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Chapter 1 : I Became The Tutor of The Royal Twins 

Translated by WuXing

Sera clenched her teeth and laughed.


 That crusty and wrinkled hand had already touched her waist one too many times!


At the age of 23, she had numerous experiences in dealing with sexual harrassments as a tutor. After all, she is considered quite pretty due to her blue eyes and black hair.


“If I hadn’t died from overwork…23 years ago, I would have gone to the police station and report you regardless of whether you are rich or a duke.”


“Duke Bethman, I’d like to share with you the curriculum that I’ll be conducting in the future when I’m in charge of Prince Alizée’s class.”


She took out several thick books onto a well-crafted wooden desk. Despite her gentle tone and smile, her attitude when handling the books was quite rough.


“Education for Children of 7 Years Old,” “History Curriculum for Children of Seven Years Old,” “Basic Mathematics for Children Vol. 1,” “Art for Children Vol 1,” “Beautiful Music of Adelio,” and “Moral values for Adelio Children Vol 1. – Stories of Good Children.”


 All of them were books used in the curriculum prepared for the son of the Duke of Bethman, but the Duke looked down with an indifferent face and turned his head.


Her fair neck, red lips, and slim waist were the only things that interested Duke Bethman.


“You have a very desirable body.”


The sound of the Duke’s drooling mouth, and his rude unapologetic glance swept across Sera’s body. His lust seeps out through his faded gray eyes.




Sera slammed the thickest book, “Moral values for Adelio Children Vol 1. – Stories of Good Children” onto her desk with great distress.


Surprised by the sudden loud noise, he quickly released his hand. He looked embarrassed.


 “Hmmm. Hmm. Well… What did you say, Miss Sera?”


“When I’m in charge of Prince Alizée’s class, this is the curriculum and progress chart that I’m going to use while teaching him.”


With a deep frown, she tried to contain her anger. Her white fingers pressed firmly into the texts on the curriculum.


‘You should be the one who needs to read the “Moral values for Adelio Children Vol 1. – Stories of Good Children” first, not by Prince Alizée.’


Sera felt terrible that she had to break her principle to “always smile for your customers.”


It was not a wise thing to do either as the Duke was a powerful man. She would have done better if she hid her unpleasant feelings.


However, it was difficult to suppress her anger because the Duke was the type of person she loathed the most.


“This is the level of performance of Prince Alizée’s in the quiz I gave him last week.”


 She took a graph out of a huge bag and thrust it in front of the Duke. It was a distribution graph of Alizée’s marks, created and scored by herself.


“Hmm… What level?”


Duke Bethman’s eyes were busy looking around the paper. He bit his lips unpleasantly and rolled his eyes, he seemed to have no idea what “level” meant.


‘It seems to have passed down from father to son.’


The Duke’s seven-year-old son, Alizée Bethman, Sera clenched her tongue as she noticed how similar the young child is to his father. Alizée’s score at the far left of the chart was below the national average.


In the Adelio Empire, all noble families receive higher education early on. A properly educated aristocrat would never have shown such bad results. Considering the future of the Bethman family, the Duke would need to start improving the performance of his heir now.


 I thought you’d say, “What should I do from now on?”


 It was a moment when a customer’s cautiousness was swept away by anxiety for his child’s future.


 The desired scenario was always the same. If Sera put forward a curriculum, progress table, and suggestions to the parents, those who are enthusiastic about their children’s education would sign up immediately.


 Most importantly, she needed to explain how inefficient it is to teach children aged 7 to 12 by assigning different teachers for each subject, and to emphasize the need for only one tutor for all subjects. In a noble society where 1:1 home-schooling was conducted by one teacher for each subject, Sera’s words were like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky. However, after explaining the system in details, they would always choose Sera in the end.


 It was the anxiety that if they did not follow her innovative educational methodology, they might fall behind other people’s children.


Even when most people say that swordsmanship and magic can only be effectively taught by professional swordsmen and wizards. 100% of the parents would still choose her as their tutor after their children had taken part in her play classes. The winner of the game was and would always be Sera Popo.


 The children who had tasted the new world of play classes begged their parents to hire Sera, and she would get a lot of money from it. This was her standard business model.


However, this method did not work for this stupid pervert so she had to change her plans.


Complimenting the parents was always the starting point.


 “Duke, Prince Alizée is an outstanding child.”


 However, her compliment was taken wrongly by the Duke’s full blown ego.


 “That’s right. The famous tutor Sera is very different indeed; you have a very good eye for students of caliber.”


 “But the Prince who is like you, is not able to perform to the best of his abilities with normal education.”


‘Excellent!’. She whispered to herself and almost bit her tongue. Sera delivered her words calmly in a serious voice.




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