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To be honest, Marchioness Leticia had had no intention to hire Sera as a tutor. The main reason was because of Sera’s lower noble birth. In the Empire, nobility of higher status would only hire tutors of similar status.

Therefore, it was out of place for her to hire Sera Popo who was from a Viscount family instead of someone who was from a Count family as a home tutor for Edward. In fact, under normal circumstances, Sera Popo should be left out as an option altogether.

That was if Edward Bennett was a normal case, however Edward was not a normal child, he was an incredibly unruly child. So unruly that all his tutors had given up and declared that they weren’t able to teach him for more than a month. After exhausting all her options, she had no choice but to give Sera a chance.

From what she had gathered, Sera had an excellent reputation as a tutor. However, she was only 23-year-old, barely half the age of the previous tutors who had taught Edward.

Marchioness Leticia was not confident it would work out. She had decided she would take it one step at a time. After all, she could fire Sera any time if she didn’t perform as intended.

After all, prior to Sera’s visit, Edward had been studying all by himself.


* * *


Marchioness Leticia had walked into the study room just when Edward’s study session was about to end. She almost fainted for the second time when she saw another unbelievable sight.


“Miss Sera, I look forward to your next session.”


Edward posture his hand together and greeted Sera politely.


“Miss Sera, our Edward…!”


Marchioness Leticia gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes became wet and teary instantly as she watched her son leave the room.


“Madam, you may come inside now.”


Sera skillfully coaxed an emotional Marchioness into the room. The Marchioness wept throughout the whole counselling session. She felt as if a heavy burden had been released and could finally cry. This was all because she had personally witnessed Edward’s improvement and his polite actions had a huge impact on her.

At first, even for Sera, having the Marchioness cry throughout the whole session had made her extremely stressful, but after thinking about the counselling bill on top of the additional fees that increased over time, had completely erased her stress.


‘Furthermore, counselling the Marchioness is better than handling the complaints from parents in my previous life… This is not a problem to me at all.’


She recalled a terrible episode in her previous life, in her second year as a teacher, she was assigned to handle a troublesome parent who thought it was okay to repeatedly call her day and night.


“Miss Sera, our Edward is improving every day like how you had said he would. His polite behaviour just now really took me by surprise! I am really amazed.”


Leticia’s big brown eyes were teary again and her tears dripped down from her cheeks. Sera took out a white handkerchief from her bag and gave it to Leticia.


“Madam, Master Edward will continue to develop for days to come, you can’t keep on crying every time you see him improve. You will run out of tears.” Sera spoke while patting the Marchioness’ shoulder.


There was a time when Edward was walking around screaming loudly like a monkey, but now he could quietly stand in one spot without making any sound. Compared to Edward from that time, his present behaviour was no short of a miracle. 


‘She is just a mother who wishes that her child would sit quietly and study like a normal child.’


Sera smiled pitifully as she continued to praise Edward.


“I just had an Adelio Imperial language class with Master Edward today. I can feel that his skills are improving day by day. Now he knows how to write “Butterfly” and his own name “Edward Bennett”.”

“Our Edward… You even know how to write your name.”


It was only a small compliment, but the Marchioness began to sob even louder. Marchioness Leticia had become too emotional upon knowing that Edward could write his own name.


“Thank you so much, Sera. I had to endure so much for Edward. I couldn’t raise my head in front of other people.”


When Leticia’s tears fully drenched the handkerchief, Sera took out another handkerchief from her bag and handed it to the Marchioness.


“Even when the most famous teachers in the Empire come, they couldn’t do anything to improve Edward’s behaviour. If it wasn’t for Miss Sera, what would have happened to my child?”

“It is alright Marchioness, he will grow up well and I’m sure he will do fantastically under another tutor.”

 “You’re too humble! No one could do anything about my Edward, all the tutors had just given up.”


Leticia wiped her tears with the new handkerchief, then slowly raised her head and looked at Sera with a mix of gratitude and admiration.


“Miss Sarah. Please tell me.”

“Eh? What?”

“How did you achieve the impossible? What method did you use? I’m really want to know about the secret techniques you used to change my child.”


Sera swallowed her saliva. The Marchioness was looking at her intensely.


“Wha… What secret? There’s nothing like that. Marchioness, Edward is a smart child.”


With a conscience-stricken smile, Sera put her hand into her pocket and held on to a piece of caramel she carried in her pockets every day.


‘I’m sorry, Marchioness. The only reason why Master Edward fell in love with my lessons is because of my caramels! But in consideration of his dental health, I can only give him one a day.’’


Sera gave her gratitude to the MyX Company. In her previous life, she had learnt as a first-grade teacher that Caramel and MyX were essential items for teaching lower grades students.

(TL note: MyX most likely refer to MyGumi candies)

 Why did snacks that were commonly eaten alone at home become so delicious when they were given out by teachers? Snacks that did not even taste good became such precious commodities at school.

Children would try to sit in the right posture as if they were risking their lives, just to get one more MyX.


“Oh, by the way! Did I mention that, Miss Sarah?”

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