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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 37

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.

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Asellus returned to the mansion late at night.


He cleared the roadblocks with the knights every day, checked the condition of the collapsed private house, and contacted other estates.


He was trying his best not to isolate Austell.


It was the same today, his birthday.


He left the mansion after having a simple breakfast with me.


Nothing special happened on his birthday because we couldn’t afford to celebrate.


‘I’m glad.’


Instead, I prepared a present.


‘It’s embarrassing even to call this a gift.’


I made a training suit by mending his clothes that he can’t wear anymore.


Listening to Islet’s advice, I made this, and it was lighter and easier to move than a knight’s suit.


I sighed as I touched the beautifully wrapped gift box.


‘I don’t know if Ascelus will listen to me.’


Islet was never a gentle teacher. And Asellus was the son of a proud noble family.


In the original story, after Avril died, he met Islet in frustration, but now the situation is different.


I was worried about how he would take my nonsense.


I waited nervously for Asellus.


My head was cluttered with thoughts about how to move through this situation flexibly.


Just then, Asellus came in.


I went to the front door to meet him.


“Asher, are you here?”


“Yes. But why are you standing here?”


He seemed to have noticed something strange.


‘Oh, I was in too much of a hurry.’


But now, there was a plausible excuse.


I held out the gift box to him.


“happy birthday, Asher.”


“…….What kind of gift at a time like this.”


Contrary to the words, it was not an expression of dislike.


He smiled vaguely and took the box.


“Thank you for the gift, Brill.”




Ascellus came closer to me.


It was a careful move, noting that I was reluctant to touch him.


Even in summer, Asellus smelled of snow.


The overcoat was felt cold to the touch.


I took a slow breath as I looked at the white snow crystals flickering in front of me.


‘Two years left.’


After that, the curse on Austell and the snow in Yachtria will melt.


Then Asellus and Austell’s servants will no longer seek me.


Their trust towards me will turn to the princess who brought them abundance.


‘It will be over soon.’


I took a step back from Asellus.


Then slowly, staring at his vivid golden eyes.


“Asher, I have someone to introduce to you.”




He had a puzzled look on his face.


Almost no outsiders came to the Austel mansion after the monster attack, so he was even more curious.


‘What should I explain?’


Before I could even organize my thoughts, Islet appeared.


Suddenly, as if rising out of the darkness.


He approached Ashelus, who was stiffed and whispered in an arrogant voice.


“It’s me, your teacher.”


Asellus’s eyes turned to me.


He seemed to ask me to explain this.


I can felt his killing intent and quietly shook my head.


“Asher. It’s embarrassing, but— He’s going to be your teacher.”


At the outrageous words, Asellus frowned at once.


After a long silence, Asellus spoke.


“I need to talk to you.”


He grabbed my arm.


 It was a complete disregard for Islet, but fortunately, he seemed to have no idea.


‘I’m glad Islet accepted him.’


According to his personality, I thought he would forcefully drag Ascelus away, but fortunately, he did not.


‘It seems to be worthwhile to give him carrots.’


I sighed and walked with Asellus.




Asellus brought me to the study.


The study was dark, and only one candlelit.


However, we had to save many necessities besides food.


Maybe it was because I had been in the dark for a long time, so my view was opened quickly.


In the study, there was an enormous couch to take a break from while working.


Asellus picked up the candlestick and placed it near the couch.


The candlelight flickered over the face illuminated in the darkness.


He was neither hasty nor demanding an answer.


The calm appearance made me nervous.


I couldn’t even sit down, so I stared at him and opened my mouth.


“Do you remember what I said before?”




“I said I knew how to break the curse on the Austell estate. It’s hard to believe, but if you will meet a great wise man and will lift the curse of the Austell estate.”


Did my nonsensical story work?


I swallowed my saliva in nervousness and looked at Asellus. Maybe he felt my gaze and looked up.


But even after hearing the absurd story, his expression didn’t change.


On the contrary, there was even a gentle smile on his lips.


‘Why are you smiling?’


What was funny about it? I said it seriously.


I was going to repeat it because I thought he take it as a joke.


Asellus spoke slowly.


“So you’re saying you want me to learn something from him?”




Could it go on so smoothly? Maybe I should add more explanation.


But the look on the face of Acelus was too peaceful for that.


I clasped my hands together and fidgeted.


I couldn’t figure out what Asellus was thinking.


As I lifted my gaze and met with his eyes, he slowly opened his mouth in a relaxed manner, eye contact with me.


“Yeah. I’ll do that.”




I opened my eyes wide. I didn’t know that Asellus would accept it so easily.


He turned his gaze to me and met my eyes.


” What you said. I’ll believe you, my precious friend.” [T/N: you will regret it later dude.]


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