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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 31

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.


It was obvious. This was an opportunity God gave me.


I approached the rabbit inadvertently.




I felt the knights escorting me were embarrassed, but I didn’t care.


‘The first thing to find is the great sage.’


I went straight after the rabbit. The knights ran after me without knowing what to do.


The place where the rabbit hides was a grimy alley. Even the road to other places was blocked.


It went well. I bent my knees and reached out to the rabbit.


“It’s a rabbit.”


The rabbit glanced at the ground with his paws at my words, and he looked upset when he saw a wall that was blocked while trying to run away.


I beckoned to the knights and blocked the way to the main street.


Those who read Asellus’s approval with just a glance understood the signal I sent roughly.


“What is it, madam?”


“You have to catch this.”


“Yes? What?”


“This is the rabbit.”


When I pointed at the rabbit with my hand, the knight swallowed his saliva as if he was embarrassed.


“…….I, Madam. I can’t see anything.”


At that point, I realized why the knight was embarrassed.


I guess he didn’t see anything in his eyes.


I was even more convinced.


‘It looks like it the rabbit using stealth magic.’


Then that rabbit was sure to be the great sage.


I thought he lives deep in the mountains, but I never thought he will walk around the streets.


What a coincidence.


I said to the knights.


“First of all, block the road to the highway. Don’t let the rabbit escape!”


“Yes, Madam!”


The rabbit jumped at my words.


I smiled as I watched the rabbit straighten its fur and reveal its front teeth.


“You are not a beast, and it’s not scary if you show your front teeth.”


‘If I miss it here, it’s over.’


I shook my head swiftly.


Why did the great sage come down to this place?


Maybe he was hungry.


‘Because Islit said he was also cursed after cursing Austell.’


It might be hard to find food because he is weak.


I put a plausible guess right into my mouth.


“If you go to the mansion, there are fresh carrots.”


The rabbit stopped.


“Even the finest sawdust, celery, broccoli, and spinach!”


The rabbit shook its head, like saying, “That’s not a good idea.”


It was apparent that he was making fun of me.


But he did not run away.


My prediction was correct. He is hungry, but his pride is going to be hurt.


So I put precipitation this time. The precipitation that he cannot escape.


“I will found a smart and brilliant disciple for you! Islet.”


Islet, the great sage who cursed humans and cursed even himself for his sins.


He was a complex character; I didn’t know whether he was an ally or an enemy.


The person who cursed Austell and later became the mentor of Asellus, the descendant of Austell.


According to the law, he had to present mana power to humankind, which was mentioned in the novel. To teach those who have the almost magical ability to help them awaken magic.


That is why Islit became Asellus’s mentor while grinding his teeth.


At my words, the rabbit narrowed his eyes.


Soon, the shape of the rabbit distorted and became a human shape.


A man with black hair that spreads like darkness and glowing crimson eyes. [T/N- LOL, that’s Lucas]


It was the Great Sage Islet.


He muttered, adjusting his pointed hat.


“How do you know that?”


Islet slowly approached me.


A slender hand popped out of the robe, and he grabbed my neck without hesitation.




His gaze turned downward.


He made close eye contact with me, then laughed, raising his fresh blue lips.


“You’re not from here.” [T/N-he was saying Avril transmigrated]


I can’t believe you’ve seen through me at once.


I nodded slowly.


From the moment Islet regained its shape, the appearance of the knights could not be seen as if the space-time was twisted.


He was the great sage who had transcended human limits.


I spoke carefully, not to offend him.


“……Please help me, Islet.”


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