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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 38

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.

Avril’s POV


“What you said. I’ll believe you, my precious friend.”


For some reason, my heart was pounding heavily.


I had no idea what this feeling was.


I took a deep breath and nodded quietly.


“Thank you.”


The nervousness and anxiety vanished in an instant.


This was most likely a relief for now.


‘I’m glad it went the same as the original.’


The relief that comes from being confirmed that the original won’t be twisted even if I’m alive.


I defined this feeling that way.


Thanks to that, the Asellus will be able to defeat the sea monster.

‘Then this crisis will be over.’


Finally, the end has come. The true feelings I had been hiding have flowed.


“I am relieved.”




Asellus looked straight into my face.


I looked into his straight eyes and smiled.


“Now, you can break the curse.”


Asellus looked at me and smiled.


“Thanks to you, Brill.”


Asellus’s eyes were full of trust and faith.


‘It will fade anyway.’


Asellus likes me. 


His beliefs were like friendships that had come together through hard times.


Now this faith will be directed to the princess. I have neither doubted nor felt sorry for that fact.


Living in a world was hard. You couldn’t survive if you didn’t prove your worth.


Even if people had sympathy, it was rare for them to extend their hand to help.


I understand. Everyone will be in a hurry to manage their own lives.


Like how my father abandons my mom and me, and later mom did the same.


‘He can’t be any different.’


As he likes me, I like Asellus because I am with him through difficult times and fulfill my duties and responsibilities.


But that was it.


‘He will leave me anyway.’


Avril’s body was going to get weaker and weaker.


Originally, Avril was going to die when she turned twenty-one.


Before the mana could be realized as mana, she was pregnant with Asellus’s child, who had excellent mana potential.


Even with just that much magical power, Avril would die, but I wasn’t sure what would happen to me for the next two years of Asellus’s mana training.


The body is getting weaker. My illness would only be a burden to his bright future.


At some point, Asellus will find me uncomfortable with being the third wheel.


‘Of course, it is.’


A predictable story that is not even exciting.


By then, I was going to leave without any regrets.


I turned away from him and opened the closed door of the study.


There stood Islet in front of the door.


I greeted him politely.


“Take care of Asellus.”




Islet pulled her gaze away from me and looked back.


It was on the side of the Asellus.


Islet muttered as if to hear.


“Do you like her that much?”


“…why does it matter?”


“She’ll end up dead if you like her.”




Asellus finally drew his sword.


Even with the blade that reached the nape of his neck, Islet did not move.


On the contrary, he smiled happily.


‘What I should do.’


After thinking for a while, I decided to calm down the Aselllus first.


“Asher put down your sword.”


But Asellus kept his mouth shut.


His sharp gaze seemed to ask why he had to do that.


It was the first time of his fierce look I’ve ever seen.


Like he will kill someone.


I swallowed my saliva and said.


“You promised.”


“You promised me to learn magic from him.”


Then, after being silent the whole time, he opened his mouth.


“…Do you want me to leave anyone who speaks ill of you?”


His eyes were pierced. It’s like he will never let go of anyone who will speak ill of me.


I gave Islet a resentful look, but he was brazen.


He cleverly leaned against the wall and even watched us with an interesting gaze.


“Is this the famous ‘couple fight’? It’s the first time I’ve seen it in person.”


Acelus’s eyebrows twitched at the pointless words.


I took the opportunity to speak.


“Did you see that? He’s a playful guy. He just wanted to make fun of you.”


“Asher, it’s going to be okay. How about practicing for just one day?”


Only then Acelus put down the sword and said 


“…I believe in your words.”


Asselus looked me in the eye and emphasized again.


“Because you say it. That’s why I believe it.”


I nodded.


After that, his training began.

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