Author: Bonsai

Chapter 5 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child

Translated by Bonsai

Edited by Camellia 

A loud sound resounded throughout the wide corridor.


Perhaps it was just the right time, a pretty old woman came and stared at me in amazement.


She raised her sleeves and covered her mouth.


It was evident that the corner of her mouth was trembling, making her laugh.


‘Oh, I’m screwed.’


If this is turned into a rumour, what kind of person will I be known as in this mansion?


No, seeing Asellus’ reaction, it may be too late.


Shame arose and I hurried into the room and closed the door.


As I leaned against the wall, a small sigh came out.


“…….Ha, let’s calm down. Calm down.”


But before I even relaxed my mind, there was something else to be frightened about.




A room that was completely painted in pink spread out in front of my eyes.


It was a room decorated in a princess style.


The wallpaper is painted pink and gold, which is drastically different from the dark and desolate design of the Austell mansion.


There was lace on the large bed, and thousands of feathers were layered on top of each other.


The mattress with thousands of chiffons piled up to the height of my waist.


Neatly laid out on the bedding were countless flowers cleverly arranged together.


Standing beside the bed frame was a small bedside table with a golden candlestick balanced on top of it.


I haven’t been there, but there were plenty of luxurious things that probably would have been found in the Palace of Versailles.


Among them, one of the most shocking things was the dolls that practically filled the bed.


There were all kinds of stuffed animals such as bear dolls, rabbit dolls, and duck dolls, as well as dolls of boys with blond gold eyes.


I swallowed my saliva and carefully examined it, which would have been the motif of the boy’s doll.


‘...It’s Asellus.’


I see why Asellus looked at me when he said that.


It would be frightening for anyone to be treated this way.


I corrected my comments about Avril, who I originally thought was only vulnerable.


She was in the late stages of a princess syndrome that would be more severe than a real princess.


In addition, her feelings towards Asellus were borderline obsessive.


Now that I’m thinking about it, the carriage that Avril was riding on was also pink.


Avril’s hair was pink too.


“Oh, pink-”


If I have time later, I’ll ask them to change the wallpaper again.


It’s not that I don’t like pink, but the colour combination of this room was shocking to me, who had lived in an apartment which had beige wallpaper and yellow floorboards in my entire life.


Slowly soothing my frightened mind, I looked around my room.


The most striking thing here was the Asellus doll.


More than that… that doll, it seemed as though it was alive.


I picked up the Asellus doll carefully.


The doll’s cotton was quite damaged as if it had been touched and hugged several times. 


In addition, the cloth was linty because it had been washed over and over again.


‘Asellus couldn’t have played with it.’


Then contrary to my expectations, Avril may have stayed at the Austell residence for quite some time.


‘Although the room is clean, it doesn’t feel like it’s brand new and freshly designed.’


I looked around.


The wallpaper and furniture felt like they had been in the mansion for a long time.

Come to think of it…….


‘’Come here. Your things have been moved to the room.’’


Asellus said to me.


‘Avrill must have been a childhood friend. If there were things on her bed, she might have been there for several months.’


So, did Avril unilaterally like Asellus?


As I was contemplating, someone knocked on the door.


I controlled my startled mind and opened the door slightly.


“Who is it?”


Then the woman standing at the door carefully bowed her head.


 She was the one who laughed when saw me and Asellus in the hallway earlier.


She looked as old as the butler I had just seen. But unlike him, she had a warm expression on her face.


She said with a wide smile with a wrinkled face.


“Young lady, no, you’re a lady now. It has been a while since we last met. I am, Rell.”


I pretended to know that I knew Rell.


“Ah, Rell. Nice to meet you.”


“You have grown more mature from the last time we meet.”


“Rell, Would you come inside if it’s okay?”


I invited her into the room.


She seemed to know me well, so I was going to figure out what to do.


However, Rell’s reaction was strange. Why do you look surprised at my words? She stepped backwards with a frightening speed.


“Oh, no. How could I?”


I was silent.


Looking at Rell’s reaction, it seemed that I had said something Avril would not have said.

I didn’t know how to act, so it was better to keep my mouth shut.


Then Rell hesitated before opening her mouth.

“Because I’m  old, vulgar, smelly and ugly… Don’t come into the lady’s room you said.”




I became embarrassed and inadvertently raised my voice.


However, Rell trembled and looked at me.


Endless excuses flowed out of her mouth like water.


“I changed into new clothes and took a bath to greet my lady.

Oh, rather than that, I have selected the most beautiful dress to please you.”


“You! You can’t even assist me while bathing or dressing?”


 “You are so useless”


I wondered if Rell, who was laughing warmly earlier, was in her right mind.


I clutched my head, sighed deeply and said to her as she shrank in fear 


“It was master Asellus who told you to serve me”


“I know that.”


A sigh came out.


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