Author: Bonsai

Chapter 4 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child

Translated by Bonsai 

Edited by Camellia 

An old man was standing in front of the house. 


He stood in front of the door of the mansion as if he were blocking the entrance.


‘Is he trying to buy the mansion?’


Asellus stared at the old man standing in front of him, trying to find out who he was.


As I wonder if my expectations were right, an old man dressed in a black suit bent down halfway. His polite behaviour also showed respect.


“I haven’t seen you in a long time. My name is Oden, the butler of the Austell family.”


“……nice to meet you.”


I smiled at him.


However, Oden silently refused to respond.


‘Isn’t this like this?’


The silence subsided. An awkward atmosphere ensued as no one continued to speak.


Just in time, the wind blew my hair off.


I spoke to break the subtle mood by swiping my scattered hair.


“Asellus, I’m cold.”




It was weird. The atmosphere was very suspicious.


They seem to be welcoming me, but they don’t seem to welcome me sincerely.


They seem close enough to not use honorifics,

Even Asellus, whose expression is cold.


It wasn’t an attitude toward intimate people.


‘Is it because he’s mourning?’


I don’t know.


All I could do here was to attempt to figure out the situation by settling in.


I cherished my words as much as possible. Asellus also didn’t talk any more.


We stepped steadily and climbed to the third floor.


The old stairs were covered with fluffy carpets on each floor.


On the wall were portraits of Austell’s predecessors.


I stared at the portraits and soon returned my gaze.


Arriving at the destination, Asellus walked around the stair railing.


As I stepped inside, a wide corridor opened up.


Asellus crossed the hallway and stopped in front of the far end room.


‘Is this where I am staying?’


From the window, I could see the barren branches and the Yachtria Mountains.


It was desolate because there was no other scenery around it, but it was quite spectacular.


‘Oops, this is not the time.’


After admiring the beauty purely, I came to my senses and looked back at Asellus.


Fortunately, he didn’t respond much.


I said to Asellus, who silently stared at my side face.


“Thank you for bringing me.”


“Yes, Vrill. By the way.”


Asellus laughed. As I had seen a while ago, it was a bright smile.


But still, his eyes weren’t smiling.


His clear gold eyes locked onto me.


“Why do you call me Asellus?”


“…….Uh? That’s…”


“Are you thinking about doing something new? Or do you care about me while you’re mourning?”


Seeing him holding the doorknob a few steps from my room, I assume that the next room is his room.


I looked at him blankly.


To be precise, I couldn’t afford to take any action because I was too busy clearing my confused head.


But my staring at him seemed to have a different meaning to Asellus.


It looks like he felt my gaze.


He let go of the half-turned doorknob and spoke, looking at me.


“Oh, and I locked the middle door between our rooms.”


Are young people should respect your privacy? That was what I wished for too.


I nodded saying I knew.


But Asellus must’ve thought that I didn’t understand properly,


This time he said with a little lower voice.


“So when I’m sleeping, you can’t sneak in and just whisper that you want to play.”




In an instant, his face glowed with embarrassment.


“I did something like that?”


Asellus was wary and nodded slowly.


I guess Avril did that.


no wonder.


I see why Asellus is on the guard.


I replied, looking at Asellus, my eyes shining.


“It will never happen.”


“….Liar. you’ll use a fork to open the door again.”


“I won’t!”


He clearly didn’t believe her, seeing as he felt the need to repeat himself.


“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve locked it anyway. Don’t lose your energy at night and fall asleep.”


Asellus said that and closed the door hard.




A loud sound rang through the hallway.


I shouted toward the wide hallway that seemed practically endless.


“This, this-!” blood is boiling on my head. How dare he treat me like a child!



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