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I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child


‘He was treating me like a child.’


I barely suppressed my rising anger and drew dozens of ‘X’ on number six content.


Then I wrote over it below.


[6. The male lead is wary of Avril, and Avril is a pervert!]


I circled the word ‘pervert.’ There is also Avril’s ‘Princess Syndrome.’


But after I wrote it down, I felt strange.


But what had Avril done? Why does Aseluss think Avril is a pervert?


I stared at the content of number ‘6’ for a while and sighed.


Anyway, nothing could change this fact.


If I recalled the expression of the butler yesterday, I doubt that he will listen to me.


“Now, first and foremost, what I have to do is to gain everyone’s trust.“


If I can gain the trust of Asellus and raise him well, only then I shall live with comfort.


I sighed and closed my notebook. [t/n: Avril sighs too much ]


At that moment, I could hear footsteps from afar.


All I need is a towel and hot water, and the first thing I have to do is recover my sore throat.


“Madam, I brought hot water.”


“Come in.”


The maid walked inside with steaming hot water.


“I, Madam…….  do you want a massage?”


I looked at the maid with a tilted head at her question, and I could feel that my eyes are shining brightly right now.




“Yes. If I give you a massage, it should help with your throat.”


Massage! I had never received this kind of treatment in my previous life, even though I had worked hard every day as a slave until my body became practically numb from pain.


All I could do was finish work and pat my back with my hand.


As there was no reason to refuse, I nodded hard.


“Hmm, ah!”


Oh, I forgot that my throat was sore.


Then I changed my clothes with the help of the maid. She introduced herself as Sena.


Sena massaged my neck with her slender hands.


As if she hadn’t done it once or twice, it was quite a level of skill.


‘I take it back when I called her stupid.’


Starting today, I have decided to make Sena my full-time maid.


‘She may be young, but her massaging skills are quite good.’


While lost in thought, Sena, who was tying my hair ribbon, spoke first.


“Oh, by the way, Madam.”




“Actually, for a while now, the Master has been waiting.”




Sena spoke with an expression of great difficulty.


“Because the Master likes to eat early in the morning. So I came to take madam to the dining, but I forgot ……”


Sena blurted out her words.


Judging from the way she was mumbling, she looked terrified of being scolded.


To summarizing her words, 


“Asellus is waiting to have breakfast, right?”




Sena nodded hastily, but I was feeling lazy.


“Is it a big deal?”


It’s not that anyone is injured, nor is there anything urgent.


Even if I am late for breakfast, it’s just a small matter.


It would be okay if I were late for breakfast.


‘Or will it be a problem in aristocratic society?’


Above all, the first incident in the novel’s world is ‘I am late for breakfast.’


Still, I didn’t feel a sense of crisis.


The Female lead in <If You Tamed the Warrior>, as soon as she was possessed, tried to defeat the wicked woman who bullied her, attracting her father’s attention, who was indifferent to her.


But Avril’s life was calm from the beginning.


The maid was kind and friendly. Although the room’s interior was still tacky, it felt comfortable to rest.


Although I was treated as a pervert, I didn’t even have to struggle to check for nails in my shoes and find out the perpetrators like Female lead.


However, my positive thinking soon faded because Sena’s expression was not very good.


“You have to go as soon as possible.”


It looks like a big deal.


‘What the hell am I going to eat for breakfast?’


After thinking for a while, I rose from my seat.


Sena hastily led me to the breakfast table.


It was only then that I could see where Sena’s fear came.,


The butler, Oden, was guarding the front of the dining room with a bleak expression, and he revealed his dissatisfaction outright.


But I beamed brightly at Asellus, pretending to know nothing.




“…..Yes, my lady.”


“Good morning.”


“……Yes,’ My lady’.”


It was clear. Asellus must have hated me.


It was apparent to see the word ‘lady’ pronounced with strength.


It was evident that he did not recognize me as the madam of the Austel family.


‘What should I do?’


I have read the whole novel <If You Tamed The Warrior>, and still, there is no mention of when Asellus and Avril were married.


Probably, the older man is just trying to test me.


It feels like an interview.

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