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As soon as the Marchioness left, Sera lied onto the sofa in the living room with a thud, and Edward was running around like a bull and screaming, “I won’t study!” 

Most people would have given up by now, but Sera’s expression was one of determination and confidence. The screams and noise would have been unbearable to anyone else but Sera who had long endured the recess time of more than 30 children in elementary school every single day for four years.


‘This is not that bad. It should be around… this time when he starts to get tired and tries to talk to me.’


From her experience, first-year elementary school students would first approach their teacher once they realized their actions could not attract any attention.  She had expected it to happen in around ten minutes, but in less than five minutes, Edward, who had run out of energy, started to make an effort to approach Sera.


“Hey… “


Edward hesitated to talk to her.


“What’s wrong? I heard you’re not going to study.”


She was lying on the sofa in the most comfortable position, and turned her head around to look at him with an expressionless face.


“You’re not a tutor, aren’t you?”


Edward sat onto the sofa next to her like a cat and tilted his head.

He frowned and squinted his eyes. He was not able to comprehend Sera’s intention.


“That’s right, I’m a tutor.”


Sera answered again with a calm voice.


“Then I have to study, don’t I? My mom brought me here to make me study.”

“Oh yes, but how can I make someone do something they don’t like? Young Master, please continue what you’re doing.”


“I told you, it is alright to continue what you’ve been doing a while ago.”


‘You lots have been trying to make Edward study all this time. But what am I going to do? I am going to do the opposite of course!’


Sera turned around swiftly. She deliberately turned her head away to avoid looking at Edward’s face. Even when she was extremely curious about the expression Edward would make, she patiently waited and bided her time for what was to come next.

As expected, five minutes later, the living room falls into complete silence.


‘I should get up now.’


Sera slowly got up from the sofa, straightened her waist up and sat down on the chair. She also loosen up her shoulders a few times and tidied up her crumpled up dress.

Sera turned her head slowly. 

Edward was looking up at her with his round brown eyes that resembled Marchioness Leticia’s eyes, his puppy dog eyes begged, ‘Please talk to me.’

Marchioness Leticia who was waiting outside the door, anxiously stomped her foot while wondering what was going on inside. She was sure Edward was screaming about when she left.

But what happened next? Why was it quiet all of a sudden? She could not hear anything and it made her uneasy.


‘What is going on in there?’


The Marchioness hesitated, she looked around carefully. There was no one around or passing by.


‘What should I do?’


She had broken her delicate nails a few times without realizing it, and whenever she looked at the silence behind the closed doors, she had the sudden urge to put her ears onto the door and listen. Not only was it unrefined as an honourable Marchioness, but it was eavesdropping.  

However, she was also insanely curious about what was happening inside to her precious Edward.

Finally, Leticia could no longer deny her curiosity and let out a deep sigh. She paused awhile and she quietly leaned her ear forward to the door.


* * *


Sera rummaged through the pockets in her skirt and took out a small piece of carefully wrapped snack. Edward’s eyes suddenly glimmered as he realized the snack in between Sera’s fingers was a piece of caramel.

There was a small ‘Eureka’’ moment.

Sera carefully peeled off the extravagant and luxurious wrapping foil from the caramel as Edward gulped.

She took a peek at Edward and gave him a smile before…

…with a swift movement, she popped the caramel into her mouth!

The caramel which was light brown and resembles a sugar cube disappeared completely into her mouth. Sera closed her eyes while savouring the sweet buttery flavour. Her face looked as if she went to heaven.


“It’s so delicious… It feels like heaven…”


Sera didn’t forget to stress the important words.

After a long pause, she took out another piece of caramel.


“I have to eat one again. It just tastes too good.”


Chomp. Chomp. Munch. Munch.

Drooling, Edward looked like a certain bear looking at a honey jar. His mouth was filled with saliva and it seemed like it was about to overflow anytime soon.

By the time the second caramel melted completely in her mouth, Sera took out all of the remaining pieces of caramel from her pocket. There were about five to six pieces of caramel that fell onto the desk.

One of the caramel got separated from the rest of the caramel as it dropped. It rolled like a dice and stopped right in front of Edward, his little hands trembled forward as he tried to resist the temptation.


“You didn’t try to eat one without asking for my permission, did you? Young master…”


“That’s what thieves do.”


Surprised by Sera’s remarks, Edward hurriedly hid his hand behind his back. His surprised, round eyes followed her movements. His eyes wavered like a sailboat meeting the strong waves.


“That…. I…. Of course not. We have a lot of these at home.” That was obviously the truth. What kind of snacks did a Marquis household not have? But at the end of the day, someone else’s rice cakes were more attractive and desirable than your own.


“Yes, young Master. I know you have a lot of these at home.”

“Yes, there are lots of candies like these.”


The young voice trembled slightly, and Sera smiled gently.

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