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Chapter 7 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child 


Asellus still doesn’t understand why he should marry a woman like Avrill.


If it wasn’t for the inheritance left behind by his deceased parents, it was a marriage that would have never even been considered in the first place.


However, Asellus had to take over the marquis position right away, and by the law of the kingdom, he needs a wife to inherit the position of the marquise.


Furthermore, it can take several years to break an engagement between the two families.


In the meantime, relatives who were aiming for the Austell estate wouldn’t stay still.


Unfortunately, it was better to marry a woman like Avrill rather than give up the entire family fortune.


‘It’s just a political marriage anyway.’


Asellus locked the door to his heart tightly.


To him, Avril was a bit childish.


Far from leading the family as a proper madam, he will be glad if Avril doesn’t work, and besides, it will be cherry on top if she keeps her creepy obsession for him to herself.


Asellus is forced to cope up with these circumstances


He thought of maintaining a formal marital relationship with Avril.


Avril and Rell’s conversation continued amid such a rush.


Of course, it is a conversation that will end with Avril’s roar and Rell’s tears.


“I’m so sorry. Rell.”


“Huh, ah, ah, no. it’s not like that.’’


“It’s ok.”


Her calm voice was full of tenderness.


Avril has been comforting the crying Rell for quite some time. 


Besides, even she said politely.,  


“It’s okay. I want to take a rest. Would you please leave?”


The steady voice even sounded exhausted.


It’s hard to smile and talk politely to those people who don’t show any sincerity.


“…I’m going crazy too.”


Asellus shook his head.


First of all, why is he focusing on Avril’s voice?


It would be better to read some problematic books rather than listen to her.


Asellus immediately fixed his gaze on the book.


But his ears still pointed towards Avril’s bedroom.


He could hear Avril taking a seat on the couch.


Then, he heard a tired voice.


“……I am exhausted .”


In the end, Asellus glared through the middle door that led to Avril’s bedroom.




The morning was bright. However, I couldn’t hear a single bird chirping.


‘Exactly, a bird can’t survive in this weather.’


Now I remembered the novel’s content, that no small creatures could live in the cursed Austell estate.


Only beasts plagued with curses were barely walking around.


The wind passing through dry branches produced a crisp noise that was common throughout the entire estate.


When the curtains were closed, it was not clear whether it was day or night.


But as I drew the curtains, the sun rose above the clear sky.


I slowly regained my senses as I looked outside with clouded eyes.


I haven’t had a wedding yet, but I was the prospective madam of the Austell family.


I didn’t understand how the aristocratic society works here, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to be lazing around in the morning.


I stretched to wake up my stiff body. 


But my throat feels weird.


“Groan!” [sfx]


I spent half of the entire day twisting in pain because of my sore throat.


I rubbed the back of my neck to reduce the pain to no avail. 


I sighed and pulled the rope.


Then, a maid with dark brown hair made her appearance.


“Oh, my lady, no, madam. Did you call me?”


The maid was quite foolish.


It seemed that the attendants didn’t know what to do with me before the wedding.


It didn’t matter how they treated me right now.


I also didn’t know anything about this place. 


The clumsy side of me would be good to cover any loopholes.’ 


So, they won’t suspect my abnormal behavior.


I muttered at the maid in a hoarse voice.


“Would you please bring some hot water and a towel? My throat is painful.”


“Throat? Why are you in pain?”


“……I guess my sleeping position was bad.”


Only then, the maid’s gaze went back and forth between the bed and the couch.


The bed was clean, and there was a dent on the couch.


Not long after, the maid nodded as if she had understood the situation.


“Please wait for a little while!”


The maid went straight out of the bedroom.


I stared at the closed door for a moment and sat down on my bed.


The bed was so fluffy that I felt like my body was buried in a pile of feathers.


‘Unbelievable. How can I slept on the couch and not on the bed?’


My body, which was exhausted due to the pain of my sore throat, quickly became tired. 


The yawning flowed, and the wave of drowsiness rushed in again.


I deliberately fidgeted to keep myself awake.


“I have to organize my notebook and look around the mansion—— I have a lot of work to do. I have to stay awake.”


Everything has become troublesome.


I was almost tempted to take a nap until the maid brought hot water and a towel.


But I resisted the temptation and got up straight away.


After stretching, the stiffness in my body becomes loose.


“First, let’s organize the notebook.”


I rummaged through the luggage I had in the corner.


From inside, I took out a notebook and a portable pen.


There was a lot of information written in the notebook.


I suddenly remembered that I left a lot of space as there were many things I don’t know that may occur in the future.


Nevertheless, numbering them in the first place was to organize the contents of the notebook properly.


While looking at the contents, the last number caught my eye with the content written.


[6. Keep a friendly relationship with Male lead.]


There was no information about Avril other than being childhood friends with Asellus, and only a few parts mentioned Avril.


I’ve been worried they’re close to each other, but to begin with, it seems they were never close to each other.


‘He was treating me like a child.’

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