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I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 73 Part-1

TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



Covering me as though to protect me, Asellus locked his gaze on the Princess.


“What’s going on here.” -Asellus.


 “It’s fun.” 


The Princess laughed without covering her mouth.


She was more dignified than anyone, even though she sat to relax and smiled.


Only then did Asellers lower his head as if he could not win.


“I have committed a disrespect.”


“It’s nice to see that the maquis couple is close. Come often so that i can see your faces it’s so much fun.”


“I’ll consider it.”


At the end of those words, Asellus grabbed my hand and pulled me away.


I was obliged to get up from my seat and inadvertently turned around to look at the Princess.


‘Is this really the end?’ 


My plans were thwarted entirely.


A plan that I had been looking forward to for the past nine years was foiled in an instant.


But unlike me, who was bewildered, she seemed very peaceful.


On the contrary, the Princess seemed as if the burden of her heart had been lifted and even looked refreshed.


She whispered to me with a thin smile on her lips.


“I think he heard ……” 


Before she could finish her words, Asellus cut her words.


“Yes I heard everything, Princess.”


“Oh My Look at this.”


The Princess burst into laughter.


Without a moment to respond to those words, I was grabbed by Asellus and dragged on.


The Princess’s laughter grew quieter.


I was completely out of breath. It’s not that I’m out of shape, but Aselles’s stride was particularly long.


Perhaps it was just my illusion, but the eyes of those passing by opened wide.


Only then did I call him up.


“Asher, Asher! Wait a minute.”




Asellus stood still.


Those who had glanced at us in the unfamiliar atmosphere met Ascelus’s ferocious gaze and ran away.


In the meantime, I moved my toes a couple of times in my new hard shoes and exhaled slowly.


I remembered the words Asellus said the Princess had just said a while ago.


He heard everything.


In other words 


‘Asellus meant he heard all of the conversation we had a while ago?’


I recalled what I said.


At first, talked about the weather, and then I said I wanted to break up with him.


Now I can understand why Asellus was suddenly angry.


I didn’t know what to say.


The solitude was broken when Asellus whispered as he removed the bracelet.


“Sorry.” -Asellus


“What?” -Avril


“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I’m just too worried.”


“You really heard everything.” -Avril.




I didn’t know if I could explain, so I just sighed.


After a long silence, I brought up another topic.


“What about the council?”




“Did you come out in the middle of the meeting? Go back right now.”


“But Brill.”


“Go back. Let’s talk after you’re done.”


I also needed time to organize my thoughts.


As if he had read my mind, he lightly kissed my forehead.


“All right.”


It was a soothing tone as if he was controlling his anger.


I remained silent since I was at a loss for words.


He took my hand and gently led me somewhere. Unlike a while ago, Asellus and I walked at a slow pace.


Asellus took me to the little parlor and told the maid at the door that he would be back soon.


And after ten steps away from me, he was reconciled with the light and disappeared instantly.


The golden mana that remained like a remnant shook like a jewel.


I quietly stare at the scattered magic.


It spread like a dandelion spore in the wind.


Just in time, the maid brought tea.


I sip the tea one after another.


It was only when the entire cup of tea was completely emptied that my excited heart calmed down.


The Princess’s words reverberated like hallucinations.


‘Nothing is impossible in the world, madam.’


Furthermore, even after seeing the Princess, Asellus does not fall in love with her, and the way Asellus behaves demonstrates this.


“I’m in trouble.”


Everything I planned was going wrong.


That’s because it’s my fault for trying to solve everything by relying on the original.


‘What about the future?’


I was nervous. Both the curse and the war seemed to be caused by my own hands.


Someone grabbed my shoulder as I was in the middle of my thoughts.


It was Asellus. When I looked up, the sky was getting dark.


Oh my goodness, when did time become so fast?


“What are you thinking about?” -Asellus.


“Oh, I didn’t know how much time passed.” -Avril.


“You must have been exhausted.” -Asellus.


I nodded, saying yes.


“Did you finish the meeting well?” -Avril.


“Yeah, let’s go.” -said Asellus.


As we left the castle and crossed the large garden, I saw a stopped carriage stop by.


After getting inside, I looked out the window the whole time.


I thought I would feel refreshed after meeting the Princess, but it got even more frustrating.


My mind was buzzing with thoughts, so I pushed myself to gaze at the scenery.


Shopping streets all over the street came into view.


The high-end shopping street was full of luxury items, but there were also stalls of mouth-watering foods.


Although the goods were supplied through merchants in Austel, I could not see them lined up like this.


And even if things got better after defeating the monster, fresh food at Austell was a luxury.


It was the same with cakes topped with fruits.


So, if there was something I wanted to eat, I brought in the ingredients and made it myself.


I liked to cook, but I also wanted to see what other people were making.


I looked out the window like I used to stare at a bakery shelf when I was a kid.


As if my strategy worked, the buzzing mind calmed down.


Meanwhile, the carriage stopped. Asellus said as he unlatched the wagon door.


“Would you like to take a look?” -Asellus.


I quietly nod my head.


As I was about to enter the store with a bit of excitement, I heard a gossip next to me.


People passing by the street were glancing at us and whispering.


Frowning, Asellus asked me.


“Is it bothering you?” -Asellus.


“- A little bit.” -Avril


“Did you hear what they were saying?”


I shook my head. My hearing was not good enough to hear people whispering from a distance.


As if relieved, Asellus exhaled lightly.


Asellus opened the bakery door and muttered softly.


“Brill, wait for me here. I have to look out for some matters.”


As he said, the bell hanging on the door made a clear sound.


At the same time, Asellus vanished along with those people who were whispering in the blink of an eye.

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