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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 72 Part-2

TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


Contrary to the arrogance Dahlia showed me, she can’t even lift her head in front of Princess.


As soon as I took my eyes off Dahlia, my eyes met the Princess.


She was staring at me quietly.


According to the etiquette, I was not allowed to speak until my superiors brought up the topic of conversation.


Having read the etiquette book steadily, I remained silent.


Then the Princess leaned back and said.


“Oh, yes. The weather is enjoyable. Is it freezing in Austel?” -Andrea.


“It snows all the time in Austell. But only in summer so it’s less cold .”


“I see. You’re from Lobtree, so adjusting to Austell must have been difficult.”


The conversation swiftly got to the point after beginning with a story about typical weather.


The Princess said, clapping her hands loudly, unlike the aristocracy.


“Now, you must be wondering why I invited you here?” -Andrea.


I drank the tea without a word. The Princess continued without hesitation.


“You must have heard the rumors circulating in the royal capital, too. ‘The Marquis of Austell has fallen in love with the princess.'”


Her eyes gleamed. She was curious to see how I would react.


I stared at the Princess for a moment.


Her splendid platinum blonde hair was shining brightly. 


I pour down all of my thoughts neatly.


Judging from her current behavior, she was the true heroine.


“I heard. It’s a rumor from His Majesty the King spread though, however…” -Avril.




“If you want, I’m willing to step down.”




The Princess frowned at my words.


It’s like she heard an unwanted answer.


I stuttered involuntarily at the reaction utterly different from what I expected.


“I’m just an aristocrat….”


“It’s probably not just that. I know you’ve had an unrequited love on the Marquis for a long time.” -Andrea 


The sparkling Jewel eyes stared sternly at me as if telling me not to lie.


Seriously, what lies should I tell her? I carefully divulged the secret.


The Princess, who immediately realized the meaning of my words, hardened her complexion.


There was a low, short groan as if she was regretting.


After a moment of silence, the Princess opened her mouth.


“I know it’s a rude question, madam, but do you know why you’re not in good health?” -Andrea.


I nodded silently.


“Have you two are in a conjugal relationship……”


“No we are not. We had a really hard time because of the monster.”


“I understand.”


The Princess shut her mouth. Even her contemplative expression was as beautiful as a doll.


I stared at her fluttering eyelashes like butterflies, then she grabbed my hand, but my eyes still stuck on her like a possessed person.


“Avril, I’m sorry, but I’m not an unscrupulous person.”


“Huh?” -Avril


“It means that no matter how much my father wants me to take your place, I had no intention of taking it away. Since you are alive and still the legal wife of the Marquis, we will find another way. Forget about the scandal.” -Andrea.


“What?” -Avril


I took a breath. Even the Princess I trusted did not behave like the original setting.


I squeezed her hand lightly, but she pushed away as if in protest.


“My illness is more serious than I thought.”


“I know. It’s difficult to believe, but I was already aware of your disease. You have an incurable disease that didn’t exist before we discovered magic, but I think there’s should be a cure.”


I shook my head resolutely and answered.


“No, I don’t believe it.”


Even in the original story, the cure for magic resistance was not revealed until the end.


It was an illness that could not be treated in the first place.


But the Princess seemed to have a different opinion.


She replied with a determined look.


“Nothing is impossible in the world, Avril.”




Obviously, we both read the same original story, but how could she be so strong?


“Or do you want to divorce the Marquis? Did you realize that getting married wasn’t as good as you thought?” -Andrea.


It was a playful question.


So I should have responded lightly, but my mouth remained shut.


‘What do I want to do?’ -Avril to herself.


I thought I should break up with him ‘Cause this isn’t my place.


I believed that if Asellus met the Princess and fell in love, I would lose my place.


Besides, the Princess was the original female lead mentioned in the novel.


But when I think about it now, the heroine, who was so righteous, could not covet a married man.


‘Well, what am I going to do now?’

I became bewildered. A warm body temperature touched my cheek as I pondered over and over again.


The Princess lightly stroked my cheek.


“Which of your words are true?” 




“Oh, I think I know.” -Andrea.


She lightly tapped my bracelet. Then, as if the bracelet sensed something unusual, golden magic arose.


The magical power did not stop at emitting but also drew the shape of a person.


As I looked up in confusion, Asellus appeared in an instant.


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  1. Thanks for the translation! I have really grown fond of this novel❤️