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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 33

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.



As soon as I returned to the mansion, I sent a knight to Asellus and his group to inform them of my arrival.


Thanks to this, the knights searched the Austell estate as treasure hunters returned safely to the mansion.


However, I could not avoid being questioned by Asellus.


When Asellus arrived, the first thing he did was, find me and take me to the drawing-room.


Then, after restraining others from approaching, he sat down.


The bitter golden eyes turned towards me. I was feeling suffocated by the cold silence.


I rolled my eyes and looked at Asellus again.


I smiled awkwardly, but it was useless. As if Asellus asked me to speak, he stares at me with anger in his eyes.


It felt like being interrogated. I said slowly while only touching my hands.


“I’m sorry.”


Arcelus frowned at the sudden apology.


He appeared to be enraged.


Asellus asked me to stay near him, but I suddenly disappeared, so it’s evident he would be angry.




‘It’s not my fault.’


Once the magic had been dispelled, I disappeared alone.


Why did Islet drop me at the mansion?


The situation was dire, and it seems everything was disappointing.


I mumbled because I couldn’t find an excuse.


Then, a long sigh escaped from Asellus’s mouth.


“That’s enough.”




“It’s okay because you look fine. Instead, you are grounded for a while.”




” And I wouldn’t talk with you this time.”


Asellus emphasizes the word ‘this time’ while grinding his teeth.


Avril must have been pretty rotten in his stomach. (original Avril used to do this type of blunders)


If it were the original Avril, he would have heard a lot of nagging.


But again, I had nothing to say.


‘ it was not in my hands.’


I nodded with a sullen look on my face.


Asellus stared at me for a long time with a dissatisfied expression and then left.

Chapter 4.5 Excerpts of Asellus

“I’m sorry.”


Asellus was angry.


Avril said she was sorry, but her face was nonchalant.


She didn’t even tell me how she got back to the mansion, and she was looking burdensome.


‘If it was like before, we would have fought.’


In the past, the two often quarreled, avoiding the eyes of their parents.


Then Avril used to respond with a distinctive blatant expression.


“You look pretty even when you’re angry.”


After she would hit him


It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel good.


Every single time, Asellus endured.


Avril cried when she was pushed back into an argument.


Even so, I couldn’t even hit her.


Knowing that his power exceeds his peers, he has been wary of his behavior since childhood.


Up until then, Asellus had planned to break his friendship with Avril before she became an adult.


I had no desire to continue this one-sided relationship for the rest of my life.


“Young master! The Lord and the Madam…”


However, the plan was ruined after the death of his parents.


There were not many people who could threaten the position of Asellus, Austell’s successor.


However, the greedy people aimed at opportunities like Hyena.


It was better not to vacate the successor position for a long time.


To get the marquise title, he had to have a spouse from a reputable family.


He only had Avril, who was infatuated with him.


But it was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to adapt in Austell.


‘My mother died too,’  so I can’t lead the family alone.


After contemplating, Asellus politely sent a letter to Lobtry, stating that he was willing to break the marriage in order to protect Avril.

However,  Avril tore the letter before reaching the Lord of Lobtree.


Avril did not agree to the marriage annulment.


‘I can’t help it.’


So he has no choice but to marry Avril.


Instead, Asellus pledged that he had to restrain Avril’s snobbiness and childish behavior.


She wanted to be Austell’s madam, so it was unacceptable to beg as in Lobtree.


However, when Avril arrived in Austell, something was different.


“I’m going to be a great Madame. The ideal madame who maintains a proper relationship with Asselus and strengthens the family.”


“Ah, that’s it. Let’s be friends.”


It felt as throbbing pain like someone was stabbing me with a sword.


It was as if she had grown up.


“Did you get in big trouble at Lobtree?”‘


It couldn’t be. Avril’s parents were generous and warm people.


The Lobtree estate was in contact with the sea, so maritime trade was active, and food was harvested in all seasons.


I have not heard of anyone who died in Lobtree recently, and no one can die because of freezing temperatures.


Even in winter, it was warm enough to sunbathe on the beach.


Besides, there was a gold mine near the sea.


Even if the Lobtree estate stands still, the money is pouring out.


Avril’s Parents gave full support to their youngest daughter, Avril.


And they paid close attention to what she ate and what she wore.


Her parents wanted Avril to become a social butterfly and grow up unaware of the twists and turns of the world.


According to their wishes, Avril knew only to decorate and have fun.


But here, Austell manor, you could not live like that.


The only thing to do in Austell was to cut and sell mountain trees and dig up minerals that did not make much money.


The land was cursed, and no weeds grew, let alone any grains.


Avril brought a lot of dowries, but considering her luxury, it was not enough money to last for several years.


At this rate, we would all sit down on the street and beg together.


Asellus couldn’t let Avril get away with it.


However, his firm determination was quickly swept away.


It was because Avril had changed to the point that it was embarrassing to converse with Avril normally.


“Rell, if you select, it will be over budget. How about changing the merchant troops?”


“Asher, will you take a look at this?”


Avril, who came to Austell for marriage, was somehow calm.


Although often the same as before, for the most part, but generally, she became quiet.


To the point where I was worried for Avril.


‘But Why should I care about her?’

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