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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 69

TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



“Andrea, you must marry the Marquis.”




“Did you understand!”


The King hastily knocked on the table.


She smiled brightly as she counted the grey hairs that looked particularly prominent in the King’s dark platinum blonde hair.


“Yes, father.”


Perhaps not liking the sly answer, the King raised his voice.


“You can’t just think about it casually. You have to lead a happy married life.

Either Way, he is stuck in this scandal .” 


Andrea nodded with a sour look.


But since she had no intention of obeying the King’s order in the first place, the King’s plans were all going to go to waste.


‘To kick out the wife and take the position.’


Andrea clicked her tongue. She knew very well what the King was afraid of.


The King feared that the Marquis of Austell would usurp his sovereignty.


It was understandable that Asellus had a lot of power.


Even so, he can only think of marriage as a solution.


‘What a coward.’


Andrea sighed and pondered.


To recall the contents of the original that she possessed.


<If You Tame a Warrior> is a novel that mainly deals with the circumstances of a male protagonist who suffers from trauma and a female protagonist who takes care of such a man.


However, since the princess possessed by the female protagonist is an illegitimate princess discriminated against, she had to suffer from all kinds of villains as soon as she took possession.


Two princes torment her, and maids ignore her, even the King, consistent with his cold attitude.


Andrea overcame all those crises safely based on the information obtained from the original.


But she couldn’t be relieved.


Because she couldn’t be sure of anything until ‘Male lead,’ her actual cheat, appeared.


The real beginning of the novel is when Asellus defeats the monster and appears in the royal castle.


As expected, the male lead, Asellus, appeared in the royal palace as a wizard.


After that, the King’s reaction was the same.


The Austell family was an aristocratic faction from generation to generation, and the King kept the aristocracy’s power in check.


Naturally, the King was very reluctant to see Asellus using the mysterious power of magic.


However, he was a hero who defeated the monster that had plagued the kingdom all the time.


He had become a talent, and the King was trying to stop him because of his opposing position.


In the end, the King comes up with the idea of ​​using the illegitimate princess to make him his side.


‘So far, It fits well with the original content up to here…’


The problem was after that.


Avril, who was described as dead in the original novel, was still alive.


This meant that the development she knew so far had become obsolete.


A sigh escaped Andrea’s mouth.


‘I thought I would meet male lead as long as I survived the royal palace as mentioned in the original novel.’


Eventually, She survived, but she was unaware that his wife was also alive.


There was no use in regretting it now.


Because the original setting was already wrong.


Andrea thought it was rather fortunate.


‘It’s better to live comfortably than to seduce someone you don’t know to save your life.’


Besides, Andrea was the King’s illegitimate daughter.


The kingdom was not very favorable to illegitimate children.


Because of that, some eyes still did not recognize her as a princess even though she was wearing luxurious clothes.


-However, marrying a man who already has a wife.


She didn’t want to be caught up in the scandal anymore.


‘That’s good. I’ll play and eat moderately like a princess.’


However, wearing a baggy dress and laughing like a broken doll was not suited to her aptitude.


Besides, even before the possession, she was busy enough.


The thought of enjoying a vacation that she had never been on in her previous life brought a smile to Andrea’s lips.


But there was still work to be done.


It was to meet Avril, the woman who twisted the original settings.


Andrea would meet her and find out what happened to Austell’s curse and Avril’s mana resistance.


What kind of person she is.


‘I’ll have to figure out the situation.’


Andrea organized her thoughts and gathered her splendid platinum hair onto her left shoulder.


The cold eyes suddenly showed a friendly sight.


With her straight, lace-gloves, she gently stroked the trembling hand of the King.


“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll take good care of the Marquis.”


Her comfort caused a sigh from the King’s mouth.


Thinking that he was showing ugliness, the King swallowed his breath slowly.


“… I’m sorry for being a bad father.”


“No. It’s a bloodline that committed treason. It’s natural to be vigilant.”




