Author: Bonsai

Chapter 3 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child 

Translated by Bonsai 

Edited by Camellia

I minimized the time I spent resting in order to reach the Austell Mansion quickly, but it wasn’t easy to accelerate on the frozen ground.


“…….I really can’t handle such a journey again.”


I wanted to soak in a tub of hot water right away and curl up in a cosy bed.


Although the Rovtee Estate made sure to prepare everything required for this trip, a month-long trip would still be uncomfortable for anyone.


Anyways, it will be over soon.


I held my chin while staring at the black brick mansion towering over the snowy field.


“This is the Austell mansion.”


Against the backdrop of a pure white snowy mountain, the black mansion stood out from afar.


At the forefront of the mansion, fringed with golden ice crystals, the symbol of the family fluttered.


The symbol of the Austell family was a golden ice crystal.


It was a tough and rare pattern that was hard to find even if you searched the entire kingdom and explored every corner of the continent.


There was a reason why the author set it that way.


The heroine of <If You Tame The Warrior> is blessed with magic resistance.


Unlike Avril, her affinity with magic was strong.


In addition, she was able to communicate with fairies, spirits and elves.


That was how she was able to immediately discover the curse that was placed on the Austell Estate.


It was revealed later in the book to be a curse that the great sage, the mentor of the male lead, placed a long time ago.


Due to the curse of the great sage, the Austell Estate, once a land of abundance, was coated in ice.


It became a wasteland.


However, the female protagonist persuades the great sage, for Asellus, to clear the curse on the Austell estate.


Since then, there has been a golden snowfall across all of the Austell Estate.


The golden snow was warm like sunshine.


A happy ending that satisfies everyone.


It was also why I wanted to remain his friend.


I was planning to take good care of Asellus to save the world and then allow him to connect with the princess.


After that, I was thinking of somehow finding a way back to my original world.


I have someone I need to take care of.


While rechecking the plan, I subconciously pinched my forearms. Immediately I frowned.


“……Of course, it’s not a dream.”


The harsh breeze of the snowy mountains hitting my cheeks whilst I gazed at the vast scenery that spread endlessly in front of me.


The driver slowed down and began to stand on guard, claiming that being attacked by a pack of wolves was common.


I finally reached the Austell mansion.


Awaiting the arrival of the new bride, Austell’s servants were lined up at the entrance of the mansion.


A boy with dazzling blonde hair, who didn’t match the black mansion in the snowy field behind them, stood there.


Asellus’ age bordered between a boy and an adult, at the peak of adolescence.


After waiting a long time outside, my cheeks and the tips of my ears were dyed red.


Asellus approached the carriage. 


His eyes were dark and sullen.


 ‘That’s too bad’


The carriage stopped whilst I lost my train of thought. It was just the beginning.


I took a deep breath to remain as calm as possible.


Although they were childhood friends, the two were also aristocrats.


In addition, in the novel, Asellus was a cold-hearted person who never had a deep conversation with others.


So, I would have to keep an appropriate distance.


‘I thought he would knock like the other knights.’


Habitually, I was waiting for someone to knock on the door, but the door suddenly opened.


Even before I came to my senses, Asellus leaned over and hugged me.


He had the scent of chrysanthemums on his body.


As I inhaled, Asellus hugged my waist tightly.


Almost instantly, my body stiffened like a plank of wood.


“Oh, why is your body so stiff?’


Whilst thinking it was strange, a soft voice came from above.


“……Vrill, are you here to comfort me?”


I didn’t know how to answer.


Instead of speaking, I nodded slowly.


Then Asellus laughed with his eyes closed.


“I am glad.”


It was a gentle laugh. But his eyes were not smiling. They were stone cold.


Is there something I don’t know?


I carefully observed the situation


Meanwhile, Asellus reached out to me.


“Come here. Your things have been moved to the room.”


I gently grabbed his hand and got out of the carriage.


I have to accept that ever since I transmigrated into the novel, the plot will begin to change.


I took Asellus’ hand and walked to the mansion.


Every time I took a step, the servants of that house bowed down and greeted me.


If anything was strange, it was the reaction of the servants.


‘Are they too scared?’


Is there any reason why?


Or is it because of the disparity in status with the nobility?


Just before entering the mansion, leaving my curiosity behind, Asellus stopped.


I also stopped following him.


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