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Helios showed a pitiful smile on his face. Though he had not intended to use his charming looks initially, he realized through Sera’s reaction that she was weak to his smiles.

Sera was fully exposed to his gentle smile. His curvy eye lashes looked as if they came from heaven. Even in the shabby environment that was her house, he shone like the gentle moonlight in the dark. It was super effective.


‘I must not fall here!’


Sera pinched her thighs with her fingers underneath the table. She tried her best to not succumb to Helios’ enchanting smile!


“Th…That’s a shame.”

“I really need someone to tutor my dongsaeng. As it stands, they can’t even speak the Imperial language properly.”


This time, his handsome eyebrows drooped down. He looked like a puppy drenched in the rain. Sera almost got a heart attack from it.

“I’m not a magician, and I can’t even use a sword. I’m sure there are many other teachers in the Empire that are more qualified than me.” Sera made an excuse in an uncomfortable voice.

“I already know that. But I still want Miss Popo… to become their tutor.”

“My status is not suitable for the position.”

“Rather than tutors of high status, the twins need excellent and passionate teachers like you, Miss Popo.”


Sera felt as if she committed a great sin every time she rejected Helios’s advances. Whenever she rejected his kind and gentle suggestions, she felt as if she had committed a crime against humanity. Her heart got heavier every time he made that lonely dejected face when she refused him.

“… ”

“I’m really worried because Rosé and Ferre cried too much. I can’t deal with the Empire’s affairs because I have to take care of my younger siblings. I’ve not sleep for a very long time.”


“Miss Sera Popo.” Helios called her name sweetly. He noticed that every time Sera evaded his question, her determination wavered.


Sera’s blue eyes looked at him, she was at the brink of losing control over her heart. His wearisome smile looked so pitiful that she couldn’t help wanting to comfort him. She was losing control of the conversation the longer it dragged on. The Emperor would not leave until he got what he wanted. No, she was never in control since the beginning.

All of sudden, Helios looked seriously at Sera. He decided it was time for him to push her into the next level.


“Three times per week, 9am to 9pm… How does 500 gold sounds?”


Sera’s eyes glistened.

500 gold. Did he know how much gold is that?!

Every week, Sera would earn 30 gold for 2x 3 hours sessions. Of course this amount is not fixed as Sera had adopted the discount system used in private tuitions from her previous life. The rates are different if the students chose to have 3 sessions per week, 4 sessions per week, or 5 sessions per week. Discounts were also given if two or more siblings attended one session.

Of course, if there were clients like Duke Bethman, their fees will be higher to compensate her for their ‘criminal activities’, and that was all about it.

Her fees were not considered exorbitant as well. In fact it was a relatively good deal. In consideration of the value of Korean currency in her past life, 30 gold is equivalent to 3 million won, which is the same as the tutor fee for a famous instructor. (T/n: 3 million won is around 2700USD)

It was also true that Sera Popo was the most famous tutor in the Adelio Empire. She had single-handedly pioneered a new education system that was proven to be effective on hopeless cases so this amount of tuition fee was more than adequate.

But 500 gold?

She could only earn 250 gold by working tirelessly from Monday to Friday, without rest, travelling households to households, week after week for a whole month. To be fair, 250 gold was also an amount most people could never ever achieve in their whole lives. But she could earn twice the amount of that if she accepted the proposal.

It was 500 gold!

Additionally, it was only for 3 times a week. That was like working half a week but earning double amount of money! It’s 4 times her gain!


“5….500 gold?!” Sera asked again to be sure. Her eyes widened as she tried to hide her excitement.

“That’s right. I would like to offer 500 gold if you are able to come from 9am to 9pm, 3 times a week.” Helios smiled gently.

Sera repeated Helios’ proposal. 500 gold…500 gold… 500 gold…It was an attractive proposal.


“Is it not enough? Miss Poppo?” A soft voice kindly asked.

Sera could not accept the proposal readily. It was not because she wanted a higher price, but it was because the anxiety built up inside her heart had grown.

Sera stayed silent for a while, she chose to take her time and recollect her thoughts.

Helios seized the opportunity to raise the stakes even further.


“How about 600 gold?”

“What?!”  Sera yelled out in surprise. She looked at Helios’ eyes.


His purple eyes did not waver as he smiled at her, he was not joking at all.

600 gold was a tremendous amount of money. If she saved all of it for two or three months, she could easily buy a small townhouse in the Imperial City. Of course, this amount of money was child play for the Royal Family, but for a family tutor, that amount was way too much.


‘500 gold is also a lot of money. Does his Majesty lack economic awareness?”

Sera frowned, looking suspiciously at Helios.


“Your Majesty, do you know how much I earn per month?” Sera asked carefully. She did not want to sound rude.


So why did she ask? In her previous life, there were TV shows about a conglomerate who spent 50000 won (T/n around 45USD) more on his bus fare. His Majesty must be the same. After all, Royalty did not need to worry about money.


“I know you earn around 250 gold. That’s why I offered you double that amount. However, I’ve also considered that you might want more. Please tell me how much you really want, I will try my best to match it.”

“Hey… Hey…Hey… That’s not the problem! 500 gold is just too much!” Sera shouted as she shook her head. She did not want to take advantage of people without economic awareness.

500 gold was already too much for her. Even though she wanted to quit her job as a tutor as fast as possible and own a nice building in the Capital, she had her principles and her pride as the most expensive, most capable and most popular tutor in Adelio…


‘600 gold a month is too much!’


Helios smiled looking at Sera shaking her head, he seemed satisfied.


“That’s great. I hope you will take good care of Rosé and Ferre.”

“Huh? I haven’t said anything yet….” Sera became befuddled and couldn’t finish her sentence.

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