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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 65

TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


Avril’s POV


With Sena’s help, I changed into outdoor clothes.


The shame still didn’t go away, but Asellus was waiting in front of my room as if he had been waiting.


After that, he went down to the dining room with me to start the day.


I didn’t think much before, but now I have all kinds of thoughts.


But I had no reason to avoid him.


In the first place, the person standing in front of someone else’s room was Asellus.


‘I didn’t expect him to stand there.’


I asked, holding his hand as if nothing had happened.


“When will we arrive at the castle?”


“After ten days, we decided to settle the room and board at the middle castle.”


It seemed that he was planning to stay in the territory’s castle without going through the inn.


Then the travel time would have to be increased, but it was strange that it was shortened on the contrary.


‘Isn’t it supposed to take a fortnight?’


As if he knew my question, I heard the voice of Asellus.


“Everything that gets in the way, I have got rid of everything.”


“Got rid.”


“Things like mountains, trees, rocks.”




I looked up in surprise.


Then Asellus laughed softly.


“Just kidding.”


“If it’s supposed to be a joke. So what did you do at dawn?”




“I see.”


I nodded silently.


But it was still embarrassing.


‘What if he really destroys someone else’s territory ? Compensation for damages would be huge.’


Asellus might have done something absurd to destroy anything, but the words he had been trained did not sound convincing to me.


I guess I’ll have to check carefully for any wreckage that collapsed while moving in the wagon.


So, after having a light meal, we got on the carriage.


It was the beginning of the journey to Latella.




The carriage trip was more complex than the last time.


As Asellus said, he already booked the castle, taking care of our room and lodging in the castle all along the way.


It was because of motion sickness.


Thanks to this, the carriage had to be stopped in the middle of the movement.


‘Or is it because of mana maladjusted?’


My body got sick faster than before, and motion sickness came quickly.


There were times when I stopped eating in the middle.


At that time, Asellus quietly offered the medicine.


It was motion sickness medicine. Even if you eat it, you will soon vomit, but it’s better than not eating.


I barely stopped nauseating and leaned against the tree.


Sweat trickled down to my forehead.


Suddenly, I lifted my head and looked up at the sky.


The sun shining on my head was surprisingly warm.


It was something I had never felt in Austell.


I unintentionally stretched out my hand into the air. 


The shadow of the nut leaves and the sunlight left traces on the back of the hand.


Just then, Asellus, who was standing far away, approached and asked.


“Are you all right?”


“It’s better to rest.”




He furrowed his eyebrows with a more anguished look than me.


I shrugged my shoulders lightly. Then Asellus said.


“You can’t go back.” 


“Your body was weakened by mana.”


Instead of answering, I slowly lowered my eyes.


Does the risk of vitality that Islitt mentions mean that reactions come from such trivial things?


But it’s just motion sickness, and people don’t die from it.


‘Besides, anyway—‘


I’m leaving soon.


I swallowed the thoughts that came to my mind.


Even Asellus kept his mouth shut.


At the end of the silence, he slowly opened his mouth.


“When you feel okay, let’s move.”


“Well, before that.”


Asellus looked back at me.


I purposely smiled broadly with a gloomy look on my face.


“I’m hungry.”


“Wait a minute.”


A slight smile formed on Asellus’s lips as if he had been depressed.


He carefully laid the coat on the stump of a nearby tree and set out.


I sat on it and gently swept my stomach. 


The motion sickness continued for several days, and I was not feeling well.


I was hungry at first glance, but it seemed like I would cry again if I ate a couple of stews.


I leaned my body against a tree pole and stretched my arms.


I could feel the texture of the coat that Asellus had laid on my fingertips.


He has been accustomed to wearing a coat of similar design ever since I bought him one last time.


The size I bought before was wrong, that’s why he couldn’t wear it, but I often felt like he was wearing the same clothes.


The fact that even if you buy a good material and wear it, it will quickly get messed up in the strong Austell wind.


I muttered involuntarily as I touched the hem of his rough coat.


“That’s very kind of you.” [She appreciates Asellus’s kind gesture.]


My head was heavy. With my eyes closed inadvertently, I quickly fell asleep.


Asellus’s Pov


Asellus ordered the party to rest.


The maids hurriedly started preparing the meal.


Although all schedules were arranged to stay in the castle, it was impossible to receive every meal.


Camping was thoroughly prepared in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


The items prepared to bring from Austell, famous for strong winds and avalanches, were too much to be used in the warm late summer sunshine.


The maid stirs the stew, which is completed by pouring only hot water and hands it to Asellus.

Avril, who is suffering from motion sickness, could not eat more than this anyway.


Asellus accepted the stew with a confused look.


He was just dissatisfied with the meal that didn’t contain a single piece of meat.


The maid served stew and water to refresh the throat.


Asellus pondered for a moment, then said, pointing to the tee box next to the maid.


“Brew me some tea.”




“Yeah, Avril loved it.”


“Yes,My Lord.”


The maid brought hot water to the kettle without saying a word.


After a while, a fragrant scent came up.


He remembered Avril laughing the other day, saying that the tip of her mouth was being washed.


Drinking tea with the stew might be a little odd, but it’s better than drinking cold water.


He picked up the tea and walked towards Avril.

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