Author: Bonsai

Chapter 6 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child 

Translated by Bonsai 

Edited by Camellia  

Originally, I wasn’t sure about Avril’s personality, but now I understood the reason why people looked at me with strange eyes.


The knights who escorted me on the way here, those who served me, and the butler I saw in front of the mansion.


I wondered why they were treating me like a stranger, but there was a good reason.


In my opinion, Avril was in great spite of being a princess and obsessed and was in unrequited love with Asellus.


And Asellus was trying hard to keep everything normal.


“You’re the opposite of Avril, aren’t you?”


I wanted to behave gracefully because it’s the countess’s family, but why?


I couldn’t talk to him in such an absurd situation.


Huh, I could see Rel’s eyes twinkling as she sighed for the nth time.


As I looked at her with an expression of confusion, she suddenly shouted in a loud voice.


“I see! The young lady now understands Master Asellus’ taste!”


‘What are you talking about?’


I was about to shout. 


Then, Rel drew up a story to give herself.


“Master Asellus said that he likes quiet and modest women. I recall that you thought it was a lie because he said it as a statement in front of us, but it is true.”


How long has it been since I saw someone express such rich emotions?


Even my mother, who was drunk, and used to shed tears would never reach that point.

Besides, Rell was old.


Her overflowing tears reminded me of my mother who used to cry after getting drunk.

I brought the sniffling Rel to the room.


“Come in for now.”


I let her sit on a fluffy couch and handed her a handkerchief out of my arms.


Then she said carefully.


“I see. Do you miss them a lot?”

“sob, hmm. Sure. The Count was really good, too… sob.”

“…….I miss them a lot.”


In fact, until now, I did not feel that Asellus’ parents had died.


In the book, it was only summarized and described in one line.


Asellus’ parents were killed in an avalanche on Mount Yachtria.


They were no more than extras whose name is not even stated.


Tears could not flow from my eyes.


But when I met a person who cried sadly, my throat was also choked.


I’m sure it was the same with Asellus well. 


It would have been harder to pretend to be distraught even after losing your parents at a young age.


It was cruel to think so.


I sat down on the couch and patted Rell’s back.


“I’m so sorry, Rel.”


“Huh, uh, ah, no. it’s not like that.”


I hugged her.


Then Rell buried her face in my arms and cried.


Despite being an old woman, she cried endlessly like a child.


In addition, my heart melted too.


I was powerless to someone who was in tears.


So I hugged her for a long time.


After a long time, Rel’s tears shed a few.


She wiped herred eyes and suddenly bent down onto her knees on the floor.


“My, what… I’m wrong! It will never happen again!”


Even after giving her comfort, the image of ​​Avril that Rel has imprinted in her mind for so many years wasn’t enough to replace it.


The image that is fixed at once will not change easily.


I knew well because I lived in such prejudice.


I smiled bitterly and whispered.


“It’s okay. I want to take a rest, but can you go out?”


“Yes, of course.”


Rell went out hurriedly.


I sat on the couch where she was sitting previously.


The part where Rell was sitting beforehand, felt warm.


I put my head on the armrest and muttered.


“……I am exhausted .”


Is it that the fatigue due to the long journey is coming now?


A wave of drowsiness came in.


‘I have to organize my notebook.’


Newly discovered information was scattered in my head.


Before forgetting, I had to get up and write them down right away.


The fact that Avril is actually a formidable personality,


The mansion’s servants won’t see me favorably, as well as Asellus’ taste.


There are many things to do, but——




I just closed my eyes as I couldn’t stand it anymore.




Asellus was leaning against the wall.


It was the wall that was located farthest from Avril’s room.


Nevertheless, Asellus heard the sound of Avril’s room.


It wasn’t that the mansion wasn’t soundproofed well.


Rather, it was the opposite.


In order to overcome the storms of winter, the Austell mansion was built stronger than the imperial palace.


However, Asellus’s hearing is exceptional.


It was powerful enough to hear the footsteps of a coyote roaming around the mansion.


Knights with more than a certain amount of power have developed excellent physical abilities.


Although Asellus was young, his skills were not inferior to those of adult knights.


Even Avril’s voice was high and bright. I didn’t want to hear it.


So he sometimes wore earplugs.


The same was the case this time.


‘Here we go again.’


Asellus crumpled his face.


Because of Avril, he couldn’t concentrate on reading.


He craved silence, but it was clear that he would have to suffer from Avril’s voice for a while.


Whether it’s surprising or not, Avril’s self-talk continued.


She made a loud exclamation from time to time, making him want to see what was so exciting, and even asked herself to calm down.


“……Ha, let’s calm down. Calm down.”


‘Are you sick?’


Asellus glared over the wall annoyingly.


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