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“Brill, wait for me here. I have to look out for some matters.”


As he said, the bell hanging on the door made a clear sound.


At the same time, Asellus vanished along with those people who were whispering in the blink of an eye.


I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

Chapter 73 Part-2

TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


“You’re not going to kill them, are you?”


Don’t tell me. They’ll do it on their own. [kill themselves]


No! I don’t want to be a murderer’s accomplice.


But Inwardly, Aselles’s outspoken move was pleasant.


I turned my gaze away from the empty street and entered the bakery.


The smell of savory bread wafted in.


Unlike Austell, Letella’s Bakery Lee was Vibrant.


On a light beige backdrop, a mahogany display stand was placed.


A glass vase was filled with white daffodils.


The bread was topped with cheese and fruit.


Because of the exotic colors, I felt as though I had entered an exhibition hall rather than a bakery.


It was a rare sight to see in Austell.


I joyfully looked around the shelves while thinking about how to make this bread.


After looking around for a while, I thought of Asellus.


‘Why hasn’t Asellus returned yet?’


Time seemed to have passed quickly.


When I looked closely, I saw that all the bread I had given my attention was being wrapped.


When I looked closer, I noticed that all the bread I had fixated on was being wrapped.


It can’t be a coincidence.


There was only one person who would do this.


Asellus, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.


I looked around the store several times before realizing he was standing right behind me. [Creppy]


‘I was flabbergasted. Why are you standing behind me?’


I immediately turned to him and asked.


“Did you buy them?”


“…..You are right.”


“I wouldn’t be able to finish all of it.”


However, he pretends to be deaf.


I had no choice but to call him again.


“Asher, it’s too much.”


Then he stopped acting like he couldn’t win and opened his mouth.


“You can distribute it to servants.”


“Only a handful of servants came from Austell. I’m sure you’ll have to throw these away.”


“Then I’ll hire more servants.”




How can you hire more people just because there is leftover bread? That’s simply nonsense.


I’m dumbstruck.


‘What’s wrong with the asher?’


I knew better than anyone how frugal life Asellus led.


Now the difficult times have passed. Still, there was no need to spend money unnecessarily.


‘It’s not like Austell’s economic situation has improved drastically.’


Austell was still nothing but a desolate snowfield.


Just because Asellus got rid of the monster didn’t mean that Austell would suddenly transform into a land where crops grew.


‘Is Asher thrilled because he now has money now?’


I’ve been like that too.


One day, I was lucky enough to have a large sum of money in my hand.


I was in a good mood back then, so I spent a lot of money.


But I regretted it soon.


The more money he receives, the more excited he will be.


But, at this pace, Asellus will be unaware that he is on the verge of bankruptcy.


I admonished him with a stern look.


“Asher, we should not waste goods.”


“You’re the only one who thinks this is a waste.”


“It’s a waste to buy so much food that you can’t eat it all.”


“I’ll eat it all.” -Avril.


I rolled my eyes and looked at him.


“And I will get a stomachache.”




“Well, even if it’s a waste.” -Avril


“Ha. You really.”


He didn’t finish his sentence.


I looked at him to say more, but he turned away from me.


Instead, he paid the owner and walked toward me.


Bread prices far exceeded my expectations.


I was startled and grabbed him.


“Did you calculate the price?”


“Yeah. I asked for everything. Shall we buy the store?” -Asellus


His eyes lit up.


If I nodded, he was really going to buy the store.


The childlike appearance only made me sigh.


“No, that’s fine.” 


Hearing my answer, Asellus’s mood becomes solemn.


What’s wrong with him? I am pretty he was in a good mood just now.


I couldn’t figure out why.


However, Asellus did not tell the reason until the end.


Strangely, our hearts seemed at odds with each other, so we were silent the whole time.


Entering the mansion, until late at night.



Asellus’s Pov


Asellus sighed as he looked at the bread piled up in his room.


One side of his room was full of bread because Avril ordered the servants to bring it to his room.


She seemed to be very upset about this incident.


A voice mixed with sighs flowed from Asselus’s mouth.


“I didn’t mean to upset her.”


But he couldn’t stand Avril’s frugal behavior.


After finding people talking about it even more.


Since living in the north, Mrs. Avril has also become a villager.’


‘Isn’t the Marquis’ pocket lighter than you right?’


‘How can the marquis pocket be so light? I heard they have separate rooms.’


‘Haha! There was a secret behind the scenes. His wife must be very heartbroken.’


The hushed remarks they thought would go unheard were audible in Asellus’ ears.


At that moment, his eyes were dyed white with anger. So I set an example.


After taking care of them, I threw my gloves on the ground.


Austell’s seal was engraved on the glove, but I didn’t care.


On the contrary, I hoped that scurrilous rumors would circulate and that no one would make a fuss about Avril.


But even then, my heart did not calm down, so I acted immaturely in front of Avril.


The result was this. As Avril said, piling up bread that could not be eaten was stored in my room.


Thanks to this, the sweet smell was invading my nose.


“What the hell I am doing?”


Laughter flowed from my mouth. Buying bread that we couldn’t even finish eating and being hated by Avril.


Still, I felt good.


Because the Princess vehemently rejected Avril’s offer.


Although it was pretty upsetting that Avril really thought of leaving me.


Asellus pondered for a moment, then picked up the raspberry tart that Avril had been giving attention to the longest.


Then he knocked on the middle door leading to Avril’s room.


Her eyes drow with sleepiness became lively.


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