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Sera recalled one more absurd fact about herself.


“In a world where even street beggars can use magic, I can’t use magic.”

“Young Popo does not have mana in her body. It’s impossible. ”


It was a wizard’s diagnosis given to her when she was still young. As magic is performed by using the mana from the body, a person without mana can never perform magic, not in the past, the present or future.

Most people who are not trained as wizards can only use basic magic for simple chores like cooking and cleaning, but it was a different level of problem for people who could not use magic at all.


‘When I was young, it made me a little upset…But there’s nothing I can do about it.’


Sera recalled the pathetic days when she cried in despair many times and eventually her empty laughter of defeat. Despite being poor, her parents who are too good for themselves, cherished her with all their hearts.


‘I didn’t know I would be doing the same work when I reincarnated.’


Sera looked at the bag she was holding.

Textbooks and curriculum. A replica of the classroom. It made her anxious, living this reincarnated world.

It was said that the nobles should not work, but work was essential to make a living. Twenty-three years ago, work was a natural thing to her in Korea, so working itself was not a big problem for the lady.

However, her main problem was her inability to use magic required for most lines of work.

In the end, she went back to teaching children.

She was confident because it was her specialty in her previous life. Admission to the best college for teachers “00 Uni”, graduated with highest grades, appointment to □□city, brilliant parental counselling skills, and she was the most respected and recognized teacher in the school. Her experience from teaching grade 1-6 and 1:1 sessions, her interest in writing and her past experience as an elementary school teacher in Korea.

And there was one extra thing that made her excited!

There were no proper academic systems in the Adelio Empire. In this place, 1:1 schooling was the only known way for education, not to mention tutors were hired for each subject. Teaching all subjects with only one tutor like elementary school teachers did in Korea was an unfathomable idea.

In other words, the Adelio Empire was a Blue Ocean (TL: reference to the Blue Ocean Strategy). There were many children between the ages of 7 and 12 who could utilize the elementary school system from Korea.

Therefore she had studied all subjects with crazed enthusiasm to be able to educate young children. Of course this excludes subjects related to her impotent magic and incompetent swordsmanship.


‘The results were great.’


Sera’s popularity soared like crazy. The 20-year-old daughter of an obscure viscount, quickly became a celebrity in the Adelio Empire. ‘The tutor Sera Popo’ had become the hottest topic among the upper class ladies.


“I heard there’s a new session.”

“The kids are just waiting for her session.”

“I heard that Lady Sera made curriculums and modules for her class.”


It was all thanks to it that she was able to resolve her family’s financial problem and had some time to relax.

Most of her tutor visits are decent and civilized. But there were a lot of cases where she went through unpleasant situations like today. 

However, it would only be their losses, not Sera. After all, her classes were top quality and groundbreaking.

Unfortunately, these were only some of her problems. There were some of the older noblemen who always tried to make her bow to their will under the pretext she is a young woman, some who even refused to pay her fees, and some who treated her harshly.

That was why she would only accept clients through recommendation by other clients after working for some time.

The Bethman household was one of the clients recommended to her, but…


“I’ll tell them that I will not accept any request from this place ever again.”


Sera murmured with a serious face.


* * *


“I hate studying!”


It was an arrogant Edward Bennett who just turned seven this year. He sat cross-legged on the desk and raised his nose to the ends of the sky. His crooked tie on his well-dressed clothes compliments his stubbornness.


“I don’t want to study!”


It was very clear that he strongly opposed it. Marchioness Leticia Bennett had a massive headache, she desperately wanted to bang her head on the wall but she firmly held on to the hem of the tutor’s dress, afraid that she might run away especially after she had worked so hard to invite her here.


‘You have to protect the grace and image of the Marquis.’ Leticia told herself and quickly let Sera go with an apologetic and embarrassed look.


“Miss Tutor, I don’t know what’s wrong with my kid today. Edward! I have repeatedly told you that you are the heir to the Marquis! I will not tolerate your bad attitude!”


The Marchioness spoke with a firm voice, Edward clenched his fist with a force that almost tore the sofa apart.


“No, I don’t want to do it! I’m not going to study! I’m not studying! Marquis or whatever. I don’t want to be here!”


“No, I really don’t like it!”

“You… really!”


Despite the Marchioness’ harsh warning, Edward continued to kick at the couch. The Marchioness looked at him eye to eye with a cold piercing glare, he crouched slightly but he wouldn’t back off.


“I’ll never study! It is boring! Never! Never! Never!”


He ran all over the place even onto the couch while screaming.


“My kid’s a little active. Much more than the others.”


She wore an expression that did not fit the situation at the time. Leticia had said it with an indifferent look. Shamed to death, she couldn’t even make proper eye contact with Sera.


‘So this is the child of a prestigious Marquis…’


Sera smiled. She was worried that Edward would be an extremely difficult young man.

However, each and every action Edward made was childish and obvious. She had seen many kids who threw similar tantrums when given their medicine. Edward, no matter how bad he acted, was only a stubborn child.


“Marchioness, can you give me some moments to be with Edward?”


Sera asked Leticia, who seemed troubled and was biting her lips.


“Are you sure? I’m worried…”

“20 minutes is enough. Ma’am.”

 “20 minutes?”


The Marchioness looked at Sera with a worried look. She remembered every time the tutors she called in gave up on her son. She was worried, but she had no other choice. Ten people had already quit as a tutor for Edward, so the list of tutors available had long been exhausted.


“Please. Miss Sarah.”


The Marchioness was anxious and kept looking back, but she quietly left and closed the door.

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