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Sera had heard the same question twenty times now.


“Are the rumours true, Miss Sera? The rumour that you’ve become the tutor for the royal twins?” The Countess asked Sera with a curious look.

The Countess had told Sera that she had something to talk to her before her daughter, Clara’s lesson started. But in the end, it was the same topic all over again.

The Countess’ green eyes glistened as she filled Sera’s cup with black tea. She was determined not to let Sera go until she got an answer.


“No, Madam. This is the first time I’ve heard about it.” Sera waved her hand denying it. Though she pretended she did not care about it, secretly in her heart, she was extremely curious about why such rumours were spread out.


‘Now that I think about it, every household I visited lately was saying the same thing! Something about giving the Princess and Prince lessons…’


The Countess’s face was filled with disappointment when she heard Sera’s answer. The excitement in her eyes extinguished instantly.


“Is that really so…? Marchioness Bennett looked so sure when she said that. I thought the rumours were real.”

“Marchioness Bennett?”

“In our last tea party, she told everyone that Miss Sera is going to teach in the palace as a tutor for their Highnesses Rosé and Ferre.”


‘I have no idea what the Marchioness had said, but for the rumour to spread like this in just one week…’


A Noblewoman’s tea party must be a really scary place. She did not expect rumours to spread so quickly. It seemed that Marchioness Bennett’s story about how she had entered the palace and all the praises she had given Sera must be exaggerated.


“No, it’s not true. I’ve never received such an offer from the palace. As far as I’m concerned, it’s extremely difficult for someone of my status to enter the palace in the first place.” said Sera as she smiled. She suddenly recalled her life in Korea 23 years ago when she could change her life just through hard work.

No matter how much she mingled among the upper-class society, she was only a commoner without any title. Though she was born in a Viscount family, in reality, she could barely even be considered a noblewoman. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for her to enter the Royal Palace where the Emperor resided.


‘This system is so old fashioned.’ Sera sipped on her tea. She could only harbour some resentment toward the unfair system in her new life.


“Ah yes. The Marchioness did sound certain as if she knew it first hand… But since Miss Sera, the person in question herself has said that she didn’t know about it, it must not be true.”


Sera nodded her head.


“However, taking into account His Majesty’s decision to meet them so desperately despite the usual customary restrictions, I believe there’s more to it than it seems. Who knows it may happen soon.”


Sera recalled the newspaper’s front page with the bold headlines [The Emperor with the name of the Sun, His Majesty Emperor Helios’s Ascension and Reforms].


‘I remembered reading that the Emperor did not discriminate against the backgrounds or status of his staff.’


“His Majesty Emperor Helios always pays attention to a person’s character. Though we are all very shocked at the sudden passing of our previous Emperor, it seems that His Majesty is capable enough to pick up the mantle and take good care of the people in Adelio.” The Countess said excitedly in expectation of the Empire’s future.

She moved closer to Sera and whispered into her ears. “Most importantly, once you’ve seen His Majesty, you will have a feeling that he will lead Adelio very well.”


“What do you mean?”


‘Did the Emperor have some kind of superpower?’ Sera drew nearer to the countess.


“He has a very gorgeous face. Ho ho ho ho…”

“Ah ha…. ha ha…”


Sera laughed awkwardly with the Countess. Sera had nothing further to say. After she had finished the last drop of tea from her cup, she took her leave.

And… when she reached Count Ulric’s home, she was asked the same question again.


“Is it true? The rumours that Miss Sera is going to teach Her Highness Princess Rosaline and His Highness Ferraritin? The rumours had spread like wildfire among our circles.”


That was the third time today. Sera started to cast doubts onto herself, did she somehow agree to be the tutor for the royal twins unknowingly?

She looked at Countess Ulric in all seriousness.


“Countess, what kind of children are Princess Rosaline and Prince Ferreritan? Even though I am a professional tutor, if they are Royalties, do I need to look out for… Oh nevermind, these rumours that were spread around, I wonder if there’s any special reasons for it.”


Countess Ulric remained silent and evaded Sera’s gaze. Sera suddenly had a eureka moment, could it be… the royal twins… were not ordinary troublemakers?

‘I should really confirm this, just in case.’


“Madam, is it possible that… their twin highnesses are very energetic?”


Having asked the right questions would usually lead to more answers flowing out like water. Countess Ulric gasped and looked at Sera in astonishment, “Oh my, Miss Sera! How did you know?”

“It is just as expected, Miss Sera is definitely an outstanding teacher. You can tell how the Royal Twins are like, even when you only know their names.”

“I only asked because their twin Highnesses are still very young, aren’t they?” Sera covered her mouth to hide her smile.

“Well, yes. The Royal Twins are quite the active kind.”

“Don’t you mean very active, Madam?” Sera asked. The Countess Ulric was confounded. She was ultimately defeated by Sera’s conversational skills


“The royal twins are completely different from His Majesty. When His Majesty was still the Crown Prince, he was relatively quiet, creating little to no trouble to everyone around him. Their Highnesses on the other hand, have been quite ‘noisy’. It’s just like how the newspapers depicted them lately.”

“Oh… I haven’t read the newspapers for a long time as I’ve been busy. What had their Highnesses done?”


Sera had not read the newspapers ever since the coronation of the new Emperor. This was due to her students, who were from higher noble birth had all cancelled their lessons in order to attend the late Emperor and Empress’ funeral. After they had returned, Sera was extremely busy catching up with her students’ studies.


“It was said that their twin Highnesses are mischievous troublemakers in the morning and clingy cry-babies at night. His Majesty had suffered a lot because of them.”

“It must have been really hard for His Majesty.”

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