are flickering when drunk in the atmosphere, even two men and women who did not like each other could lose their temper and work together. [T/N- what work pls describe]


What’s wrong with being a married couple?


It was my life. I want to do everything that my heart will say. [T/N- Go Avril you can do it.]


Putting an end to the brazen thoughts, I tried to get myself up by biting the cheeks in my mouth.


Even while I was struggling, I felt a gentle gaze from above.


Asellus seems to have thought of me as a shameless woman.


In the meantime, Asellus burst into a light laugh.


“Brill, what are you really up to?”


At the gentle question, I bit my lower lip.


I’m at a loss for words to persuade Asellus to believe in me.


I rolled my eyes. Then, a cookie came in front of me.


“Don’t bite your lips and eat this.” [Asellus’s inner thoughts- Or I will bite you]




I took a cookie and popped it in my mouth.


When the sweets entered, the feeling of confusion calmed down.


Asellus didn’t say a word until I finished the cookies.


Another awkward silence flowed.


First, it was Asellus who break the silence.


“……You said you want to see the estate and Mount Yachtria.”




I raised my head to receive the approval I was hoping for.


Then Asellus stumbled back. Like he was surprised.


‘Asellus became embarrassed.’


It was a surprisingly cute side.


I stared at his cutely distorted eyebrows, and Asellus sighed and said.


“Let’s go tomorrow.”




I didn’t expect you to agree easily.


Then why did you stop me from saying ‘no’ so far?


As if to resolve my doubt, Asellus opened his mouth.


“Instead, you can only wonder if the knights and I accompany you. It would be best if you were not out on your own. It won’t be much fun because I’m leaving for Inspection for tomorrow.”


” It’s okay.”


“Then go now.”


Asellus grabbed my hand.


It was a movement that seemed to be impatient.


Are you sleepy, tired, or annoyed? I wondered why and looked up at Asellus’s face.


Somehow, the tips of his ears were burning red.


I reached out and put my hand on Asellus’s forehead.


“Are you feeling sick? Do you have a fever?”


If he were unwell, it would create a problem. Tomorrow’s schedule might be canceled.


It was just before my fingertips reached. Asellus quickly stepped back and pushed me lightly out of the door.


And then…




The door was closed in front of me.


It seemed that he didn’t want to touch me.


I looked at my thrown hand and pouted my lips.


“……but what’s the point of kicking me out?” [T/N- He can’t control himself, honey, that’s why]


My teacup is still in that room.


‘Well, I’m glad I was kicked out before the body even reacted.’


Grumbling, I was staring at the door for a long time, and then I went back to the bedroom.

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