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Author: Nikss

Chapter 1

Translated by Tam

Edited by Mata-san


Dahlia Averine.


The only daughter of the honored Duke Averine and a woman of beauty, wealth, and character. But there was something she never got.


It’s the love of the male lead.


 Yes. Gold spoon Dahlia Averine was just a supporting character in the novel.  Romance fantasy novel [Silver Lady] was only for the heroine. One day, “O’Neill,” the heroine who the author identified as her favorite character, appears like a gust of wind and sweeps all kinds of men. Of course, the male lead was no exception. The male lead also fell in love at first sight when he saw her at the banquet. 


Like love at first sight.


Someone may swear was romantic, but it probably was the face of the heroine. O’Neill, who had neat silver hair and golden eyes that were more shiny than jewels, was truly the pride of the country. Dahlia, who was next to her, wasn’t ordinary, but standing next to O’Neill she looked shabby. What would Dahlia think when she saw the male protagonist couldn’t take his eyes off from O’Neill?


Since [Silver Lady] was from the perspective of the female protagonist, details about Dahlia are not provided.


 However, there was one sentence that O’Neill used when looking at Dahlia,


 [Dahlia was always looking at him from behind.] 


She seemed to have an unrequited love that no one was aware of. In the novel [Silver Lady], Dahlia Averine appears as a childhood friend who secretly loves the male lead. 


Duke Averine and Duke Bouser were quite special.


In the past, the sister of Duke Averine married the second son of Duke Bouser, by closely helping each other, they expanded their influence in the empire.


A son and daughter of a similar age born from such close families. Naturally, the two knew each other from a very early age, and the more family gatherings, the more they would meet, which explained that it was only natural for them to come to know each other. 


As the eldest son of Duke Bouser, the male protagonist of the novel, he has the face if it was a face, hair if it was hair, sword if it was swordsmanship, and nothing that he couldn’t do. There was something the adults of the two families expected from the two, and if they were connected, it would be a story that was not bad because it was a strong combination of the two families.


Before she knew it, Dahlia had the idea that she was the only one who could be with him.


If nothing had happened, it would have been the way Dahlia thought.


‘It didn’t work out the way I thought it would.’ 


And the heroine appeared. She didn’t have support like Dahlia, but she caught everyone’s attention as the heroine of the novel. Soon after, she became the center of the church and won the heart of the hero whom Dahlia could not have had in her life.


 What did Dahlia do when she lost interest in everyone? 


Did she become a villain by harassing the heroine? 


‘No, I had no choice but to watch them….’


She just smiled at them from afar. 


Even in the novel, Dahlia is not portrayed as an evil woman. Before the heroine and the male lead confirm each other’s feelings, she appears only for a moment to arouse jealousy.


The female protagonist, who has been flirting for a long time is uncomfortable with Dahlia, the male lead’s childhood friend. 


When the male lead was talking to her just when she was young, she felt strangely deprived. When Dahlia’s story came out in a love fight with the male lead, he dismissed Dahlia in just a word.


“She’s just a friend.”


Friend… Friend… Friend… Friend… 


 “I can’t forgive you!”


“Oh! Lady, what’s wrong?” I stormed out and sat down over and over again.


The maid in waiting asked timidly ‘Would you like to pick a dress again?’ as if it was strange to see me with my two fists tightly clenched.


I shook my head and put the snacks on the table into my mouth. I can’t get rid of my anger easily even though I have a glass full of sweets. Why am I so mad at a mere story like this? Of course. It’s my job now.


I was reincarnated as ‘that friend’, Dahlia Averine in the novel. I thought I was dead when I was hit by a truck, but I’m reincarnated in a novel?


 ‘Why do all the main characters move dimensionally because they are hit by a truck? Is the truck a dimensional portal?’ I resent myself for such a post on the internet. If I hadn’t died then I would have written a novel. 


‘Huh… You guys just don’t get hit by a truck..” At first, I liked it. 


Well, I’m the only daughter of the Duke of Averine! And I have a golden spoon in my mouth! 


But the reality was not easy. The family I was born in, my name, the empire here, the name of the male protagonist, the eldest son of the Duke of Bouser,  “Rudric” made me realize it. This was the world in the novel. And I was destined to play the love game between the male and female lead and get rid of them!


 “I can’t do that.” I can’t confess to the male lead and I don’t know the details of Dahlia’s future story. 


Only that she married someone in a political marriage. 


Perhaps the original Dahlia would have married anyone and lived in silence as she was told at home. Of course, I don’t intend to. Since you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you should enjoy as much luxury as possible at home, eat, shopping, and have a hot relationship with sexy, friendly, and all kinds of handsome guys.


 Do I have to get married? Can’t we all live together? It’s kind of crazy, but what do you think? I’m the only daughter of the Duke of Averine, and with my own power, I’d be surrounded by men.


 Let the male and female characters live together. As the hero said, I’m just living as a real “friend” and sneaking out of their company. 


And let’s live a life full of gold spoons and chopsticks. I clenched my fist in my little hand and lifted it up.


 Yes, friend. That’s good. 


I’ll be your perfect friend in this life.


“I’ll show you what a friend like ‘family’ is.”


 So I decided to become a friend like ‘family’.


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  1. i am seeing the possibility of an ‘accidental’ reverse harem lmao

    thanks for the translation !!