The King’s eyes were red. When did the neglected princess grow up like this without even knowing her existence?


Although he felt guilty, he never doubted that his judgment was in the interest of Latella.


‘Half of the soldiers who participated in the extermination of sea monsters have retired.’


It wasn’t because they were injured.


No one was injured in the army led by Asellus.


Instead, they suffered from serious sequelae.


Some soldiers had utterly lost their minds and could not function as humans.


Even those who did not retire did not even make eye contact with Asellus.


It was the same with Chris, who had been friends with Asellus since childhood.


Although timid, he was quite a skilled knight.


His family is also known to produce great sword masters from generation to generation.


Still, he trembled in front of Asellus.


The King could also guess the reason.


The day he defeated the monster and set foot on the royal castle, Ashelus looked like a true king.


‘I can’t forget those eyes even if I try.’


It was difficult to make eye contact with golden eyes that sank calmly as if reigning the world.


Obviously, the King sat on the throne, but he had the urge to kneel on the floor.


He had to work tirelessly not to show ugliness while praising Asellus.


It was like a nightmare.


Nevertheless, there was only one reason to keep him invited to the royal palace and marry the princess.


Because He can never become an enemy with Asellus. [tnote keyword=”1″][But congratulations, you have already become an enemy.][/tnote]


‘This is an opportunity.’


Perhaps it was an opportunity to conquer even the imperial lands beyond Yachtria.


The princess will serve as the foundation.


The King raised his head and looked at Andrea.


Eyes with different thoughts collided in the air.


Andrea looked at the King for a moment, then spoke calmly.


“First, let me meet the Marquis. I’m inquisitive about what kind of person he is.”


The King nodded gently.




As soon as the news broke that Rovtree’s beloved youngest and the hero’s wife had entered Latella, dozens of invitations were sent to the villa.


A warehouse was filled with only the gifts sent with the invitation.


In some cases, the hostess asked the boutique where Avril matched her clothes and gave her matching shoes or accessories or bought the maid of the marquis castle and inquired about her taste.


There was a reason for all that hard work.


It was one of the crucial agendas in the social world as to which family Avril responded to first.


“It’s ‘that’ Lovtree. It must be quite strict.”


Avril was the daughter of Lovtree, who was also famous in the social world.


Even when the monster ran wild, the family with as much food as the royal castle was the Lovtree.


The mines, which had been challenging to shaft for some time due to the earthquake, also resumed operations, so it was only a matter of time before they regained their former reputation.


Besides, her husband was the Marquis of Austell in the North.


It used to be a wasteland, and its value was useless, but now it is not.


The first wizard and the hero who defeated the sea monster was the head of Austell.


Aside from the praise he received, his presence truly surpassed the King.


The Marquis couple was at the center of this festival in many ways.


Although his name was put up in various scandals, everyone knew that it was a self-made play by the anxious King.


Besides, the princess of Latella was not the only one who had been around the abandoned castle not long ago as an illegitimate child of the King.


Although lucky enough to have caught the eye of the King, the nobles were still watching her.


“Does the precarious princess want to use the marquis as a savior?”


“Mrs. Austell won’t step down easily.”


“That’s right. The two of them went through a difficult time together.”


They survived when sea monsters ran rampant in Latella and in Austell, where there was no food supply.


They endure all kinds of hardships for having overcome the situation that was difficult to endure even in the prosperous territory.


No matter how much power the King had, it was impossible to divorce an already married couple.


Even more so, since you can’t have a princess as the mistress.


“It remains to be seen who will change their mind.”


All sorts of bets were made under the nose over the Marquis of Austell.


But their expectations were all wrong.


Avril, who was expected to engage in social activities, did not appear outside the mansion.


Even the place where she first appeared was a tea party invited by the princess of Latella.


It’s originally a party, in the guise of a private meeting just between the two.


People paid keen attention to the news, saying that Avril seems to be trying to have a real match with the princess over Asellus.


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