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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 36

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.


Chapter 5 The Birth of a Wizard

Asellus’s Pov continues.

But Asellus couldn’t stay excited.


The sea monsters still haven’t been slain, and day by day, Austell’s became more isolated.


‘It will get better in the summer.’


In summer, the frozen land in Austell gets a little warm.


When the snow melts and the road unblock, then there will be a chance to survive.


He was planning to went to the royal palace this summer.


I was planning to go and check the situation myself and collect food supplies.


But his plan did not materialize.


In the summer of August, when he was just turning 21, he received an unexpected birthday present.


That completely changed his life.


Avril’s Pov


It was Ascelus’s birthday soon.


As I looked at the date written in my notebook, I was deeply immersed in my thoughts.


‘Now I can get help from Islet.’


Glad it wasn’t too late. Slowly, the Austell estate was at its limit.


There were now no trees in the places that people can eat them.


There was nothing to eat, and I couldn’t even ask for help from other estates.


The situation deteriorated so rapidly that everyone could not afford to support themselves.


It was difficult to get food even if you gave them all the money.


It was dark before my eyes.


We struggled to survive, but there seemed to be no more answers. 


But there was still one last hope.


‘I just have to hold on for another year.’


It took Astellus two years to learn magic from Islet and defeat the sea monster.


After this time, the kingdom was no longer plagued by sea monsters.


In addition, the magical powers that were latent in others will be awakened by Asellus, and the kingdom will become more prosperous.


He will also meet the princess who is destined to be with him.


‘When that time comes, I’ll have to leave.’


I was not sure what to do after I leave the Austell estate.


‘Let’s not think about it now.’


It was not a matter of concern yet.


I got up from my seat.


Now it was time to bring Islet.


Islet still lived on Mount Yachtria.


He was rarely seen, except often to come down to the mansion to get food.


Still, I was able to get to know him quite well by giving him something to eat during difficult times.


Today was Asellus’s birthday, the day he promised to come to the mansion.

‘The time has come soon enough.’


I stood around the kitchen.


It would have been nice to go outside and greet him in person, but it was dangerous near Mount Yachtria.


This is because the avalanche occurred indefinitely due to the weakening of the ground.


Rell approached and asked, wondering why I had been hovering in the kitchen all along.


“Madam, what’s wrong?”


“Oh, there’s someone I am waiting for him.”


“Why are you the one waiting? The Lord has just left the mansion… Oh my God! Who the hell dares to make you wait?”


Rell’s face abruptly changed.


As if she will bring the person who had made me wait.


I burst into laughter as I watched Reel squirm and look around.


“The person is not from the mansion.”


“……what? Well, then.”


Rell swallowed her saliva. Her eyes twinkled and gleamed.


“Is there any backup coming from Lobtree? Or are the merchant troops are coming?”


What Rell wanted was food.


Six years of a hard time made Rell’s voluptuous body dry out.


She looked up at me with longing eyes.


“Madam, please tell me.”


I smiled awkwardly at her urging.


“Not to mention food, the number of homeless peoples has increased.’


Even if Islit had to teach Asellus, nothing would change.


Even Austell’s curse was lifted. Still, we needed the princess’s help because of her, and the wasteland became fertile where plants can grow.


.’Before that, he must defeat the sea monster first.’


I clenched my fist. Just then, the rabbit appeared.




“Oh, you’re waiting for your pet rabbit.”


It was the moment Rell reached out to the rabbit.


Then Islet has turned into an adult man.


Rell freaked out and fell backward.




” Finally the time has come.”


Islet deepened his smile.


I looked at him for a moment, then breathed a sigh of relief.

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