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The maids from the Adelio palace had all abandoned their duties in order to escape.

A lonesome maid was seen holding a broom, a duster, a white peony cloth and a glass bowl in her hands.

Her mouth was wide open like a hippo, shocked in many colors but all she could do is let out short sighs.



“Oh, My, God!”


The maid barely opened her mouth before dropping the broom she was holding. She looked at the new tutor, whose long hair was all covered in flour.

The dripping water on the tip of her black hair left a mark on the carpet that was clean until a while ago, and every step she took left a white trail.


“Are you alright, Miss Sera?”

“I don’t know, but you can guess…”


The maid forgot that she came here to clean and she rubbed her eyes. The dust on her hand stung her eye but it did not blind her to the disaster.

On the first day, the tutor brought by His Majesty walked around like a wet mouse. Yesterday’s snow would have melted ages ago, but the white powder all over her body made her look like a snowman.

Some of the white powder on her wet body had hardened and hung on the hem of her clothes.


“As expected, the two Highnesses are playing tricks again today. Are you sure she won’t run away like the other tutors?”

“Hmm, I don’t know.”

“Why? I would have quit right away if I am her.”

“Look at the carriage being drawn!”


A maid whispered to her colleague and pointed toward the new young tutor.




A small carriage arrived carrying the young masters of the imperial palace, Roseline Adelio and Ferreritan Adelio!


“No way, how are you still so calm?

“So, is this another tutor?”


Maybe there was a mistake, he stared until his eyes turned red, but the person in front of him was really the tutor who was brought here by the owner of the ancient castle.


“Well, this is the last round. One more round and the carriage game is over. We’re going to study.”


Sera said confidently, even though her whole body was a mess with wool and flour bombs. She was determined to become the tutor for the seven-year-old twins who were known for their loudness.


“But I don’t want to study. Right, Ferre?”

“That’s right, I don’t want to study either. Let’s keep playing with the carriage.”

“No, you can’t.”


Sera turned around and made eye-contact with the children, her stare sharp as a knife. Their large green and purple eyes which look like jewels shone brightly.

 The maids of the palace looked at the back of the new tutor as she passed by. 

His Majesty worked so hard to bring her here. Sera was told she can do whatever she wanted.

As far as the rumours went, the young tutor was very unique.

She was the 16th tutor of Roseline Adelio and Ferreritan Adelio, the greatest troublemakers in the history of the Adelio Empire.

That was the first impression the new tutor, Sara Popo gave to the people of Adelio.

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  1. Before I start to read, I only have one question, WHY THE FUCK HIS LAST NAME IS POPO⁉️ ⁉️ ⁉️Of all the surnames that exist,The only one that refers to the💩💩 really?