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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 32

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.


“……Please help me, Islet.”


“If I help you, what will I get in return?” -Islet.


“What do you want?”


Islet laughed at my question.


It was as if there was nothing he could ask for.


Instead of answering, he tapped my cheek.


“If you’re next to him and me, you’ll quickly wither. And your pretty face is going to be ruined, but are you okay with it?”


I didn’t even say anything about Asellus, but he knew everything.


‘You seem to know about Avril’s natural mana resistance.’


But it didn’t matter.


Anyway, I was thinking of leaving when Asellus will defeat the monster.


I nodded, saying it was okay, and Islet let go of the hand that held my neck.


Although he grabbed me lightly, it still felt like a swollen throat.


“I hate the Austell’s.”


At that moment, his eyes shone brightly.


I got goosebumps all over my body.


I was struck motionless, unable to say anything. Islet grinned and whispered to me.


“Because he betrayed me.”


It was a voice that was cold enough to freeze my head.


I groaned inadvertently. Suddenly, a question arose.




In the original, it was only written that Islet cursed the Austell estate, including Austell’s firstborn.


It was the first time I heard that someone betrayed him.


‘It  seems that problems in my life will never end.’


I was deep in thought, but he suddenly frowned irritably.


“Ket, I am losing my strength.”


There was smoke from his body.


As if he would suddenly disappear.


I hurriedly grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t escape.


“Don’t go! He can’t learn magic if you go now!”


“In a certain time, everything will gradually happen.”


“But, now the monster…”


“It will also happen in a certain time. I don’t have the strength to teach him now.”


‘Avril’s death.’


When Avril died at the age of twenty-one, Asellus, in the original novel, learned magic.


Then should I wait another six years?


When I was Looking at Islet with an anxious expression, he asked in a low voice.


“I have a question.”


“What is it?”


“Do you know about your future?”


“……A little.”


“It’s impressive that you know all about the future. But the future is more brutal than you think.”


He whispered with a creepy smile.


“Even if you escape death, I will kill you. So I will be released from my curse.”


Before asking what it meant, the twisted time and space gradually came to their place.


I felt nauseous and dizzy.


When I woke up after staggering, I was back at the Austell mansion.




The knights immediately reported Avril’s disappearance to Asellus.


“Obviously, it was a dead-end—— but she suddenly disappeared.”


“Is that what all you guys want to say?”


“….We are ashamed.”


At the reports of the knights, Asellus’ eyes sank coldly.


There were thirty-two knights who followed Avril.


It didn’t make any sense that Avril, in heeled boots and a dress, slipped away from the thirty-two knights.


In the end, Asellus pulled out his sword.


The following knights after Asellus also stared at the thirty-two knights on their knees.


The atmosphere was bloody. If their owner ordered, all thirty-two knights’ heads would be ripped off.


“Where did you take Avril?”


Following his fierce inquiry, Asellus brought a sword to the knight’s neck.


It was Redden, who had been beside Avril all day.


Redden, who has glossy red hair, was not capable of kidnapping people, but he is clueless about human affairs. (Asellus meant lack of common sense)


A thin layer of blood came out from Redon’s thick neck.


Asellus roared at him once again.


“Redden, I guess you want to die.”


“Oh, no. Lord! Please believe in us. The lady suddenly said that she saw a rabbit, and then she vanished. Really!”


“……Rabbit? Did you see a rabbit in Austell?”


“Honestly. I couldn’t see anything, but madam urged me to stop the rabbit from escaping. Then she vanished without a trace.”


Redden nibbled his lip and gazed at Asellus. It was an honest look, as though you couldn’t find a single lie.


Asellus, who was making eye contact with him, exhaled a deep breath.


Asellus stared at Redden for a while, then shook his head.


“Take the lead.”


Redden winced and raised himself.


Unlike him, the thirty-one knights’ limbs were tied who followed Avril.


Asellus glared at them with a cold gaze.


“If I don’t find Avril within today, you’ll be frozen to death here.”



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