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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 39 Part 1




The chaotic day flew by, and it’s been two years since then.


In the meantime, Ascelus went to training without saying a word.


As Asellus got busy, I got busy as well.


I had to take care of Islet’s meal and take care of the family’s affairs.


Fortunately, when Islet came to the mansion, there were no more earthquakes or avalanches in the estate.


It was the virtue that he protected the territory with magic.


And so far, I was also fine.


‘Is it because I am not pregnant’


Thanks to this, I was able to breathe a little.


The merchant troops stopped worrying about the situation started to come here and to sell things.


They sold things to Austel for three or four times more expensive than any other estate.


We had no choice but to buy even that with gratitude.


Since they are expensive, it has become a daily routine for me to check the items myself.


Today, I went down to check the food in the kitchen.


“Five boxes of carrots, two boxes of potatoes, and cabbage—— All have arrived, madam.”


“Thank you. It’ll last quite a while this time.”


“Oh, and I also got seafood.”


“Seafood too?”


“Yes. I was lucky.”


I nodded at the merchant’s words.


It was like picking a star in the sky to get seafood because of the sea monster, but it seems like the merchant got this somehow.


I can finally eat seafood after a long time.


“It’s good. Then, shall we start cooking?”


I rolled up my sleeves.


Then, the black arrived, and the rabbit roamed around with its red eyes shining.


It’s still time for Asellus’s training, but seeing Islet here, it looks like an alter ego.


I gave the rabbit carrots and whispered.


“Go and ask when the training ends.” 


Unlike the main body, Isliet’s alter ego had a calm personality.


The clone rabbit silently nodded and ran to the training area.




I took the freshly finished meal and went to the training area.


Then I sat under the parasols the maids had set in advance and watched Asellus’s training.


Even if I came here to watch, I couldn’t see Islet or Asellus since Islet had taken Asellus to time and space.


Asellus’s said that he trains in the desert where sweat evaporates or in the snowy field where even the breath freezes.


I just nodded because I couldn’t get inside time and space.


According to him, time passes slowly there.


As a matter of fact, Asellus often fell asleep immediately after his exhausting training.


All I could do for him was to feed him and dress him well.


Time flew by while doing so.


Except for minor conflicts between Asellus and Islet, it was a quiet day with no incidents.


‘I’ve been here for eight years already.’


It was when I was immersed in a new sentiment.


The dark space-time was distorted, and Asellus appeared.


He smiled brightly when he saw me. Brilliant golden hair glistened in the sunlight.


“Brill, here you are.”


Asellus sat down on the chair I had prepared in advance.


I greeted him, beckoning him to bring me the prepared meal.


“You’ve worked hard, Asher.”


“What did you make today?” Asellus blinked.


As I always cook strange food, he was very interested in the lunch menu.


It is due to the fact that the taste was fairly good among the everyday meals made by chefs.


It wasn’t my fault.


At that time, I was just taking prescribed by the Austell mansion’s family doctor. 


He said


‘Even if you don’t want to eat anything, you should have to.’ I nodded at his words.


The fate of the Latella Kingdom rested in Asellus’s hands.


Anyway, only Asellus can defeat the sea monster. Then I will be free.


I said in my mind as I put abalone (sea snail) and shrimp cut into bite-sized pieces into a bowl.


“Today’s meal is delicious.”


“…I like everything you do.” [T/N- you will not like it if she will talk about divorce or not having your chind]


I handed out candy in front of Asellus, who hates bitter things.


And held the other candy in my hand for Islet, who hates to be bitter things, and waved at him.


“Come here and eat together.”-Avril.


“I don’t like the smell of medicins.”


“Then I’ll tell someone to send the vegetables to your room.”


Islet pouted his lips as he was dissatisfied with it.


Looking at him, I waved my hand said.


“There you go.”


“Are you telling me to bring it there?


“You know me well.” -Islet.


After all, his personality is a bit twisted.


And picky, Islet made it impossible for anyone other than me to set foot on the floor he was staying on.


‘I think he doesn’t  like other human’s smell or something.’


Because of this, countless servants were kicked out crying.


‘What does it smell like? I’m sure he will tell  weird things if I asked him.’


As Islet grumbled while I was going towards the hallway. 


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